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Kim Kardashian Shares ANOTHER Sizzling Bikini Shot On Her Instagram! Gasp! See The Hawt Momma HERE!

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Kim Kardashian looks wonderful in her latest bikini shot posted to her instagram!

If there's one thing Kim Kardashian does better than producing super cute babies… it's taking bikini shots.

She has a bangin' bod, looks great in bikinis and knows how to work her instagram angles. She's a total pro.

Her most recent bikini shot had her wearing a fierce bikini top and bottoms hidden beneath a shadow and black sarong.

She. Looks. So. Fantastic!

Kim must still be in Thailand on vacation, lounging around, day dreaming about her upcoming nuptials to Kanye West.

We wanna be on vacation, lounging around in our swimsuit, dreaming about Kanye! LOLz!

Seriously, Kim, keep those pics coming! You look amazing, girl!!

[Image via Instagram.]

The Internet Reacts To The How I Met Your Mother Finale & They Are NOT Kind! See The Best Reactions HERE!

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marshall slapping barney how i met your mother

Oh MAN! The How I Met Your Mother finale last night was, just, wow!

And we weren't the only ones to think that! The Internet pretty much exploded with feels!

Most of those feels were shock, anger, and disappointment and nothing gets the internet going more than a TV show doing all of those things to it's fandom!

Whether you're mad/sad/annoyed/happy with the ending of the series, there is one thing that you WILL enjoy about it…

The internet's reactions.



Ch-ch-check out the best of the internets reactions….AFTER THE JUMP!!!

SERIOUSLY: Last chance to back out RIGHT now!

Alright, but don't say we didn't warn you!

Tumblr provided some GIF-tastic gold!

writers fans slapping

“You can’t ruin 9 years worth of television in 40 mins”

challenge accepted

Even turning on the show, by using their own GIFS AGAINST it!

crying wine robin desk

mother breaking glass

not angry disappointed

i am done here

you son of a bitch

i just have a lot of feelings

But really, people were just straight up MAD!

led you on for 9 seasons

how i met your step mother

whole life is a lie

ending was a joke

dont do the thing

Reddit users provided their usual AH-MAZING snark, but were overall really upset!

blue horn

favorite love song sandwich

theory correct

how i asked permission to bang aunt robin

divorce 22 episodes building up

ask permission to bang aunt robin

It seems everyone's Twitter time lines were blowing up and the pain was REAL.

twitter feed reaction

And people were even asking Alyson Hannigan WTF was up with that ending & why the pineapple wasn't explained!

And finally, our all time favorite, a Mean Girls concocted GIF courtesy of tumblr.

personally victimized

What Your Favorite Member Of One Direction Says About You!

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What your favorite member of One Direction says about you

This is all about YOU, Directioners!!!

It's been almost four glorious years since One Direction formed as a group during X Factor's seventh season, and ever since July 23, 2010, your life has never been the same!

The one thing remains is that you will always have your fave. Sure, you may also have your top two and yeah, your order from 1-5 changes from time to time, but whether Lirry, Zouis, or Narry is your #1 OTP, your absolute favorite member says a lot about you, you sweet, beautiful Directioner.

After, all, you're the Diana to Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Niall!!!

So, are you ready to find out which member of 1D says about YOU? Find out AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Harry Styles is your favorite member of One Direction!

Harry Styles: You have excellent taste! You want a guy who will treat you like a lady/gentleman and an equal, but can still charm the pants off of you with just the sight of one of his dimples and his heartthrob quiff! You're equally as outgoing as he is and enjoy being spontaneous. Sure, you get antsy when you don't have a thousand things to do and have an intense fear of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), but that just makes you that much more interesting! After all, you're pretty friggin' desirable! He may have the reputation of being a ladies' man, but everyone knows that Hazza has a heart of gold and has nothing but the utmost respect for the main squeeze in his life, which means you're pretty special and don't you ever forget it! Your dream date with Harry would be going out on the town to the hottest nightclub or an A-list celeb house party!

Zayn Malik is your favorite member of One Direction!

Zayn Malik: You are one attractive muthaf—er! Srsly, your selfie game is strong and we don't blame you for taking a double take in that mirror because just look at how attractive you are! But, it's not like you flaunt it because you like to keep the mystery going. Oh, and just because you're the hottest one out of all your friends, it doesn't mean that you're vain and self-centered! You're loyal and take care of those who are closest to you and have a soft spot for animals. You're always the first one to leave a party, which just makes people want you even more! Your dream date with Mr. Zen is a romantic one-on-one ice skating adventure just before he whisks you off to Paris for an impromptu rendezvous!

Liam Payne is your favorite member of One Direction!

Liam Payne: You are an absolute sweetheart! You are one of a kind and the biggest softie of all your friends, plus you're basically the equivalent to a cute little puppy. Just like Liam, you put others before yourself and, even though you doubt yourself every once in a while, you have an unspoken confidence that just oozes out of you when you flash that adorable smile of yours. Sometimes people don't give you the credit you deserve, but just know that deep down that you're the heart and soul of the group! Plus, you've blossomed into the beautiful swan that you were always meant to be. And if that hasn't happened quite yet, don't worry, you'll have your time to shine! Every once in a while you put your foot in your mouth, but you're always quick to apologize. You can't help it, you just wear your heart on your sleeve! Your dream date with Liam would be a shopping spree in London and then a candlelight dinner at a romantic hidden hotspot.

Niall Horan is your favorite member of One Direction!

Niall Horan: You are SUCH a goofball! You are the cutest, most silliest little kitten and try to make light of any situation. You're known as the one who can brighten up their friends when they're feeling down no matter how bad they're feeling. You are loyal with a capital L and say it like it is! You probably play an instrument or two, which is why you spend a lot of your downtime being creative. Oh, and when it comes to your love life? Well, you have a TON of celebrity crushes, but you're still waiting for the right one. Your dream date with Niall would be snuggled up on the sofa watching a Derby match on TV and testing out your cooking skills on the BBQ just before things get sizzlin' in the bedroom, if you know what we mean. AND, WE THINK THAT YOU DO.

Niall Horan is your favorite member of One Direction!

Louis Tomlinson: You are SASSY!! You take no shiz from anybody and you're willing to fight for what you believe in! You're also a HUGE prankster, which makes everyone around you a little uneasy, but that's okay because you have model good looks and you can basically win any fight. Sure, you're a sass monster, but you also have a heart as big as England and you quietly do good for others. You're hardly ever seen without a hot cup of tea in your hands. Your dream date with Louis is cheering him from the stands at one of his Doncaster Rovers games and then a quiet dinner at home where you basically make each other laugh all night long.

Who Is Your Favorite Member Of One Direction???

View Results

Who Is Your Favorite Member Of One Direction???

  • I can't choose just one! (14%)
  • Louis Tomlinson (19%)
  • Liam Payne (9%)
  • Niall Horan (19%)
  • Zayn Malik (11%)
  • Harry Styles (28%)

Total Votes: 2,435

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Kylie Jenner Loves Her New TATTOO?! See The 16-Year-Old’s Bikini Ink HERE!

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kylie jenner temporary tattoo swimsuit thailand

Kris Jenner, where are you?!

That was our first reaction to seeing Kylie Jenner’s vacation ink, which she showed off on Instagram on Monday.

Then we looked closer at the 16 year old’s tattoo and realized everything is okay! It’s just temporary for their Thailand vacay!

Kylie also posted a pic of the tattoos on her feet (below), saying, “the sun needs the star but the star needs the moon.”

That’s pretty deep! Except the sun is a star, so, we're not quite sure what it means! LOLz!

Tats can be fab, but we just want Kylie to make sure she’s positive before she gets one for realsies. These wouldn’t be bad ideas though!

kylie jenner temporary tattoo swimsuit thailand 2

[Image via Kylie Jenner/Instagram.]

DWTS Gives Us An Emotional Blast From The Past As Contestants Pay Tribute To Their Most Memorable Years! Watch Their Performances HERE!

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We suggest you grab a box of tissues now, because this was certainly an emotional week on Dancing With The Stars!!

After some disappointingly low scores last week, contestants bounced back in a HUGE way as they got a chance to to pay tribute to their most memorable years and they certainly made the most of the opportunity to tell us a little more about themselves! Let's just say Robin Roberts picked a good time to be a guest judge!

Just last week, James Maslow was officially inducted into Carrie Ann Inaba's "sexy hall of fame" for his red hot routine with Peta Murgatroyd! However, this time around he decided to channel his inner nerd and take a look back at a time when he dealt with his fair share of bullying! Needless to say those days are LOOONG gone and James managed to pull off another amazing routine and earned a score of 36 out of 40!!

NeNe Leakes didn't have to look too far back for her most memorable year, as she paid tribute to 2013 when she married her husband Gregg for the second time! The Real Housewife pulled off a very sensual Rumba to Whitney Houston's I Believe In You And Me which is the song she walked down the aisle to! Luckily Gregg isn't the jealous type as things got VERY hot and heavy with Tony Dovolani and the duo earned a respectable 31!

Danica McKellar certainly the got the waterworks going as she decided to tone down the sexiness and amp up the emotion as she paid tribute to 2010, which is the year her son Draco was born and the year she lost her grandmother. The actress did an absolutely heart-wrenching contemporary dance with Val Chmerkovskiy that not only brought some of the judges to tears, but also earned the two their highest score of the season with a 36!

If that wasn't enough to have you crying like a baby, this certainly will! Amy Purdy took a hard look back 1999, which is the year she was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and lost both of her legs as well as her kidney function. Luckily, her father was a huge source of strength as he donated a kidney to her and perhaps more importantly kept her spirits up by dancing with her before she had even walked on her prosthetic legs, proving anything was possible! Amy and Derek Hough recreated that emotional first dance and for the first time she kept her legs completely exposed throughout a routine that left the judges speechless while earning a 36!

After some emotional routines, Charlie White pumped some much needed Happy-ness into the crowd by looking back at 2010, which is the year he and Meryl Davis missed out on winning a gold medal at the Vancouver Olympics! While it might seems like a painful memory, the ice skater looks back on that year fondly and cites it as a HUGE motivator for the two to bounce back and win the gold, and it certainly showed in his routine that kept him near the top with a 36!

Meryl returned the favor and also decided to give a bit of a shoutout to Charlie, however, she went a little bit further back all the way to when they first started skating together in their childhood! But after some touching footage of the gold medalists in their younger years wrapped up, she got down to business with Maksim Chmerkovskiy foxtrot that was so hot it filled our minds with some naughty thoughts! The routine earned the highest score of the season thus far with a near perfect 39, but it seems the steaminess was lost on Len Goodman who only gave them a 9!

Overall this week definitely proved to be an emotional roller coaster with plenty of highs and a handful of lows! But perhaps most importantly of all it brought some impressively high scores and it definitely looks like all of these contestants are in it to win it!

Ch-ch-check out the performances (below)!

The Hottest Stories Right Now!

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Sheriff's Deputy Holds Bull's Head Above Water For 45 Minutes Until Help Came! She's A Hero!

Cara Delevingne Gives Michelle Rodriguez A Wet, Topless Embrace On Their Mexican Vacay! See A Video Of Their PDA HERE!

You Go Girl! Lorde Proudly Points Out Her Flaws On Twitter To Unveil Airbrushing Mania!

Liquid BACON Diet Promises Results Without The Exercise! Would You Drink This?!

Harry Potter Spinoff Will Be Not One, Not Two, But Three Movies! Expecto Excitement!!!

Chelsea Handler Is Leaving E! In Nine Months! What Will Happen To Chelsea Lately?!

15-Year-Old Michael Phelps Talks About His Olympic Goals In Super Cute Interview! Adorable!

Italian Alchemist's Mentos & Nutella Trick Is The 2nd Most Exciting Thing To Ever Happen To A Mango-Flavored Condom! See The EXPLOSIVE Vid HERE!

Beyoncé Made ANOTHER Music Video For Grown Woman! Watch Queen Bee Get Cartoony HERE!

Jonathan Groff Will Melt Your Heart Singing A Song From Frozen Composer’s New Puppet Show!

Gwyneth Paltrow's Ex Finally Speaks Out On Their "Innocent" Kiss At The Dodgers Game In September — But Is Anyone Gonna Buy What He's Selling?!

Johnny Depp Loves Amber Heard's Engagement Ring So Much, He Bought HIMSELF One! See Captain Jack's New Shiny Bling Ring HERE!

Twihards Rejoice! Ashley Greene Has A Mini Reunion To Celebrate Kellan Lutz's 29th Birthday In WeHo!

Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin's Split Will End With A Divorce — But Deep, Dark Secrets From Their Past Might Keep Things From Getting Messy!

Justin Bieber's Bad Boy Ways Got Him Seriously Booed at 2014 Juno Awards! See The Video Of His Audibly Awkward Win HERE!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

How I Met Your Mother Co-Creator Speaks Out About The Controversial Finale While An Alternate Ending Surfaces! WATCH The Ending You Really Wanted HERE!

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Many How I Met Your Mother devotees were enraged by the grand finale involving the death of a main character, and the reunion of Ted and Robin with the blue french horn.

Fans were all on the Twitter attack, rabidly sharing their thoughts with the show's executive producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas about how they thought the season's end was royally screwy!

While Carter kept relatively quiet on social media, Craig chose to take the finale's criticism with an open appreciative mind in this series of tweets:

The creators creator has spoken!

Though these words may have stifled a few HIMYM stans, it didn't stop them from creating an AH-mazing alternate ending that they believe would've been much more widely enjoyed!

Ch-ch-check out the fan friendly ending (above) and share you legend - wait for it - dary thoughts in the comments (below!)

And if you missed last night's finale…

CLICK HERE for the full recap in GIFs!

[Video via Ricardo J Dylan]

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