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Teen Mom 2 Star Jenelle Evans Can't Believe Her Baby Daddy Is In Jail! Find Out How Long He'll Be Locked Up HERE!

jenelle evans cant believe her baby daddy is in jail for a month

This is not a good pre-birth present!

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans may go into labor all on her own, because her baby daddy Nathan Griffith is doing some hard labour these days!

The father of her unborn child is in prison for

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Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans Gives Us A Glimpse Of Her Growing Baby Bump And Reveals Some PRETTY Big News!

 jenelle evans reveals gender name of baby find it all out here

They certainly look like the happy family in this photo, don't they?

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is a busy lady these days, but the reality star gathered enough time to drop a bombshell baby announcement on us!

After keeping things on the dl and not revealing too much (after sharing her ultrasound with the world), she decided to give her fans some revealing details about her second pregnancy by posting the (above) pic of her, her 25-year-old MMA fighter boyfriend Nathan Griffith, and her 4-year-old son Jace - and yes, that bump is certainly growing!!!

After showing off her family fun side, she then revealed more news

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Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans On Her Abortion: "It's Such A Good Thing I Didn't Have This Child"

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jenelle evans on abortion its such a good thing i didnt have this child

It was a difficult decision, but she thinks it was the right one.

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans's decision to have an abortion before her current pregnancy caused a lot of controversy.

But the reality star truly believes that she made the right decision.

And a lot of that belief comes in the fact that she knew she didn't want to have Courtland Rogers' child.

Here's what she said regarding the first time she found out she was pregnant:

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Jenelle Evans Gets Nekkid With Her Bare Tattooed Baby Bump On Instagram!

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jenelle evans shares first baby bump pic instagram bathtub

You wanted a baby bump pic, and you got it!

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans shared a pic of her growing bump on Sunday via Instagram. And, yes, she does have a huge tattoo across her belly, which says, "Cela Passera Aussi," meaning,

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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans May Avoid Jail Because Of WHERE She Was Arrested!

 jenelle evans may avoid jail because of where she was arrested

We do think this is good news for her baby.

But wow maybe a little time in jail would be good for this expecting momma!

Jenelle Evans put her Teen Mom 2 show AND her baby bump at risk by getting arrested recently, but she may not have to go to jail in the long run.

The reason why is because

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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans And Boyfriend Got Matching Tats!

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jenelle evans

Now that's what we call love!

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans and her boyfriend Nathan Griffith have got a love for each other that burns so deep, they tattooed their names on each other!

But don't worry folks! This isn't a regular tattoo of a person's name that may come back to bite one in the butt just in case the two break up! No siree!

On Jenelle for example - the tattoo actually shows her name and Nathan's name upside down!

Things must be getting pretty serious if they're tattooing each other's names already!

Here's what a source said:

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Jenelle Evans Tells Police She Was Trying To Have Sex With Her Boyfriend During DUI Stop!

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Oh boy!

Remember when Jenelle Evans had to pony up over $5,000 to bail her boyfriend Nathan Griffith out of jail for his DUI arrest?

Well, we've got the video of how it all went down before Nathan was put in handcuffs, and it's pretty shocking!

But shocking for most people is sort of run-of-the-mill for this Teen Mom!!!

In the police dash cam video of the arrest, Jenelle admits to the police that the reason they were speeding was because they were rushing to get home so they could have sex!

But when police asked them if they were having sex while driving - they totally said they weren't!

Which we certainly hope they were telling the truth about - that would be super dangerous! And sort of uncomfortable!

When the police recognized Jenelle as that "girl from MTV" - Evans replies "yeah unfortunately". At least she had a sense of humor about the whole thing!

Check out all that and more by watching the video (above) !!!

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