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Britney Spears Is Following In The Footsteps Of…SNOOKI?! Signs Deal To Write First NOVEL!


She's dominated the music world, proven to be a MORE than capable judge on The X Factor, and given her Fantasy fragrance an extra Twist!

What CAN'T Britney Spears do these days?!

Apparently short of nothing, because sources close to the pop sensation have revealed that she is in the midst of negotiating a BOOK DEAL with It Books, an imprint of HarperCollins!

And we're not just talking about a memoir!

Gurl is going to go full-fledged AUTHOR on our asses…or at least, sort of!

Insiders explain

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Another Booki By Snooki On The Way!

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snooki has a second book on its way

Usually they say "third time's a charm," but who knows? Maybe she'll have better luck with book #2!

Back in January, Snooki's first book A Shore Thing was NOT selling well AT ALL. After four weeks on shelves, it had only sold 8,998 copies!

Guess sales must have picked up though, because we've just learned that Snook has got a SECOND book the way, entitled Gorilla Beach.

The book revolves around "Giovanna 'Gia' Spumanti and her cousin Isabella 'Bella' Rizzoli who 'are going to have the sexiest summer ever.'"

Snooki book #2 is set for a May 2012 release…and yes, we know, we know, it's going to be tough to wait, but give the gurl a break! It takes time to find people to write your book for you write a book on your own. LOLz.

Will U read Snooki's Gorilla Beach when it comes out next May?

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Snooki’s Book Officially Is A Dud

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Whomp, whomp!

Snooki’s book, A Shore Thing, hasn’t ended up being so for her publishers, at least when it comes to dollars and cents. Though our fave pint-sized guidette did a slew of promotion for the book, from TV interviews to book signinsg, her novel hasn’t sold as well as anyone would have liked.

With four weeks on the shelves, the book has only managed to sell 8,998 copies.

Ouch! That’s bad, considering that the Kardashians were able to hock their autobiography for the same price and have sold 109,500 copies since November.

Still, Snook’s poised to do better than her costar The Situation. His book has been on the shelves since the beginning of November and he’s only sold 12,000 copies. Plus, at least Snooks can say she’s a New York Times best-selling author. Maybe next time it would be more profitable if you write an actually autobiography instead of masking it as a novel. Well, more profitable for your publishers anyway.

Take heed, Jwoww. When your book comes out next month, these are the numbers you’ll most likely be pulling in.

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Snooki Has Some Pretty Big WTF News!

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Yes. This has actually happened.

Our most beloved Snooki Snickers recently took to Twitter to share some pretty INSANE news with the world.


She revealed:

OMG I'm a New York Times Best Selling Author!!! Thank you so much to my fans, family and everyone who made this possible! LOVE YOU ALL !!

Well OF COURSE you are, bb!

You are responsible for the first written masterpiece of our generation!


Oh boy. Sometimes, we just don't understand life.

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Snooki's Book Is Stalling In Sales

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We never pictured her fans as the literary type!

Although Jersey Shore is getting HUGE ratings, Snooki's book, A Shore Thing, is not selling.

As of Monday morning, it was #591 on Amazon's sales chart.

Ouch! Poor thing. We bet a drink would make her feel better.

Shots. Shots. Shots.

[Image via WENN.]

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Snooki Admits She Had Help Writing A Shore Thing

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But of course! All authors need a little help now and again. She's very short on time these days, so she needed someone to proofread, spell check, write the first draft, turn on the computer and guide her story along with her vision in mind.

Snooki's been doing all kinds of press for the release of her novel, A Shore Thing, which is based on the adventures of herself and JWoww. However, she's been getting a lot of guff that she didn't do much of the actually writing in the book, but she is quick to point out to the haters that she did. She explained to one source:

"I did [write it] because if you read it, you'll know [by] the first page I wrote it ’cause it's all my own language. I had a co-writer [Valerie Frankel] help me. … I wanted to do a story about the Jersey Shore. People probably expect it to be a biography, so I wanted to surprise everybody with a novel."

Oh, and you did, lovely. You most certainly did.

Snooki was then asked to go into a bit more detail about the book and how it came about. She explained:

"It's pretty much like the show, but you're reading it. It took me, like, three months just because we had the idea before I went to the season that's airing now and then I had to write it while [shooting the season]…I don't think it's fair [how people judge me], but then again, that's what you see on the show. But I'm not like that all the time … yeah on the show, of course [I'm a party girl], but I'm not like that all the time."

Course you're not! You're so much more!

Hell, you're a brand, sweetie! Ain't nothing wrong with that! We say forget the haters and enjoy the ride. Film three more seasons of Jersey Shore! Write two more novels! Do whatever makes your pickle-loving heart happy!

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Snooki Does Letterman's Top Ten List!

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Watch the video (above) as Snooki gives the Top 10 reasons to buy her book on The Late Show with David Letterman.


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