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Georgia Bank Accidentally Deposited $31,000 Into A Teen's Bank Account! Guess What He Did With It!

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make it rain dollars

Imagine being 18-years-old, checking your deposit account, and finding $31,000 there!

What would you do?

Well, that happened to a Steven Fields in Athens, Georgia, and he wasted no time in spending almost ALL of the money in little to no time!

But like they say - mo money, mo problems!

The accident occurred on March 7th when a teller deposited the money in the wrong account due to the influx of similar names at the bank, and so when the victim called on March 17th - the bank called the mistaken beneficiary to get the money back.

By that time though, Mr. Fields had taken $20,000 out of the bank, and spent as much as $5,000 on his ATM card.

Mr. Fields also was adamant with the bank that the money came from his grandmother's estate. However, once a police officer was sent to Mr. Field's house - the teenager soon realized the mistake he had made.

The deputy who talked to Mr. Fields and the bank said:

"I informed Mr. Fields that the bank wanted the money back as soon as possible. Mr. Fields stated that he would go to the bank and talk with [the bank employee] and try to settle this situation without going to jail."

That would be pretty whack if Mr. Fields had to go to jail because someone else screwed up! The only problem is, it's pretty illegal to spend someone else's money, even if it's due to a mistake!

He was just young and he had some fun! Cut him some slack — he's a teenager for crying out loud!

He should just pay back the remainder and then the bank should use the massive amount of insurance we're sure it has to cover the difference for THEIR part in the whole debacle!

American Apparel At It Again! Advertises Miniskirt With Porn-Like Upskirt Photo!!

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american apparel upskirt ad

At this point, American Apparel is probably known more for their controversial advertising than their clothing.

In the latest chapter of “What Has American Apparel Done Now”, many customers are angered at the way the brand is showcasing miniskirts. Multiple photos seem to be more focused on the amount of ass that will show when bent over than the actual skirts!!

In light of the recent Terry Richardson drama, this obviously brings into question the ethics of American Apparel photographers. But even more worrisome is that the brand apparently thinks upskirt photos will get customers to buy clothing!

People have called the images everything from “perverted” to “creepy” to “sexist”. And since the pics do a poor job of advertising what the skirt looks like, many are trying to decipher what point they ARE trying to get across.

Are they telling young girls to wear skirts short enough that their vaginal regions show at the slightest breeze? Is AA slowly but surely moving out of the retail business and into the softcore porn business? Or is this just their way of grabbing people’s attention?

We’re just not sure their strategy is helping them sell products. But take a look at the uncensored photo …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

American Apparel ruffles MORE feathers by advertising a miniskirt with a photo that shows more ass than skirt!

Check out a more subtle one of their upskirt ads (below)!

[Image via American Apparel.]

American Apparel ruffles MORE feathers by advertising a miniskirt with a photo that shows more ass than skirt!

Kris Jenner Posing For Playboy?! This Response From The Bunny Mag Will Have You Thinking Otherwise!

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kris jenner playboy rumors not true

Looks like Kris Jenner is having a field day with all of these rumors!

First, an anonymous source was out there claiming a Kris Jenner sex tape was on its way to a theater computer screen near you, and now whispers of the Kardashian momager posing for the famous bunny mag??

Where is all this coming from and why the sudden interest in Kris' hot bod?!

Well, the Kris Jenner sex tape fiasco was somewhat solved, and now these rumors of posing for Playboy have come to an end!

A spokesperson for the mag said about the rumors:

"We never comment one way or the other about these types of rumors."

The nudie pics may not be happening, but you can't deny the momma of six has a bangin' bod ready for Playboy!

Maybe next time!

[Image via Kris Jenner/Instagram.]

Kris Jenner posing for Playboy?! Not so fast!Kris Jenner posing for Playboy?! Not so fast!Kris Jenner posing for Playboy?! Not so fast!Kris Jenner posing for Playboy?! Not so fast!Kris Jenner posing for Playboy?! Not so fast!Kris Jenner posing for Playboy?! Not so fast!

James Van Der Beek Relives His Favorite Stalker Memory With Seth Meyers And No, It Wasn't A Screaming Teenage Girl!

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James Van Der Beek did a whole lotta crying and corrupting back when he was Dawson Leery.

LOLz! We're totally kidding about the latter, but crying, not so much.

And it certainly wasn't because of his birthday stalker or because of Dawson losing his virginity!

Thankfully now, and hopefully after the birth of his daughter, the former Dawson's Creek star is revealing to Seth Meyers that he's doing nothing but laughing these days!

Even though James may WANT to be the star of the Indy franchise, he IS the star of a new CBS sitcom titled, Friends with Better Lives, which is nothing, NOTHING like Friends. Ha!

Ch-ch-check out his HIGHlarious interview with Seth (above)!

PDA Alert! Rihanna & Drake Enjoy A Meaty Hand Sandwich While Leaving Their Late Night London Lounge! ADORABLE!

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drake rihanna holding hands 5

ZOMG! We've been waiting for something like this!

Though Drake & Rihanna are definitely 100% dating each other, they're very careful about PDA and they, generally, don't show affection for one another in front of the paparazzi!

But that ALLLLLLLL changed last night.

As they were leaving a nightclub in London together, the HAWT couple got into their car and drove away!

But before they could zoom off, a paparazzo snapped a pic of them sitting in the car and RiRi was holding Drizzy's hand!

Which marks this as the first bit of PDA from these two!!

We LOVE it! They are perfection together! AubRih foreva!!!

[Image via Xposure/AKM-GSI.]

Drake & Rihanna holding handsDrake & Rihanna holding handsDrake & Rihanna holding handsDrake & Rihanna holding handsDrake & Rihanna holding handsDrake & Rihanna holding hands

81-Year-Old Man Rescued From Washington Mudslide Used A Stick To Dig Himself Out! Read His Heroic & Tragic Story HERE!

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medium image 532f6d056170704ff2d10000 coalesced

81-year-old Gary "Mac" McPherson had been sitting inside his home with his wife, enjoying a cup of coffee in a heavy wooden chair when the completely unexpected happened.

They were swept away by the freak muslide that happened in Arlington, Washington on Saturday.

Trapped underneath the mud, with a ceiling beam laid across his lap, he had only the use of his right hand. He used part of his splintered chair to start digging his way out, all the time calling out for his wife.

In a recent interview, Gary's daughter, Kate, opened up about what was going through his mind at the time disaster struck:

"He doesn't remember the impact of the mud. He doesn't remember the house going across the pasture…. He took six breaths and calmed himself down. He thought, and he started digging."

Eventually people found him, but unfortunately his wife did not survive this tragedy. So sad.

Kate described her father's mood, and how he's holding up:

"He's physically doing pretty good. But he lost the love of his life. They were married 46 years. Emotionally, he can't believe this is happening. He's going to have to start life all over again."

Our hearts go out to Gary and his family during this tough time!

This Guy Swallowed WHAT For A Bet?? Doctors Refuse To Operate To Teach Him A Lesson! That's A Hard Lesson To Swallow!

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A Romanian man swallowed a fork for a bet but doctors wouldn't remove it to teach him a lesson!

This is so ridiculous.

A Romanian man got a fork stuck in this throat after his friends didn't believe he was super tough - so he swallowed a fork just to prove how much of a tough guy he was.

Oh and he was drunk, obviously!

Radu Calincescu, a 25-year-old, went to the doctors to complain he had an uncomfortable feeling when he swallowed.

He didn't mention the fact that a fork was lodged in his throat.

When the docs finally x-rayed him, they found the metal fork stuck in his esophagus. It wasn't until doctors questioned him and confronted him with his x-rays that he finally admitted to swallowing the utensil.

So what did the docs do? Radu said:

"I was discharged and told I should wait and see if the fork will take its natural course and make its way through my body and leave the natural way. But I have to come back in a few days to see if the fork has moved. If it reaches my stomach and looks like it could pierce the lining I will need an operation. I realize now it was a very stupid thing to do. I don't think I will be taking part in any bets for a while."

Um, yeah, we think that's a pretty good idea too. Passing it the "natural way" sounds like a painful, scrapey, death sentence.

These docs are totally teaching him a lesson by not treating him immediately — but we feel like it's their job to treat him, not judge!

Plus, what if there's a complication and he dies? They're playing a dangerous game but hey that's what you get for swallowing a fork.

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