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Selena Gomez Gets Subpoenaed! See Her Long Legs Getting Served HERE!

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selena gomez served pcn

Here it is!

Selena Gomez got served with some legal documents yesterday on her way out of a convenience store.

While we're not entirely sure what the woman handed over, we suspect it is a subpoena to testify in the lawsuit against her on-again, off-again superstar BF Justin Bieber!

If we're correct, we can only imagine this is not going end well for Bieby.

Selena was apparently trying to convince JB to back off when he allegedly ordered his bodyguard to attack a paparazzi in May 2012 in Miami.

That's going to be no fun at all, but at least she was looking gorgeous when she was snapped??! HA!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

So Sad! This Teenager SNEEZED To Death! Find Out How That Could Happen HERE!

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sneezing attack leads to teens death

A 17-year-old, Liam Andrews, was a perfectly healthy and normal teenager living in a town called Stockton-on-Tees in England when something horrific happened to him.

He had a awful sneezing fit that led to his collapse and later, his subsequent death from a brain hemorrhage.

His grieving mother still is not sure what happened that day, but instead could only reveal what she saw with details that are very hard to hear.

Here's what his mom, Suzanne, said:

"Liam came downstairs in the morning complaining of a headache and saying he had just sneezed six times in a row. I thought it was nothing serious at first and I told him I would get him some paracetamol but then he got poorly very quickly. Initially he was saying 'my head hurts, my head hurts, then he started being sick. His eyes were going back and forward and he was rolling around in pain. He couldn’t work his hands. I gave him a glass of water but he threw it over himself as he was so hot. He was so hot I couldn’t touch him, then he started to fit. I was extremely worried, I rang an ambulance and they were here within minutes."

Liam was taken to a hospital and then taken to another one - James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough - where he underwent surgery to remove a blood clot in his brain. He spent four days in critical condition until he passed away last June. His mother, understandably so, was totally shocked. She said:

"I was shocked and devastated when he passed away. I never would have imagined that something as simple as a few sneezes could kill a healthy young boy. I couldn’t believe it, there was nothing to indicate that something like this would happen. I asked for a specialized post-mortem and it came back that he was absolutely fine. It is usually more common for this kind of thing to happen in people over the age of 40, not in someone so young and fit. I don’t think there was anything anybody could have done to save Liam. It could have happened at any time or any day. I am just thankful that I was there to try and help and he wasn’t by himself."

His death wasn't in vain. Since his passing, his organs were donated, and used to save the lives of six people.

Suzanne, who has five other children, is still devastated by her son's death, but is thankful for the time she was able to spend with him. She said:

"Liam was very sensitive and loving, he was a real character. I could have mature conversations with him but he was still young and liked to get himself into mischief. I would never have swapped him for the world."

We can't imagine what this family has gone through. To lose a loved one at such an early age, and in such a freak manner is gut-wrenching to hear about - let alone to experience for oneself.

Our condolences to this brave and obviously very loving family.

[Image via Twitter.]

Russell Crowe Sings Again! Watch Him Spin Some Johnny Cash With A Little Help From Jimmy Fallon HERE!

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Sure, we all know Russell Crowe is an Oscar-winning actor! But of course he's also an equally as great musician!

The Noah star enlisted the help of Jimmy Fallon and his organ-blowing skills to help him perform a country classic!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see Russell show us he really CAN sing as he and Jimmy rock Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues!

Puff Daddy Is The Latest Celeb To Get His Own College Course! Get The Deets On NYU’s New Class!

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puff daddy nyu college class wenn doodle

First it was Beyoncé

Then Miley

Now there’s a college course being offered about Puff Daddy!!!

Kids at NYU will start studying today in a new class called 'Sean Combs & Urban Culture'! So for all of you who want to be ballers or shot-callers, this might be your chance!

The course will showcase the influence Puffy has had on black and urban culture ever since exploding onto the scene in the '90s!

Here’s the full catalogue description:

"No single personality dominated the landscape of urban mainstream popular culture in the 1990s (and since) more than producer, rapper and entrepreneur Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs. By 2013, hip-hop and black culture have become globally mainstream; the immense popularity that hip-hop enjoys today is directly rooted in the profound cultural changes that Combs and his peers instigated. Combs emerged from his humble professional beginnings in the early 1990s as an A&R man at Andre Harrell’s Uptown Records to fashion himself as a profoundly versatile and wildly successful performer, actor, reality-TV star, producer, songwriter, fashion and restaurant entrepreneur and philanthropist. His current net worth estimated at $550 million makes him the richest man in hip-hop and one of the wealthiest artists in the history of popular music. He is a multiple Grammy-winner and won an Oscar in 2012 for his work as a film producer.

Though sometimes not treated with seriousness he deserves, Combs has had a profound effect on global culture of the last twenty years. Through the success of his Bad Boy Records label, which distributed genre-defining artists like the Notorious B.I.G., Combs helped forever alter and change the sound and visuals of hip hop and R&B. Combs drew on Russell early business success to redefine the image of the hip-hop entrepreneur as aggressive, brash and full of self-assured swagger. He also helped redefine the concept of celebrity branded entertainment and he mainstreamed innovative marketing techniques (like street teams) in the music industry.

This class will investigate the social and cultural and political changes of the 1990s and how Sean Combs was catapulted to success by those changes. Through critical readings, viewings and listening assignments, the brilliance, tragedy, strategy and serial entrepreneurship of Sean Combs will be interpreted, discussed and dissected.”

Seems legit!

Although we’re a little surprised that this only a 2-credit course!

You know what they say though - mo credits, mo problems!

Study hard, kids!

[Image via Johnny Louis/WENN.]

Oh Wow, This Might Be Emma Roberts' Most Outrageous Look Ever (Hint: Sandal Platforms)

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Emma Roberts strikes poses in colorful garb for an Elle Canada photo shoot!

Quirky chic! That’s totally a thing, right??

Well, Emma Roberts gave it her best shot during a photo shoot in Hollywood on Thursday for an upcoming issue of Elle Canada.

And judging by the Chanel swimsuit she’s got on, we’re guessing it’s one of the summer issues! Kind of a dead giveaway. Ha!

Except we don’t normally see swimwear styled with cardigans and fuchsia socks!

The 23-year-old also rocked the famous double C’s with a luxe, tan backpack, which was the most toned down piece of this entire look!

Can’t wait to see what the final shots have in store — bet it won’t be lacking color.

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

Emma Roberts strikes poses in colorful garb for an Elle Canada photo shoot!Emma Roberts strikes poses in colorful garb for an Elle Canada photo shoot!Emma Roberts strikes poses in colorful garb for an Elle Canada photo shoot!Emma Roberts strikes poses in colorful garb for an Elle Canada photo shoot!Emma Roberts strikes poses in colorful garb for an Elle Canada photo shoot!Emma Roberts strikes poses in colorful garb for an Elle Canada photo shoot!

Christina Aguilera & Fiancé Matthew Rutler Reveal The Gender!!! Find Out If They're Having A Boy Or A Girl HERE!

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christina aguilera fiance are expecting a baby girl

Ever since the glorious news we've been wondering about the gender of the genie in her bottle!

And now we finally have an answer! Christina Aguilera and her fiancé Matthew Rutler are expecting a baby GIRL!!!

The 33-year-old music superstar confirmed the news in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this past Friday where she was performing a private event for fans. At some point during the show — she revealed she was having a baby girl!

Here's what she tweeted after the show and after the reveal:

Ain't no other fans… Thank you Malaysia for all the love & support! XoXtina

We LOVE that Xtina shared the news with her fans first, it shows how much she loves them!!

We're sure her son Max is super excited to welcome a baby sister into the mix!

He'll be able to show her the ropes!!

Congratulations to the lovely Christina Aguilera and her whole expanding family!!!

[Image via WENN.]

Johnny Depp Surprises Fans At CinemaCon To Show Footage Of His New Movie Transcendence!

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johnny depp cinema con



Johnny Depp made an epic appearence during Las Vegas' CinemaCon yesterday, thrilling hundreds of fans that came out to see clips of his new flick, Transcendence!

The recently Amber Heard engaged stud was a last-minute additon to the star-studded Warner Bros. presentation lineup - and it was like, the best surprise ever!

Johnny and co-star Morgan Freeman kicked off the panel by introducing footage from their yet-to-be released sci-fi thriller Transcendence, and it was apparently CRAY!

We cannot wait to see J. Depp uploaded and living on a computer.

Digital Johnny will probably be just as sexy as the real deal!

[Image via AP Images.]

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