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Kanye West Pulls A Houdini & Wears Straitjacket On Stage!

kanye west straitjacket concert abu dhabi(1)

Whoa, okay, not only did Kanye West wear a straitjacket on stage during his concert in Abu Dhabi last night, but he accessorized the crazy look with a face mask and wig.

And, we thought his yeti and ski mask were cray!

Luckily, fans got a nice close-up (above) of Yeezy's costume (???) and posted it all over Twitter.

We're assuming he Houdini'd himself and got eventually got out of that thing after the show…right?


[Image via Team Kanye Daily Twitter]

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Demi Moore Conquers Arabian Peninsula For 50th B-day But All She Got Was This Shirt!

demi-moore-50th-birthday-abu-dhabi ashton kutcher


Holy cow manure! Demi Moore doesn't look a day over 38!

Contrary to what your eyes might have you believe, Demi passed the half-century milestone on Sunday!!

And she reportedly treated herself and a small group of her friends to a kick-ass party vacay in Abu Dhabi!!

Twerk it, Carrie Bradshaw!

UAE's capitol city is renowned for its glitz and glamour. While Demi was popping champagne bottles

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Britney Spears Is The New Queen Of Abu Dhabi!

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Britney Spears Abu Dhabi Performance

Oooh Brit Brit! We wish we could have been there to see your majestic performance in Abu Dhabi!

Britney Spears rocked her glittery boots off for these fans, and it looks like she made one fan feel super special with a sexy lapdance!

Check her out in all of her decadent glory with the photos below!

…you're welcome!!!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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Rescued Fish Has Room To Swim For First Time

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People don't often think of fish as having emotions, but this video shows us otherwise.

A man came across an alligator gar, a type of fish, not alligator, that was 35 inches long, living in a 40 inch long tank, in a pet store in Abu Dhabi.

He talked with the pet store owner and an official at the Abu Dhabi aquarium and together they've rescued the fish.

Check out the above video of this fish actually swimming for the FIRST TIME in it's adult life.

It's such a great moment when the fish is just sitting there then suddenly realizes it has room to move free!

Best part? The huge tank it's in now is just a holding tank to get the fish used to the temperature difference before he moves to his permanent even larger more interesting tank!

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Is Brit Brit's Femme Fatale Tour Coming To Abu Dhabi?!

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Oooh! This would be so, SO cool!

Although Britney Spears will soon be kicking off the European leg of her wildly successfull Femme Fatale tour, and is then expected to drop over to Brazil, she may be making quite the pit stop beforehand - by being the opening musical performance at the Yasalm series of concerts at the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix!

Apparently no announcements have been made, but headliner will be announced on September 26th, with a November 11th concert!

This would actually fit into her schedule perfectly, as she will be ending her tour in Lisbon on the 9th, and is not expected in Rio de Janeiro until the 15th!

Finger's crossed that she can fit it in!

Everyone deserves the Femme Fatale experience!

And check out some snaps of the pop star, leaving her Hotel in London tonight (below)!

So happy and healthy looking! We couldn't be more thrilled!

Have a good time, gurl!

[Images via WENN.]

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World's Fastest Roller Coaster In Abu Dhabi!

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This roller coaster looks cray cray!!

The world's fastest roller coaster is called the Formula Rossa and is located at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.

The ride goes as fast as 150 miles per hour and uses an "aircraft carrier-like hydraulic launch system" to shoot its coasters along the twisty track.

Just watching the roller coaster's take off even makes us a little queasy!

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Valentino Overload!


Why'd you have to go and do this to us?

Julianne Moore was not looking like her well-dressed self at the Abu Dhabi premiere of Let Me In this week.

The redhead walked the red carpet in head-to-toe Valentino and it was just too much.

We're thinking it's mostly the shoes, but that nude-colored dress doesn't do Julianne any favors either.

[Image via Abaca USA.]

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