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Dog Cries When Reunited With Soldier Mom!

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A bond between a dog and soldier can be truly breathtaking.

A soldier returned to her home and she got a big surprise from her pooch.

And it was a big surprise for her dog too. He weeps at the sight of her.


Check out the aDORable reunion (above) as a soldier mom comes home!

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German Shepherd Suprised By Soldier Returning Home

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This dog just got one of the best treats EVA!

A German Shepherd plays fetch with Grandpa…you know the usual.

But when he comes back, he finds that

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Soldier Sees Birth Of Son Via Skype!!

Technology can be SUCH a wonderful thing!

Specialist Brock Howland who was stationed in Afghanistan during the birth of his son, and he was able to watch the entire thing (in decent reception!) over Skype.

His wife Mary was obviously ecstatic about the whole situation, stating:

"To have his support was the world. It felt like the other part of my heart was here."

Ch-ch-check out the tear-inducing vid (above)!

Internet miracles, ya’ll!

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Dog Welcomes Home Soldier With LOTS Of Love

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What a heartwarming moment!

Chuck the boxer couldn't wait to see his "daddy," who just came home after serving eight months abroad.

When the soldier's wife says "Daddy's home," Chuck SPRINGS out of the SUV and gives his owner tons of doggy kisses!

Check out the video (above) see this touching moment between man and dog!

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Puppy Rescued From Afghanistan Adopted To The U.S.

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We love happy endings!

This little pup was found by some soldiers in Afghanistan, pretty badly injured.

So the little guy was taken in, healed up and sent to be adopted in the U.S. where he now has been given proper veterinary care.

And also found a family to love.

So sweet.

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Dogs Welcome Home Soldiers

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It's always hard when a soldier goes away overseas.

You can see their dogs miss them as much as we do.

Check out the above video to see some really excited dogs welcome home their soldier owners.

So touching.

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Rescue Dog Brings Strength To Fallen Soldiers Family

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Four years ago, Army Spc. Justin A. Rollins died when a roadside bomb exploded in Iraq.

One of the things that was any consolation to his family, was a picture of him, taken the night before he died.

He was smiling, holding a cute little puppy his squad had rescued, and his family took solace, in knowing he experienced a moment of joy just before his untimely end.

The family knew what they must do: They had to take one of those dogs home.

So now, four years after Justin's death, one of those puppies, Hero, lives a spoiled-rotten lifestyle with the Rollins family.

Rollin's girlfriend, to whom he planned to propose, said:

"Hero slept in Justin's bed with me the first night she was home, and we did that for months. It eased the pain. Animals do that."

Justin's mother said:

"He held her, and now I get to hold her. When I look at her, she reminds me of the son that I lost."

Justin's father said:

"Justin would never talk about the lives he took, but he would talk about the lives he saved all day long.

This dog, to us, is the last life that he ever saved. It's our last living link to him that we have. She's incredibly important to the family."

Animals are absolutely amazing.

Now excuse us… we need to get a tissue.

[Image courtesy Animal Planet.]

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