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Anderson Cooper Gets Pranked By His Staff Live On TV As He Winds Up On His Own RidicuList! Watch His Priceless Reaction HERE!

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Anderson Cooper handles all kinds of topics on his RidicuList. But maybe next time he'll double check them ahead of time!

[ Video: Fox News' Megyn Kelly Flubs Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee's Name In The Best Way! ]

The AC360 host got quite a surprise when doing a segment on "Co-worker Crimes," finding all the complaints were about HIM!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to find out what his staff thinks about his smelly candle- and who's getting fired over it!

OK, probably no one. Anderson is too nice for that! We hope…

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Anderson Cooper SLAMS Rush Limbaugh On The RidicuList

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Well played, sir. Well played!

Rush Limbaugh took a cheap and completely unwarranted shot at Anderson Cooper yesterday when he was commenting on CNN's ratings. The conservative commentator correlated that the news network's declining ratings must be due to the fact Silver Fox being "reported more in gossip columns to be in the gym or that bar or restaurant than he is in the studio."

Anderson fired back

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Anderson Cooper Apologizes For Calling Dyngus Day 'So Stupid'

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As he should because there are people out there that take Dyngus Day very seriously. It's like criticizing Arbor Day, Columbus Day, or National Mustache Day. Sure, they don't mean that much to a lot of people, but they COULD mean a little to a few people. Ha!

If U haven't seen it yet (above), Anderson Cooper lost his shiz while

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Anderson Cooper Giggles Like A Little Boy At The Mention Of…

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We don't know how many profanities are going through your head right now, but is "pussy willow" one of them?

Anderson Cooper usually takes his topics on Anderson 360 pretty seriously, but he couldn't contain his laughter when he had to utter the name of a plant used during the celebration of Dyngus Day.

Check out his RidicuList (above), which is "so stupid" that the CNN newsman can barely continue the broadcast. For the record, we're pretty sure it wasn't the subject of his RidicuList that moved the him to tears, but rather a word that is usually associated with a woman's private parts.

Real mature, Anderson. Real mature.

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Anderson Cooper Puts Karl Lagerfeld On His RidicuList

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Karl Lagerfeld earned himself a spot on Anderson Cooper's RidicuList this week after his comments about Adele as well as his attempt to apologize to her.

See what Anderson has to say in the clip (above)!

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The Great Defender Of Kim Kardashian, Anderson Cooper!

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Don't even act like if someone offered you $138,000 a day to be married to a stranger you wouldn't take it!

A lot of people are ragging on Kim Kardashian for basically spitting on the sanctity of marriage by getting a divorce after 72 days of marriage. Only one person has the fortitude to stand up for Kim K and her decision, to defend the reputation of her good name.

That man is Ryan Seacrest Anderson Cooper. And we are totally kidding!

Check out the video (above) to hear how the "Kardashian haters" are being added to his Ridiculist!

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Anderson Cooper Cringes Over Coffee And Spinach

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If there is anything Anderson Cooper's new talk show, Anderson, has revealed, it's that the Silver Fox is a pretty big baby!

First we discover this guy doesn't like waffles because they are too similar to pancakes, but now the 44-year-old is turning his nose up at spinach and coffee too!

During Tuesday's episode he FINALLY sucked it up and tasted the caffeinated beverage America runs on, along with a vegetable most of us have been eating since the age of two!

Much like his first run-in with a waffle, Anderson takes the SMALLEST sip we've ever seen of coffee and determines, "Yeah, I just don't see the point."

Then he takes a bite of spinach only to articulately judge the healthy vegetable as "gross" and "slithery".

Considering this is coming from a guy who admits to not having tried most green vegetables, we'll cut him some slack and hope his taste buds can catch up to his hair color one day.

Baby steps, Anderson. Baby steps.

Check out the video above to see what we're talking about!

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