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Middle School Student Obviously Never Saw A Christmas Story! Gets Tongue Stuck To A Cold Pole!

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A Christmas Story is not only a brilliant movie, but it also has timeless advice!

Like be careful with a BB gun or you might shoot your eye out!

But, the most essential piece of knowledge it dropped was to never stick your tongue to a pole when the weather is freezing.

However, an Easthampton, Massachusetts middle school student was either not aware of this cardinal rule or he was trying to copy that famous scene as he had to be rescued by firefighters last Wednesday around 8am after his tongue got stuck to a pole!

Luckily the child AND his tongue are in good shape!

Here's what fire chief David Mottor said:

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Sarah Jessica Parker's Twins Bundle Up For A Snowy Walk To School!

sarah jessica parker twins wear extra layers on snowy walk to school

Sarah Jessica Parker must be a BIG fan of A Christmas Story, because she has her twins more bundled up than Ralphie's little bro, Randy!!

Marion and Tabitha enjoyed yet another snowy walk to school in New York and once again proved they were ready for whatever momma nature could throw at them as they wore a few extra layers!

The two cuties once again looked adorable in their matching outfits, and they somehow managed to fight the urge to start another snowball fight! We're guessing it had something to do with the fact that SJP was watching them VERY carefully!

That, or they were having trouble moving their arms just like Randy was! LOLz!!

Ch-ch-check out their uncanny resemblance to Ralphie's little bro …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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A Christmas Story's 30th Anniversary! 30 Of The Best Quotes, Moments & GIFs!

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bunny suit(1)

Don’t worry kids! We promise that this GIF gallery won’t shoot your eye out!

We’ve been watching Ralphie Parker ask for his Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas now for 30 years!

The holiday classic flick A Christmas Story is celebrating three decades today since it first debuted in theaters!

Now, fans are most likely to catch its full day Christmas Eve marathon on cable TV. If you’re like us, you take full advantage and watch it at least three times in a row!

And then we run outside and stick our tongues onto the first metal pole we see!

There are a ton of Xmas movies out there but this is for sure one of our faves!

With the Holidaze right around the corner, it’s time to get into the spirit!

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "A Christmas Story's 30th Anniversary! 30 Of The Best Quotes, Moments & GIFs!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "A Christmas Story's 30th Anniversary! 30 Of The Best Quotes, Moments & GIFs!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "A Christmas Story's 30th Anniversary! 30 Of The Best Quotes, Moments & GIFs!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "A Christmas Story's 30th Anniversary! 30 Of The Best Quotes, Moments & GIFs!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "A Christmas Story's 30th Anniversary! 30 Of The Best Quotes, Moments & GIFs!"

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Katy Perry & John Mayer Haven't Broken Up Again Yet! Yuletide Date Night Sparks Fly In NYC!

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Katy Perry John Mayer Date Chistmas Story


Katy Perry and John Mayer are still together?

This has to be some sort of record for him.

Apparently they are not only together, but they are actually spending some holiday time together. (But let's see if it can last till NYE!)

The on and off couple is very much on as they were spotted getting merry at a performance of A Christmas Story: The Musical in New York City.

While Katy’s dress has a little bit of a granny vibe to it, that kitty kat must be doing something right to keep John’s affection all to herself.

Think it has something to do with her California Gurls whipped cream bra?

Whatever it is, we want tips!

[Image via Getty Images.]

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A Christmas Story Cast Performs Live On GMA!

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The musical adaptation of A Christmas Story premiered last month, but why should we go see it if we've already seen the movie?

One word: amazing songs! Wait, let us recount that…

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see the somewhat naughty, mostly nice, and totally ADORBz kids of Broadway's newest hit doing choice selections LIVE on Good Morning America!

You'll shoot sing your eye heart out right along with them!

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Perez Reviews: A Christmas Story

While A Christmas Story is a beloved holiday film from the '80s, it is not an obvious choice to be made into musical. However, the musicalized version of the film, now playing on Broadway, has been adapted faithfully, adoringly and smashingly!

Consider this to be the quirkier and more adult holiday show, the boozy cousin to Elf.

The musical features a beautiful score by new Broadway wunderkids Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. Their songs are timeless and memorable - and several could exist beautifully outside the world of this show. It is everything that Bring It On is not!

The stage adaptation may have been a touch TOO faithful to the movie, as Act 1 felt a bit heavy on the dialogue. But that's a minor note.

John Rando staged a beautiful show, with some truly fabulous production number and a great cast of adults and super talented kids.

You can rarely go wrong with a bunch of kids singing and dancing REALLY WELL! It just wins audiences over!

If you loved A Christmas Story growing up, then you will not be disappointed with the new Broadway musical. Run and see it now before it closes at the end of December!

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Ralphie Produces A Christmas Story Musical!


This is awesomesauce!!

Peter Billingsley, the actor who played a young Ralphie in 1983's A Christmas Story, will be bringing the story to stage in a musical, which will play at Seattle's 5th Avenue Theatre.

Billingsley has definitely moved on up in the world and made a name for himself as he has helped produce, as well as act in, several films such as Iron Man, Four Christmases, and The Break Up.

In a statement, Billingsley said:

"A Christmas Story has always meant a lot to me personally and to audiences worldwide. I'm excited to bring this film to the stage because the story and the characters lend themselves so well to the exciting ingredients that become available in the world of musicals. Just think about the idea of a Leg Lamp Kickline!"

Ha! Amazeballs!!!

A Christmas Story: The Musical! will officially open Dec. 9 and run through Dec. 30.

This makes us want to go out and buy a Red Ryder BB gun!

[Image via WENN.]

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