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Jackson Custody Battle ENDS!! Katherine And TJ Named Joint-Guardians


Phew!! The madness has FINALLY come to an end!

Custody of Prince, Paris, and Blanket Jackson will now be jointly shared by their grandmother Katherine and their adult cousin TJ Jackson.

The joint-guardians came to terms earlier in the week on an arrangement earlier this week butit took until today for the court to give their consent.

The custody plan is considered mutually beneficial because it allows for TJ to handle the energy dependant day-to-day concerns of child raising while allowing their 82 year old grandmother Katherine to remain on as a familiar loving face and a stabilizing force.

Judge Mitchell Beckloff made the ruling after an intense investigation which included interviewing the children to gain their oft-overlooked perspective.

His Honor concluded:

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Diana Ross Is Supremely Disappointed With Jackson Dramz


Everyone else has an opinion on the Jackson family drama, why not the gloriously magnificent original diva herself, Diana Ross?

In Michael Jackson's will, the King of Pop stipulates Mizz Ross should be next in line to raise Prince, Paris, and Blanket should his mother Katherine ever become unfit for those duties.

Well the courts ruled that she was unfit, at least for the moment, when they appointed TJ Jackson the kids' temporary guardian.

Wait, but what about the will??

How did the Love Child singer feel about being skipped over?

In a statement, she simply said:

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Courts Orders Investigation Into Katherine Jackson's Game Of Thrones

Jackson Family Court Ordered Investigation Into The Kids Judge School Etc

It's looong past time the courts got proactive!

Judge Mitchell Beckloff finally tasked an independent investigator with getting to the bottom of all this drama!!

Everyone is questioning motives of TJ and Katherine's custody demands and no one knows which party is best equipped to raise the children.

Investigator Cary Ornelas' mission, should she choose to accept it, is

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TJ And Katherine Agree To Share Guardianship Of MJ's Kids Fortune

Katherine And TJ Jackson Will Split Custody Of Paris, Prince, And Blanket

Since the death of their father, these kids don't know who to trust!

We reported yesterday that the courts have made TJ Jackson their temporary guardian … but the key word there was "temporary."

Apparently, he and his Grandmother Katherine just agreed upon a more long term solution. They forged a joint-custody agreement which is expected to be approved by the courts in the near future.

From what we know of the situation, Katherine likes

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Randy Jackson Wages Twitter War Against TJ!!

Randy Jackson's Twitter War Against MJ's Will And Tj's Custody Victory

It looks like Paris isn't the only one capable of condensing scathing commentary into 140 characters or less!

Randy Jackson took to the offensive today on Twitter!

First he blasted his nephew TJ for assuming temporary guardianship of Katherine's abandoned grandchildren — "THIS IS NOT OVER" he promised after the court verdict was returned!

He continued:

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Was Katherine Jackson Being Drugged By Her Children In Arizona??

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Katherine Jackson Randy Jackson Drugging

If true, this is downright appalling!

When Paris Jackson had a kiki with grandma on the phone the other day, just before Katherine was eventually returned to El Lay, something was very, very wrong.

In the opinion of some insiders, Katherine was drunk!

One source reported:

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Kim Kardashian Lost Her Virginity To Who?!

Kim Kardashian Virginity TJ Jackson

Long before Ray J, Reggie, Kris and Kanye, there was another boy who stole Kim Kardashian’s heart…and took something else along with it!

As we reported last month, the Kardashian family’s interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter revealed that Kimmy went on birth control at age 14 and lost her virginity at that same age.

In the interview, Kim revealed that she lost it to a boy she’d been dating for years…and now we know just WHO took her v-card!

Remember yesterday when we mentioned the former Kardashian nanny released a tell-all???

Well, according to the book, the nanny — Pam Behan — wrote that she had been working for the family from ‘91 to ‘96…when Kim was dating TJ Jackson “for many years!”

Check out a pic of the two at a school dance (below)!!!

If the name sounds familiar, that’s because he’s the nephew of Michael Jackson, son of MJ’s brother Tito!

In an interview with People back in 1995, TJ said of Kim:

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