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Lindsay Lohan FINALLY Taking Rehab Seriously?! Tweets From INSIDE The Betty Ford Center!

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We were honestly beginning to doubt if this day would ever come, but we just hope that if true, things will continue in this direction!

Lindsay Lohan's sixth trip to rehab, court-ordered following her latest probation violation, has been a pretty volatile one, with reports that the starlet absolutely lost it when the Betty Ford Center refused to let her take adderall and would not allow her drug dealer onto the grounds of the facility!

But apparently, things are FINALLY turning around for the troubled starlet, and sources close to her claim that she's finally getting settled in…and becoming a MODEL patient!

In fact, those who have been able to visit her believe

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Snoop Changes His Tune On Homosexuality And The Rap Community!

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snoop revises gay rap

Now THIS is exactly what we like to hear!

While Snoop Dogg Lion has always been vocal in his support of the LGBT community, he recently raised some eyebrows during a recent interview by offering a very limited perspective on the possibility of homosexuality being accepted by the rap and hip-hop community!

However, it appears that the Reincarnated version of Bob Marley has re-evaluated his perspective on the matter, and in a new interview, now asserts that with the continuous merging of so many genres in the music world, as well as the political and cultural progression toward acceptance and unity, there may very well be openly gay rappers and hip-hop artists much sooner than later!

As he explains:

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Magic Johnson Talks Supporting Gay Son And The Impact!

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When EJ publicly came out as gay (adorably holding his boyfriend's hand while walking down the street), a lot of people wondered how Magic Johnson would react — and he reacted flawlessly!

If you think about it though, you begin to realize that this isn't just about EJ coming out (though that's the majority of it, and nobody can take that from him!), but also what it does for the black community AND the sports community tied up in their high-profile lives! And guess what? For Magic, it should all be positive regardless if there are a few nay-sayers! He then opened up about how he's supportive of it all!

It all started when EJ was 13.

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Magic Johnson Supports His Gay Son - Who Just Went Public With Boyfriend!!!

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Magic Johnson's son, Earvin (or EJ for short), made an incredible move and went public with his boyfriend! Like everyone else, we are SUPER PROUD of him!!

There's nothing like being out and free!!

We also love the fact that Magic and his wife are completely supportive! Here's what Magic said:

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Ellen Pompeo Flashes Her Grey Pink Anatomy At The People's Choice Awards!

Nurse!! Get Dr. Grey some panties! STAT!

Did Ellen Pompeo's Mt. Vesuvius really just erupt out of her dress on live television?!

Yup, the Grey's Anatomy star was sooo excited to win a People's Choice Awards, she spread her legs and flashed her scalpel holster on her way to the stage!!

Ch-ch-check out the unbelievable clip of Ellen's acceptance speech and frontside faux pas (above)!

Where is McDreamy with an extra pair of scrubs when you need him? LOLz!!

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Bring Marriage Equality To Hip Hop On Ellen!

Hip hop hasn't exactly embraced acceptance of the LGBT community over the years, but fortunately that's starting to change.

Frank Ocean inspired many artists to rethink their stance on the issue earlier this year and now a duo going by the name Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are continuing to put equality into the minds of music lovers around the world.

Along with the lovely vocals of Mary Lambert, the hip hop collaborators appeared on Ellen DeGeneres' daytime talk show on Tuesday to perform their same-sex marriage anthem, Same Love (above).

The beautifully articulate lyrics are truly inspiring and the song is beyond incredible. This is one tune that will be on our playlist for a while.

The rising hip hop stars are the same guys behind the hit single, Thrift Shop, which is as fun as music gets. Check out the music videos for both songs … AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Lana Wachowski Hopes Cloud Atlas Will Help The World Accept The Transgender Community

Lana Wachowski, one-third of the directing trio behind Cloud Atlas, gave a powerful speech about her transgender experience recently, but the famously shy filmmaker isn't done talking about the issue.

In fact, anybody seeing her newest movie should keep it in mind.

While Lana and her brother, Andy, normally avoid the press at all costs, she wasn't shy about comparing the characters in the $100 million indie to herself.

In a recent interview, she referenced a character named Sonmi who instigates a revolution and said:

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