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Alexander McQueen Staff Accused Of Racial Harassment



Employees at the Alexander McQueen store located in the Meatpacking District of New York are being accused of racially harassing a security guard.

Not only have they been accused of making inappropriate and derogatory comments about Othman Ibela, but they've also made racist comments about President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, who has been seen wearing many McQueen designs, including the fiery red gown she wore to the State dinner in 2011 (above).

22-year-old Ibela, who is originally from Gabon, located in Central Africa, has accused the store manager

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Jose Canseco PASSES Rape Polygraph!

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jose canseco lie detector tweets accused rape las vegas drugged sexual assault legal matters

According to Jose Canseco, he has passed a polygraph test in Texas — with flying colors! He's trying to use it to prove that he's innocent of the rape charges lobbied against him in Las Vegas.

The only problem is, as of right now we're having to take his word for it. We haven't seen an official police report or anything… and we all know that polygraphs aren't 100% accurate. They CAN be beaten! Here's what he tweeted:

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Jose Canseco Can't Stop Tweeting About Rape Charges!

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jose canseco tweets accused rape las vegas drugged sexual assault legal matters

Jose Canseco is in a bit of trouble right now, but if we're to believe his hard-to-read tweets, he's pretty sure he'll be exonerated from the rape accusations and sexual assault charges brought on him by a woman in Las Vegas.

While we're not 100% convinced, we'd like to assume that Jose wouldn't be dumb enough to tweet all of this stuff at his accuser during an OPEN INVESTIGATION if he wasn't telling the truth.

Here are some of the more recent things he's been saying on the social media network:

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Jose Canseco Accused Of RAPE!

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jose canseco accused rape las vegas drugged sexual assault legal matters

Well, you can pretty much count out any running for political office now!

Jose Canseco is currently under investigation for sexual assault! The report was filed in Las Vegas, and Jose says it's a bunch of bullshizz!

Of course he's gonna say that, though — would anyone who sexually assaulted some other person be all about saying they did it??

The report says the incident went down on May 10, so Jose decided to plead his case in the best arena he could… Twitter:

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Man Accused Of Burning A Puppy WILL Stand On Trial!

A 19-year-old, accused of lighting a dog on fire, will stand trial for animal cruelty later on in the month.

His name is Adell Ziegler and his friend Diondre Brown has already admitted that he was on lookout when Adell was doing the awful deed!

The dog's name is Phoenix and is actually doing well these days.

Phoenix's vet believes the puppy will be fit for adoption sooner rather than later.

We think it is just awful that someone with a heart could do this to a living animal, and we have no sympathy for whatever punishment the person eventually receives.

Lets stop harming animals please!!!

Check out the video of this story (above) !!!

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Gordon Ramsay Accused Of Destroying A Restaurant In Actual Kitchen Nightmare!

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Kitchen Nightmares is one of those shows where it's really REALLY hard to look away, even though you don't want to imagine restaurants being as awful as that! Well, in at least one case, the owner of the "nightmare" kitchen is actually blaming Gordon Ramsay for destroying is business, and turning the whole thing into a real kitchen nightmare!

Apparently Ramsay almost wrecked his business instead of turning it around!

Here's what the owner said:

“It was truly a kitchen nightmare for me. Gordon Ramsay destroyed my business. It was a confrontation from the get-go.”

According to the owner, when Ramsay "made-over" the business — including the restaurant itself, and the menus — he didn't grasp the concept of the flair and food-style the whole place had been going for!

And now he's PISSED!

UPDATE: A rep from Kitchen Nightmares responded EXCLUSIVELY to Perezhilton and admitted:

"The mission of Kitchen Nightmares is to help struggling restaurants succeed. Gordon Ramsay is the owner of 27 restaurants and holds 11 Michelin stars. He is eminently qualified to offer solutions and tools to help turn failing restaurants around. In every case, restaurant owners choose to participate in Kitchen Nightmares to receive the benefit of Gordon Ramsay's expertise. In the case of Chappy's, a fledgling restaurant in Nashville, Gordon suggested extensive revisions to the menu, updated the décor and offered his expertise and advice to the management and staff. It was their decision — as it is with all participating restaurants on the show — whether to take his advice. Mr. Ramsay and the show producers always wish the participating restaurant owners much success."

[Image via WENN.]

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Defendant Pleads Not Guilty In Death Of Usher's Stepson

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The man who accidentally killed Usher's stepson Kile Glover has plead not guilty to all of the charges presented against him for the unfortunate incident.

It happened last summer when the accused, Jeffrey S. Hubbard, was vacationing with the boy and his father. Hubbard was on a jet ski and accidentally hit Kile who was on a raft.

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