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Over 130 Cats Rescued From The Sh*ttiest Home Ever (Literally)!!!

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130 cats rescued twins hoarder house covered feces

Next time you smell something rancid, it might be your neighbors!

Authorities in Houston, Texas rescued more than 130 cats from a house where two twin sisters in their sixties lived, and were hoarding all of the felines on the planet. Some of the cats had eye and nose problems, and it probably was because the house was covered in cat poop.

Like a shiz load!

Here's what one deputy said:

“You could see the cats through the windows. And it was like they were pleading through the windows, ‘Get me out of this house.’”

It was so bad that animal rescue workers had to don gas masks just to even enter the house!

Here's what the deputy said:

“It’s not just the feces smells, it’s the ammonia levels in here that are just overwhelming,” Kendrick said. “I mean, the second I walked in the front door my eyes were watering. It’s just difficult to breathe in this house.”

The house seemed to be an absolute horror show, everything was covered in cat feces, and many of the animals were in very poor health. There was even a decomposing cat found in a bathroom.

Although many of the cats had been rescued, some were still in the garage where the feces was in mounds that were FOUR FEET HIGH and some cats were embedded in those mounds!

Here's what one man on the scene named J.C. Mosier said:

“There are some cats still in the house. We’re going to have to come back and work a little harder to get them, because they have burrowed into the mounds of feces like a rat would make a tunnel into a hill.”

This is plain awful, and we sincerely hope these cats find a home where they aren't treated like garbage. Houston SPCA officials said they would work very hard to give these cats a home they actually deserve.

We're just amazed that things were able to get SO bad before anyone noticed or called someone.

It seems unbelievable that it got this far!

Check out the horrifying video (below) !!!

Listen To This: It's Never Too Little Too Late!

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JoJo has gifted us another BRILLIANT cover while she records new music for her big major label comeback!

The singer is taking us back - way back - to 1986. Her remake of the Anita Baker R&B classic Caught Up In The Rapture is inspired!

Check out her smooth and seasoned vocals and the fresh production above!!!

Then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from JoJo!

Lindsay Lohan Lied Her Little Tail Off To Oprah About Her Penchant For PartAAYing? Shocking, Sobering Deets HERE!

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Look, people lie for all sorts of reasons! It's troubling, but it happens more frequently than we'd care to admit!

There are white lies like, "nah, your butt totally doesn't look lumpy in that Speedo," and then there are the darker, more frightening works of fiction!

Lindsay Lohan lying to Oprah Winfrey about breaking bad with more booze? Yeah, that falls into the second category.

In the most recent episode of Lindsay, LiLo tells the Queen of Television that she was DONE with her pAARtying ways!

Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case!

According to reports, Lindz was caught partying it up at the Electric Room at Chelsea's Dream Hotel! Worse, this was the same weekend that episode #2 aired! Sources close to the situation even say they caught her boozing!!

Ugh!!! We hope that's not true! One does not simply walk into Oprah's studio and lie to her face!! You just don't do that!!!

Plus, we genuinely are rooting for her to stay healthy in mind and body and we're not sure if drinking alcohol is helping!!!

Tabloid Mags Are Raising Their Prices BIG TIME While Reading Perez Remains FREE!

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how i met your mother people mag

It ain’t easy being in print media these days!

The magazine biz is seeing less and less sales every year! New reports show that celebrity mag rags sold 12% FEWER copies last year!

And drastic times call for drastic measures!

Many of them now plan to increase their prices! Like People magazine, which starting today will sell for $4.99, up from only $1!!

Woah Nelly! That’s one huge increase!

Their 'Sexiest Man Alive' and other special issues have been selling at the nearly 5 dollar price for awhile but now ALL of their weekly issues will cost customers nearly 5 times more!

They’re not the only ones though!

OK!, Star, and the National Enquirer have also upped their cost from $3.99 to $4.99!

Never fear though, loyal Perezcious readers!

Because Perez Hilton is still 100% free to read!

Anne Hathaway Toys Around With The Idea Of Putting On Her Cat Suit Again - But Can She Make It Happen?!

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tumblr myg9y5kam01qad8ato4 500

Just because they already found a new Catwoman doesn't mean Anne Hathaway can't play the feline felon again!

The Batman films will always be rebooted and revamped for newer generations to come, but whether or not the Les Miserablé actress will return to her seXXXy role as Catwoman is always in question.

Well, that's something we're all wondering ourselves!

When asked if she would consider starring as the ferocious feline again in Batman vs. Superman or for a film solely for Catwoman, Anne coyly said:

"I would love it if that happened."

Ben Affleck is set to star in the role of Batman, opposite Superman in 2015!

There's enough time for you to revisit your role as the one and only Catwoman!!

Anne Hathaway talks returning to her Catwoman role.Anne Hathaway talks returning to her Catwoman role.Anne Hathaway talks returning to her Catwoman role.Anne Hathaway talks returning to her Catwoman role.Anne Hathaway talks returning to her Catwoman role.Anne Hathaway talks returning to her Catwoman role.

Magic Mike Is Finally Getting The Marvelous, Man Meat-Filled Sequel It Deserves! Get Delicious Deets On The New Director & Totally Titillating Title HERE!

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magic mike xxl sequel Greg Jacobs male stripper yum Steven Soderbergh produce

It's so close we can FEEL it!

In case you were wondering, it feels like a long, hard, throbbing tube steak, LOLz!!!

On Friday afternoon industry insiders revealed a slew of super-succulent new deets about Magic Mike's eagerly anticipated sequel, including its title and the name of its director!

Yes!!! We've been waiting for this day to come since we watched the original!!! We're so excited the sequel's wheels have finally been set in motion! We can almost see a set of the world's most AMAZEBALLZ abs waiting for us on the horizon!!!

So, what will they call it?

Magic Mike XXL!

OMG, we hope that's a reference to Joe Manganiello's ab-solutely perfect shadow peen!!!

Steven Soderbergh's long time protege Greg Jacobs has been chosen to direct and, seeing as how he was so involved with the first one, we think there's a good chance part two will be equally awesome!

So, will Alex Pettyfer, Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, & Matthew McConaughey reprise their ridiculously awesome and nearly naked roles? A boy can only hope!

If one of them decides not to sign on, maybe they should cast this super-sweet wannabe stripper in their place! Ha!!

Either way, we cannot freakin' wait to feast our eyes on these fabulous boys once more!!

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