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Perez Reviews: Jasper In Deadland

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A theater in a church? Yup!

Currently playing the West End Theater in the Church of St. Paul & St. Andrew in NYC, new musical Jasper In Deadland could not ask for a more appropriate space. The show deals with issues of death and the afterlife.

Unfortunately, the musical doesn't quite live up to the venue's grandeur.

However, like life, much beauty can still be found in imperfection and Jasper In Deadland is definitely worth seeing - for three reasons.

1) The ever-likeable Matt Doyle gets to shine and show off his many talents in the title role

2) The direction of Brandon Ivie is INSPIRED! It is thrilling to see all his inventiveness and everything he and his team were able to do with that space and budget


3) Bonnie Milligan, whose voice is as big as her comedic ability. We saw her in a crappy Fifty Shades musical last year, so it was WONDERFUL to see her in a much better show. We can see the future and we expect this girl to be a big Broadway star - soon!

The show itself is enjoyable, although very flawed.

The majority of the musical is set in "Deadland", which is - you guessed it - a land dead people go to.

This fantastical element detaches the audience from the characters, who have to go through some outlandish and surreal scenarios in the show.

Setting Jasper in high school and creating a show withing a show construct, where they are performing "Deadland", may have been more effective. It would have been easier to come back to reality and ground the show in relatability.

There are some VERY funny moments, and we applaud Hunter Foster, for the book. But, overall, the story needs a lot of work. As does the music.

There are a few great songs, most of which are backloaded in the second act, but the majority of the tunes could be scrapped and replaced with… better ones. Ryan Scott Oliver wrote the music and lyrics all by himself, which is a bit unusual in theater. It's often very helpful to have a collaborator to bounce ideas off and make your work better. There are so many great teams in musical theater, and that's definitely something we'd encourage Oliver to explore.

Theater takes A LONG time to develop shows. Jasper has been worked on for years. And, sadly, this may and probably should be the end.

But there are some great moments in this production and a lot of promise from all parties involved!

EXCLUSIVE! Eric Hutchinson Says Goodnight Goodbye With Musical Kisses! Pucker Up & LISTEN!

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This song is oh so lovely!

Eric Hutchinson and his many talents are back with some brand new phenom jams…

And PerezHilton.com is EXCLUSIVELY premiering one of his fresh tracks RIGHT NOW!


Ladies and gents, may we introduce your ears to the musical wonderment that is Goodnight Goodbye, off of Eric's upcoming record Pure Fiction, out April 8!

This song is a battle between living in the moment, and not wanting to say goodbye—which we simply can't get enough of!

Ch-ch-check out this musical love story (above) and listen on the reaps!

P.S. CLICK HERE to preorder his new album Pure Fiction out April 8!

P.P.S CLICK HERE to check out all his headlining tour dates!

Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Don't Like Surprises & Have Been Talkin' Babies For HOW LONG?? Find Out When They Started The Discussion HERE!

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mila kunis ashton kutcher dont like surprises have been talking about a baby for a year

This was NO accident!

Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher are super happy that they're months away from having a baby in their lives, but this wasn't an unexpected surprise!

In fact, they have been blabbing about babies for about a

Selena Gomez Almost Breaks Down In Tears! Watch Her Amazingly Inspiring Speech For We Day HERE!

| Filed under: InspirationSelena Gomez

"I don't like being honest with press and in interviews. I like being honest with you directly."

And that's how Selena Gomez began addressing the crowd of young global citizens at We Day California on Wednesday.

Wow! This speech really gives new insight into Selena's recent decision to take some time to herself!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to find out how Selena deals with pressure to be sexy, being told she's not good enough, and finding the courage to be real!

Logan Lerman And Ian Somerhalder Lead A Flood Of Hotties At The Noah Premiere!

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logan lerman ian somerhalder russell crowe 50 cent noah movie premiere red carpet photos

Russell Crowe may have brought two of every animal onto the ark, but he brought a whole bunch of hot guys to the Noah premiere!

The NYC red carpet didn't just see young stars Logan Lerman, Douglas Booth, and Gavin Casalegno.

Ian Somerhalder, 50 Cent, Tyson Beckford were also on hand in their dapper best.

Ch-ch-check out the pics (below) to see all the seksi swagger that was on hand. We'd like to see the ladies beat that!

No, we'd literally like to see that. LOLz!

[Image via C. Smith/WENN.]

Russell Crowe at the NYC premiere of Noah.Russell Crowe at the NYC premiere of Noah.Russell Crowe at the NYC premiere of Noah.Logan Lerman at the NYC premiere of Noah.Logan Lerman at the NYC premiere of Noah.Logan Lerman at the NYC premiere of Noah.

Dawson Leery Corrupting JT!!! In The 90s, James Van Der Beek Let Justin Timberlake Use His ID To Get Into A Club!

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james van der beek let justin timberlake use his id to sneak into a clubbb

Guess that bouncer didn't follow all the drama of Capeside, Massachusetts!

Which was a good thing for Justin Timberlake back in his *NSYNC days!!

James Van Der Beek recently revealed a story from waaaay back in the day when he was the king of TV while starring on Dawson's Creek, that he let JT use his I.D. to sneak into a Las Vegas night club!!

How scandalous!

But they were both pretty famous at the time!?! How'd they get away with that!?!

James explained:

James Van Der Beek let Justin Timberlake use his id to sneak into a club!James Van Der Beek let Justin Timberlake use his id to sneak into a club!James Van Der Beek let Justin Timberlake use his id to sneak into a club!James Van Der Beek let Justin Timberlake use his id to sneak into a club!James Van Der Beek let Justin Timberlake use his id to sneak into a club!James Van Der Beek let Justin Timberlake use his id to sneak into a club!

Jimmy Fallon Gets A Piggyback Ride From Bill Cosby! Watch The HIGHlarious Vid HERE!

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76-years-old and still strong as EVER!

Legendary comic Bill Cosby dropped by the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night and showed off a talent we never knew he had!

Tightrope walking!

OK, well so he only made it a few inches on the "rope" that was actually just tape on the floor, but then he really impressed us by having Jimmy climb up on his back and walked the entire length of the studio floor!


Ch-ch-check out the clip above to see Jimmy go for a ride on The Cos’s back!

The skillz session didn’t end there though!

Jimmy decided to show off with one of his acclaimed impersonations! And who better to do an impression of than…Bill Cosby!


The voice is DEAD ON! But we’re not sure if Bill found it funny or not!

Watch his reaction to Jimmy’s take on his signature speech…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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