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LeAnn Rimes Defends Her Weight AGAIN On Twitter

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LeAnn Rimes abs

LeAnn Rimes was busy honeymooning with her new hubby Eddie Cibrian in Mexico last week, but she was also busy defending her body from her fans!

After posting the bikini pic above on her Twitter for all to see on Sunday, a fan tweeted:

"Whoa, you're scary skinny! Sorry don't mean to offend but that's a lot of bones showing through skin…"

The harsh words struck a chord with LeAnn and prompted her to respond, "Those are called abs not bones love."

At least she was nice about it! Ha!

The newlywed continued to write in a short back-and-forth on Twitter:

"thx but this is my body and I can promise you I'm a healthy girl. I'm just lean. Thx for your concern but no need too be."

We would think that the last people she needs to defend herself from is her fans, but apparently not because this isn't the first time LeAnn has taken to Twitter to defend her body.

In April she went on a Tweet rant about her body and insisted she did not starve herself.

Ugh! We hate to see people getting on LeAnn's case about her body and can see how it would get to her. Our advice…stop responding to the negativity and focus on the positivity in your new life with your new husband, gurl!

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LeAnn Rimes Continues To Flaunt Her Bikini Body

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LeAnn Rimes boat Mexico

Is she dancing or is her body just reacting to the temperature of the water? Ha!

LeAnn Rimes continued to flaunt her tight bikini body under the Mexico sun while on her honeymoon with her husband Eddie Cibrian.

Eddie surprised her with a private yacht cruise through the Sea of Cortez in Cabo San Lucas on Thursday.

Aww! How romantic!

Beyond cuddling up and locking lips, the pair sipped on Corona's, took a dip in the sea, and took pictures of the memories we hope last a lifetime.

Looks like the fit couple is having a blast! Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon, guys!

[Image via GSI Media.]

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LeAnn Rimes And Eddie Cibrian Are PDA Junkies!

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Why are we not kissing?

Apparently, newlyweds LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian just can't get enough of hearing people say, "Get a room!" Ha!

Sources say the couple just can't keep their hands off of each other in public.

While attending an NBC party in NYC on Monday night, LeAnn and Eddie were "making out in the middle of [everything]."

LeAnn wanted to document it all too! The source continued to say she was "making a compete scene and holding up her camera as they are making out so she [could] take pictures of them making out — it was unreal."

Relax! She probably just needed a new Facebook profile picture. LOLz!

Another source has added that "LeAnn never left [Eddie's] side when they shot the pilot" for The Playboy Club.

Considering they BOTH have a history of cheating, maybe they don't want to risk cheating on each other?

Do U think they are just happy newlyweds or are they being a little to affectionate in public?

[Image via WENN.]

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Eddie Cibrian Does Not Want His Kids To Be On Housewives

No Kids On Housewives

Brandi Glanville is going to be on next season's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and her ex Eddie Cibrian is ready to go to court to make sure that their kids do not show up on the reality series.

Brandi is not happy about it at all:

According to sources, Brandi's pissed — telling friends Eddie is imposing a HUGE double standard … because he and the kids JUST appeared in a massive spread in People magazine … with LeAnn Rimes.

We think there's a difference between a drama-filled reality television show and a still-frame spread in a magazine, and we think it's completely reasonable for a parent not to want to have their kids subjected to that!

Actually, the kids should be left out of all this drama no matter what! Just try to give them a normal life!

What do U think, do U think Eddie is overreacting??

[Image via WENN.]

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LeAnn Slams Reports That She Copied Brandi Glanville's Wedding!

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Uh-oh! We guess she didn't like all of those comparisons!

After reports surfaced yesterday that LeAnn Rimes may have copied more than a few aspects of her new husband Eddie Cibrian's previous wedding to Brandi Glanville - wedding dress, location, boobs - the country singer has taken to Twitter to call bull shiz!

She writes:

@usweekly they are slightly obsessed just ever so slightly and delusional it's great! Lol

see, NO ONE that we invited to our wedding breathed a wrd and there was only ONE couple that was even at both, so nonsense! Lol

why would I EVER want to be anyone but me?! I've got a pretty dang great life that's authentically my own. I'm proud of it!

Reem is the sweetest! Her offer to make my dress and the time that went into it was just overwhelming.


A little quick to jump on the denial train, don't you think?

Granted, we wouldn't want to be labeled a Single White Female either, so who knows?

What do U think?? Did LeAnn rip off Brandi's wedding or was it all just coincidence?

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[Image via WENN.]

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The Newlyweds!

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After such a long, drawn out and complicated romance, we can't believe that they're finally husband and wife!

Check out this shot of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian, freshly married and heading to their wedding reception in one nice ass Chevy Corvette Convertible in Malibu this past Saturday (above)!

Such a happy day for them, and they're certainly not shy about it!

Congratulations again, you guys!

[Image via GSI Media.]

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Did LeAnn Rip Off Eddie's First Wedding To Brandi For Their Nuptials?

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Well. This isn't creepy at all.

According to insiders who were in attendance at LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian's wedding this past Friday, the ceremony had a bit of an uncomfortably familiar feeling - because it was SHOCKINGLY similar to the latter's last nuptials with first wife Brandi Glanville in 2001!

Sources reveal that not only did Rimes wear a gown by Reem Acra, whom Glanville also chose for her big day, but she also got a matching boob job late last year - with the same plastic surgeon, and asking for the same cup size!

The pair also mimicked Cibrian's first beachside nuptials by hosting the event in Malibu in the springtime, and cut their cake to the tune of I Got You Babe, which they apparently first sang together during the wrap party of the flick on which they had their affair…in front of their respective spouses at the time!


The source explains:

"Brandi wore Reem Acra at her wedding to Eddie too. [Eddie and Brandi] also got married in the spring at the beach. Interesting [song choice in I Got You, Babe] Because that's the song they did a karaoke duet to at the wrap party of their movie [Northern Lights] in Canada when they were still married, in front of Brandi and Dean [Sheremet]!"

And in case this isn't all awkward and uncomfortable enough, Eddie had to go and make it worse with the following speech during the reception:

"Someone loves the fucking microphone and that's me! We've both had much larger weddings before, about 100-150 people both, but we just wanted our closest of friends and family here with us tonight. The next one will be even smaller though."

Yeesh. We certainly hope not!

You seem to have recreated the same wedding twice, we don't think it needs to be done a third time!

But hey - whatever works, we guess! Even if it is a little too Single White Female for our taste!

[Images via WENN.]

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