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Bill Clinton Says He Never Personally Apologized To Monica Lewinsky After Their Affair & He's SOOO Done Talking About It!

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Time has not made Bill Clinton feel worse about that Monica Lewinsky sex scandal!

The former president said the #MeToo movement doesn't make him feel differently about his highly-publicized affair with the former White House intern — except for the fact that he might now see himself as a victim, too. Hmm.

In an interview airing Monday on the Today show, Clinton said he doesn't feel "more responsibility" for his actions through the lens of the movement because he felt "terrible" for what he did back then. But not terrible enough to have ever issued a personal apology to Lewinsky, who in a recent Vanity Fair essay called their affair a "gross abuse of power" on Clinton's part.

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When asked if he had ever apologized to the former intern, Clinton admitted he never spoke to her privately, but maintained he apologized to her publicly when he "apologized to everybody in the world" about the decades old drama.

And because he doesn't want it to get twisted that Lewinsky was the only victim here, Clinton reminded NBC's Craig Melvin that he left the presidency in financial shambles due to all the legal costs associated with the affair, explaining:

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'Melania's Escape Tunnel'?? Twitter Can't Stop Laughing At News Of Sinkhole On The White House Lawn!

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Reporters observed a sinkhole growing on the White House lawn on Tuesday.

One reporter shared photos on Twitter, saying he noticed the hole "growing larger by the day."

Video: You'll NEVER GUESS Whom Donald Trump Told Howard Stern Was The Hottest Woman…

If you suddenly had three different jokes pop into your head, you aren't alone.

See the best memes, Donald Trump quotes, and quips about Melania Trump escaping (below):

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John McCain's Family Upset After White House Official Mocks The 'Dying' Senator's Brain Cancer Diagnosis!

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Someone should really get White House staffers a Burn Book so they can be more discreet when shit talking certain politicians.

Maybe then John McCain's family wouldn't have to be outraged — but outraged they are after hearing that a White House official mocked the Senator's brain cancer diagnosis in a closed-door meeting this week.

Video: Michelle Wolf Laughs Off WHCD Criticism!

McCain was discussed in a Thursday morning meeting, according to The Hill, one day after the Republican announced he opposed Donald Trump's nominee for CIA direction, Gina Haspel, saying that "her refusal to acknowledge torture's immorality is disqualifying."

Special assistant Kelly Sadler apparently tried to soften the blow by reminding officials that McCain wouldn't be around to oppose the decision much longer. She said:

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Inside The White House, Melania & Donald Trump's Relationship Sounds Like A Living Hell…

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Things are getting pretty… STORMY… around the White House nowadays for Donald Trump and his wife, Melania!

And a new exposé in the Washington Post that was released Monday morning showcases just how Melania has been handling affair rumors, sex talk, and what's become a very complicated relationship with her very high-profile husband.

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Even despite all the outward strain that's come from Stormy Daniels' continued presence in The Donald's life, Melania's camp is extremely insistent that there's nothing to see here as far as her marriage is concerned — and she and Donald are just fine together.

Speaking to WaPo, Melania's longtime friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff denies Melania is unhappy, instead attributing her quiet, reserved nature to something else (below):

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Donald Trump Just Hired Bill Clinton's Impeachment Lawyer — The Fight Is Coming!

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Donald Trump has lost yet another lawyer.

This time, it's Ty Cobb. The finely mustached White House lawyer is the latest to hop off the bullet train to hell, and this is big news for three reasons.

First, it hilariously disproves yet another of Trump's public rants.

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Back in March, The New York Times wrote a story reporting this might be happening soon. Trump chose to quietly neither confirm nor deny the story but rather bided his time and— nah, we're just fucking with you.

He lied his ass off on Twitter:

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John Kelly May Be On The Way Out As White House Chief Of Staff After Reportedly Referring To Donald Trump As 'An Idiot' Multiple Times

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New reports out from NBC today are detailing several White House sources who say Chief of Staff John Kelly (pictured above, left) has allegedly referred to President Donald Trump as "an idiot" multiple times in the recent past — and at least four government official say they've witnessed the comments.

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One senior White House official notes that Kelly — who is dealing with diminished influence in his role as Trump allegedly tires of having him on staff — is starting to say not-so-nice things about the President (below):

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Donald Trump Replaced His Alpha Male Handshake Yank With A Mean Girl Power Move! Watch!

Remember how last year when Donald Trump was first meeting world leaders he would make a point of asserting his dominance by jerking their arms in an asshole handshake move?

Well, he has a new alpha male power move — only it's really more of a mean girl maneuver.

In his White House meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday, our worst person made a point of talking up the pair's "very special relationship". Then he pointed out some dandruff on Macron's shoulder — out loud! — and overtly wiped it away.

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Macron, who is said to be among the best at "handling" Trump laughed it off like a real Gretchen Wieners, secretly resenting the Regina in front of him.

Way to handle that one.

Ch-ch-check out the embarrassing moment for America (above) and some of the best Twitter reactions (below):

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