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Heidi Still Suing!

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Heidi Montag announced via Twitter that she still intends to sue The Hills' creator Adam DiVello for sexual assault!

She Tweets:

"Sheridan granted by Judge to sue creator DHW! YES! This means my sexual assault suit against Hills creator Adam Devilo will also go to court"


Who do U believe?

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[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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Heidi And Spencer Most Likely Won't Return To The Hills For The Finale!


Spencer Twatt and the Real Heidi Doll - who are apparently shacked up in their disgusting Pacific Palisades home surrounded by crystals and painkillers, plotting their next publicity campaign - will most likely not appear in the series finale of the show that ruined them made them what they are today, The Hills!

According to a source, neither of the famewhores have taped for the show since April, and series creator, Adam DiVello - whom Heidi accused of sexual harrassment - "said he doesn't think Heidi and Spencer will come back for the series finale."

We're also hearing that when he and the castmembers sat down last week to discuss what to do for the last episode (because it's real life!) Heidi was not present.

The source claims:

"All the girls were asked to come up with ideas of how the show can end. He wants The Hills to end on an upbeat tone. He wants to show the audience that the girls are going on to bigger and better things and that the show was good for them."

No better way to prove the show was a positive experience for its cast than by ignoring the Frankentittays monstrosity that you're responsible for creating, right?

[Image via WENN.]

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The She-Pratt Talks More Crazy Than Her Douchey Brother!


WTF?? This is some Orange Oprah caliber delusion!

Stephanie Pratt seems to think that despite her brother Spencer's psychotic douchebaggery, her sister-in-law Heidi's ridiculous plastic surgeries, and their sexual harrassment claims against The Hills creator Adam DiVello, they're still role models!

Yeah. We know.

She says:

"I think we've all grown up. The problem is that anything bad we do is so magnified. We all did a pretty good job of being OK role models for everyone. He's my big brother and I hope he knows that I love him…I don't know how they are, but I heard they're still really happy. I really stay out of it. I don't know what's going on."

The only thing that's grown with your age is your famewhoring crazy, bb!! That, and you're FUG!


[Image via WENN.]

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Heidi And Spencer Drop Sexual Harassment Suit


If this means what we think it does, then this is beyond low. Even for them.

The Real Heidi Doll and her psychotic husband, Spencer Pratt, are dropping plans to sue the creator of The Hills, Adam DiVello, for sexual harassment.

We wonder why that is. Maybe because they have no case??

A source claims:

"Heidi and [husband] Spencer [Pratt] have changed their minds and realized they should just move on."

Oh, we're so glad you decided to move on after dragging someone's name through the mud to get some press!

You pieces of shit have absolutely no limits, do you?? Thanks for making every legitimate victim of sexual harassment look all the less credible now, you fucktards.

Absolutely deplorable.

[Image via Getty Images.]

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More Details On Heidi's Accusations Against The Hills Creator!!


This is getting pretty serious!

New reports are emerging that detail what apparently went down between the Real Heidi Doll and the creator of The Hills, Adam DiVello, that sparked her sexual harassment claims!

A source claims that during the now infamous cast photo shoot:

"Adam came up to her from behind and grabbed her with one hand on her stomach and one hand directly on her butt cheek. Heidi had six bodyguards with her. They took his hand off her and moved him away from the situation. Heidi started bringing security to the set because she felt Adam was getting a little creepy. He was very touchy-feely and she insisted he wouldn't stop asking her to strip down to a bikini for scenes. Adam wasn't on set much for six seasons until Heidi got her new boobs. And now he shows up everywhere. Heidi and Spencer e-mailed the production team and asked to talk about what happened. But after three weeks they'd gotten no response other than to say Heidi was allowed to bring only one bodyguard on set. Heidi's been in tears about it and really upset because she says she doesn't feel safe. Heidi says she wanted to solve the issue behind closed doors but The Hills just wouldn't talk about it. You have to stroke his ego to get a big role on his shows."


Everyone knows Heidi and Spencer are twats, but would they be willing to slander someone to this degree just for publicity?!

We hope not.

What do U think?? Is Heidi telling the truth??

Update: We have received the following statement from Adam's side:

"Mr. Divello denies the allegations and refers to the following statement issued by MTV: "We have looked into this matter and the allegations made against Adam Divello are completely false and without merit. Adam not only created 'The Hills' and 'The City,' launching the careers of several cast members, but has worked diligently to maintain a respectful and appropriate production environment."

[Image via Getty Images.]

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