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Will Robert Downey Jr. Star In Iron Man 4? Wait Until You Hear What He Has To Say About It!

robert downey jr iron man 4 quoteRobert Downey Jr. IS Iron Man.

But he doesn't have to be.

True, his role as genius billionaire philanthropist playboy superhero Tony Stark has made him the highest paid actor in Hollywood for two straight years.

But RDJ is NOT under contract for another sequel, so he's been keeping tight-lipped on whether he'll return to the franchise! Until now! When asked point blank, he responded:

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Robert Downey Jr. Won't Return For Iron Man 4; Admits To INSANE Pay Day!

robert downey jr no iron man 4 50 million iron man 3

Mr. Stark could be hanging up his suit…FOR GOOD!

Robert Downey Jr. WILL NOT come back for a fourth installment of Iron Man 4, but then again, why would he??!

Dude confirmed that he is swimming in cash after getting paid a whopping $50 million for Iron Man 3!

However, Robert hasn't ruled out returning for The Avengers!

But why did Rob get so many Benjamins?

One financial analyst explained:

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Robert Downey Jr. Plans To Give Iron Man 4 The Kickstart That It Needs! Watch HERE!

Tony Stark needs YOUR help!

Robert Downey Jr. recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk about the success of Iron Man 3 and show off some pics of all of the fabulous times he had on his worldwide tour! But when the host asked him about the possibility of suiting up for another sequel, he seemed less optimistic!

Rob admitted that although the last movie was a HUGE hit, production of Iron Man 4 could be in jeopardy thanks to this "weird" economy! But don't worry, he plans of fixing that the same way everyone seems to be solving their problems these days: A Kickstarter campaign!

A screenshot of the The Iron Man 4 Fund pops up saying "You can never have too many Iron Men" and shows the goal of reaching $200 million in 21 days! Unfortunately, the campaign has a total of 0 backers so far!

Ch-ch-check out the hilarious clip (above)!

Obviously the whole thing is a joke, but with the success others have had with Kickstarter, maybe they should consider giving it a shot! Who knows? Maybe a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist will donate! LOLz!

In the meantime, we're STILL waiting on a solid answer from Rob on whether or nor he's planning returning for another movie! We're keeping our fingers crossed!

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