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Katy Perry Is The Top Selling Digital Artist Of All Time! How Many Millions Of Single Downloads Did It Take?!

katy perry digital sales 72 million

The interwebs have spoken!!

Katy Perry is officially the top certified digital artist of all time! Praise, KatyCats!

If you're wondering what that equates to — it's a ginormous 72 million single downloads, which is a whole lotta music from Kitty Purry's momma!

KP shared the exciting news on Instagram and Twitter Thursday, with the caption:

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Another Marlboro Man Dies A Smoking Related Death

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marlboro man dies copd smoking

As if the studies and the science weren't enough — what other proof does the world need that smoking is bad other than MULTIPLE Marlboro Men dying from smoking related health issues??

At 72, Eric Lawson could've lived another full 20 years if it weren't for the fact that he was the Marlboro Man in cigarette ads during the late 1970s!

He died due to

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Nicki Minaj Takes Her Frosted Cupcakes To 106 & Park!

Well, well, well. Look who's ripping a frosted page right out Katy Perry's style book!

After picking up two awards at Sunday night's American Music Awards, Nicki Minaj flew across the country to New York City to make an appearance on 106 & Park yesterday.

Rather than dressing like the abominable snow woman, Nicki treated the audience by frosting her tittays with a 72 Hour Freek Couture cupcake bra.

Of course, Her Minajesty wasn't covered for long, because out of nowhere her nipple popped out to say hello.

Oh well, nothing we haven't seen before!

BUT if you must…CLICK HERE to see Nicki's on-air wardrobe malfunction!

[Image via Ben Gabbe/Getty Images.]

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Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries: 72 Pics Celebrating 72 Magical Days Of Marriage!

kim and kris 1 year

Can you believe it's already been a year??

365 days ago, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries vowed — in front of God and the E! network — to stay together forever!

Just because things didn't work out doesn't mean we can't celebrate the one year anniversary of it happening!

To re-live the magic we collected 72 photos counting down their 72 days as husband and wife!!

CLICK HERE to view "Kim & Kris: 72 Pics Documenting The 72 Magical Days!!"

CLICK HERE to view "Kim & Kris: 72 Pics Documenting The 72 Magical Days!!"

CLICK HERE to view "Kim & Kris: 72 Pics Documenting The 72 Magical Days!!"

CLICK HERE to view "Kim & Kris: 72 Pics Documenting The 72 Magical Days!!"

CLICK HERE to view "Kim & Kris: 72 Pics Documenting The 72 Magical Days!!"

[Image via People Magazine]

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Kris Jenner Wants YOU To Stop Judging Kim!

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kris jenner tells people to stop judging kim kardashian

Momma's got your back, Kim!

We're thinking SOME people might start giving Kim Kardashian the benefit of the doubt after reading the new statement she released about her 72 day marriage…but Kris Jenner wants everyone to leave her alone:

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New Hidden Messages Found In Da Vinci's Mona Lisa!

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symbols found in mona lisas eyes

Last month, we reported that Nicolas Cage Members of Italy's National Committee for Cultural Heritage had found letters and numbers in the Mona Lisa's eyes, which could only be seen by magnifying high resolution images of the painting.

Now, Italian researcher Silvan Vinceti says he's found a letter "S" in Mona Lisa's left eye, and an "L" in her right eye. He also says he's found a number "72" under the "arched bridge in the backdrop" of the painting.

According to Vinceti, the symbols he found are "very small, painted with a tiny brush and subjected to the wear and tear of time."

So what do these symbols mean?

Vinceti believes the "S" could refer to the woman who ruled Milan during the Sforza dynasty, where Leonardo da Vinci spent time between 1482-1499 and 1506-1507.

As far as the "L" is concerned, Vinceti says it stands for "Leonardo."

With regards to "72," Vinceti claims it's a pertinent symbol from Kabbalah and Christianity. He says the "7" has lots of symbolic associations such as creation of the world, and he says the "2" could refer to the duality of male and female.

Are U aware of this, Dan Brown? You've totally got the beginnings of another Da Vinci Code book here, bb!

What do U think these symbols mean?

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