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Well Lookie Lookie At Chezza & Derek In South Africa!

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Oh my! Such PDA! How scandalously wonderful!

Though many have had their doubts about the validity of Cheryl Cole's rumored romance with Derek Hough, having a glimpse at these shots of the two in Cape Town this week might shake away the doubts.

Photogs captured shots of the two enjoying the sun and each other on a yacht off the coast. As you can see, they aren't playing their usual game of coy-and-mouse while on vacay. That's Derek kissing Chezza's stomach and her neck. That's Cheryl reaching out to him, eager for more.

These two are most definitely on! Wowza!

After this, we don't see any point in them hiding their relationship any longer!

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Chezza And Derek Vacay In Cape Town!

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So much for the Rockies!

Sources close to Cheryl Cole are reporting that she IS on vacation with friend Derek Hough, but the two are actually spending time in Cape Town, South Africa - after the Dancing With The Stars cast member made sure there was no way she could contract anything like malaria there!

The insider explains:

“He wanted to make sure Cheryl had a good start to 2011 after her worst year ever. Then he just told her to pack a bag as he’d organized a holiday for them. Friends warned about going back to Africa so soon afterwards. But Derek did his homework and found Cape Town to be a malaria-free region. Cheryl can relax and be pampered which is what she wanted.”


We're glad to hear that she is getting the rest that she deserves after such a tough year!

Here's looking forward in 2011, bb! Enjoy your vacay!


[Image via WENN.]

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Chezza Taking A Ski Vacay With Derek Hough?

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Um, we doubt this, but you never know.

Sources are reporting that Cheryl Cole is planning to take a romantic skiing getaway with Derek Hough in the Rockies.

Supposedly, Derek has already booked a private villa in a luxury hotel resort for them, in attempt to make up for lost time not spent together over Christmas. An insider close to the pair shares:

"Derek wanted to be with ­Cheryl on Christmas Day and he was ­gutted and heartbroken she wasn't able to make it. So sharing a call on Skype was the next best thing. Derek is just really looking forward to their holiday now…He's booked an amazing hotel where they will have lots of ­privacy and some time to relax. Derek is excellent on the slopes and he can't wait to teach Cheryl a few moves."

Sounds rather implausible romantic.

Here's a crazy question, though - when exactly do they have time for this with X Factor and Dancing With The Stars gearing up for new seasons, hmm?

[Image via WENN.]

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Chezza Moving Stateside For Love???

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According to Derek Hough's dad, YES!

Aaron Nelson told the The Sun Cheryl Cole's getting ready to pack up and move to Los Angeles to be with Derek.

He says:

"Cheryl is looking at moving over here, which will be good for Derek. I'm not sure exactly what they have decided about living together. It's his business.

She feels indebted to him - all to do with the fact that he is kind to her. He supports her, but that is Derek's nature. He's a cheerleader for her. He just wants to see her do well.

Derek knows what's been going on. She came over to see him a few weeks ago. I can say that when you love someone you want to be around them and that's why he likes her."

Hmm, notice that he said Derek 'likes' rather than 'loves'?

Whatever the case may be, Cheryl's move is probably more business related if anything.

After all she's rumored to be joining the US version of X Factor and launching her music career in the States.

Maybe Derek's just an added bonus.

[Image via WENN.]

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Boooing Bristol!

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Yikes! That audience is pissed!

Watch the video (above) to see how Bristol Palin miraculously survived another week on Dancing with the Stars.

Gotta hand it to Brandy! She was killing it all the way to the end.

P.S. The look on Derek's face is priceless!

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Reports Claim That Chezza Landed A US Record Deal!


We doubt that this is true, but DAMN! We wish it were!

Reports are circulating that execs at Universal Music Group flew Cheryl Cole out to El Lay this past weekend to sign a £6 million - almost $10 million - record deal to break into the US music scene!

Sources claim that both Simon Cowell and frequent collaborator will.i.am were instrumental in the deal - which includes a US release of her album Messy Little Raindrops and two more after that - and friend Derek Hough was present for moral support!

The insider explains:

"Cheryl got a call from some very senior people at Universal saying they wanted to see her. They are the kind of people who when they say, 'Jump', you ask, 'How high?' So she jumped on a plane and went to LA for 36 hours. Derek was there to ferry her to and fro and give her support as these big execs can be quite scary."

We think this would sound a whole lot more legitimate if she were confirmed as a judge on the US X Factor, but if it is true, congratulations, bb! This is HUGE!

And if it's not true, don't worry! It's only a matter of time before it does happen!

What do U think?? Do U want to see Chezza hit American mainstream??

[Image via XposurePhotos.com.]

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Why So Shy, Chezza?

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You can't see her, but that's Cheryl Cole in the car there!

Sources report that Cheryl is in El Lay right now, checking out condos with her "friend" Derek Hough! The paparazzi caught up with them in Beverly Hills, but Chezza refused to pop out and say hello.

But why? We loves your beautiful face! Whatcha hiding for???

[Image via www.XposurePhotos.com.]

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