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Flappy Bird's Developer Spills The Real Reason He Removed The App & Yes, It Will Leave You Feeling As Confused As Ever

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Looks like it's game over forever for Flappy Bird, but why?!

When we first heard Flappy Bird was removed from the App Store and the Google Play Store, we felt like we just crashed into a green pipe.

It hurt. It hurt real bad. Just like a dead parrot, this Flappy Bird is no more. It has ceased to be.

Finally, in a recent interview, Flappy Bird's developer Dong Nguyen gave us all the real reason as to why he would deprive generations to come of his AH-Mazing game:

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Lindsay Lohan Desperate To Get Out Of Rehab So She Can Take Adderall Again!

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Really, we thought it would be so she can start brushing her hair again!!

But maybe that requires a heavy dose of Adderall for LiLo.

Apparently Lindsay Lohan’s love for Adderall is more than her love for any man, despite what you may be led to believe watching her eHarmony video, LOLz!!

A source claims that:

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Dr. Drew Warns Of New Street Drug!!

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There is a NEW very seriously addictive drug that just hit the streets today that Dr. Drew MUST warn you about…

This is unlike any other addiction one can face, so please take caution and protect yourself!

Check out the video (above) and take heed of Dr. Drew's warning!!!

Be careful to not spiral out of control!! And remember, friends don't let friends do MDNA!

For us, it may just be TOO late! Somebody get us to rehab!!!

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Angry Birds Is Now On Facebook! Bye Bye, Productivity!

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angry birds is now playable on facebook

Can anyone else hear that? It's the collective sigh of frustration from bosses in offices EVERYWHERE!

On Tuesday, Angry Birds officially became playable on Facebook, effectively making everyone who has the Internet much less productive.

New features for the Facebook version of Birds include the following:

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Food Can Be Just As Addictive As Drugs Like Cocaine

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McDouble pic

Science may have finally figured out why it's so hard to give up unhealthy food — because it's addictive!

New data is suggesting that there really are food addicts and it's not that hard to become one. Researchers believe sugary and fatty food can hijack our brain in ways that resemble addictions to cocaine, nicotine and other drugs.

This belief is even supported by the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, who said:

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Thanks For Making Long Road Trips Fun! Mad Libs Creator Leonard B. Stern Passes Away

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mad libs creator passes away

Before we had iPhones and iPod Touches and apps like Words with Friends, the #1 choice for on-the-go word-gaming was undoubtedly Mad Libs!

We're sad to say that the very talented man who created Mad Libs, Leonard B. Stern, passed away on Tuesday at 88 years old.

Aside from Mad Libs, he was also an Emmy award winning writer, who was recognized for his work on The Phil Silvers Show and Get Smart. He was ALSO a successful TV producer.

The endlessly addictive word game series has sold over 150 million copies, and more than two million Mad Libs apps have been downloaded to iPhones and iPads!

Thanks for so many years of entertainment AND thanks for teaching us the parts of speech, Leonard! Sure, our teachers helped a little bit, but we def couldn't have mastered those without you!

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How Do You Make Your iPhone App As Successful As Angry Birds?

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We shudder to think what we would have done if this game had never come to be!

Our downtime would be so much more boring! LOLz!

Now that the Angry Birds app has essentially taken over the world, having sold over 10 million copies from the Apple Store and 100 million via other platforms, which made the Finnish developers at Rovio Mobile $6 billion in 2009 alone, the creators are discussing just what exactly made such a seemingly simple idea for a game so popular!

Joe Wee, co-founder of mobile game publishes Chillingo, who worked with the designers, explains:

"We were determined to add more character and more personality."

This led to the grunting green pigs in the game, which are that color due to the swine-flu scare that was going on while the game was being developed!

The addition of a trajectory line for the bird when fired from the slingshot, and the player's ability to pinch and zoom and pan before turning, are "tiny things that add up," according to Wee.

Some other rules of thumb when attempting to create a successful iPhone app:

•Be easy (but not too easy) to play. The goal with Angry Birds, Rovio's Ville Heijari says, was to make it playable by anyone, with "a core game-play mechanic that you can instantly grasp," he says. "Simplicity was always the top priority."

•Be quick to play. The best mobile games let you play for just a few minutes or an extended period, says Andrew Stein of PopCap Games, creator of Bejeweled and Plants vs. Zombies. Also important: Mobile games can "be disrupted at any time by a phone call or a text," he says.

•Have a "look."Angry Birds' "audiovisual design was in line with this: simple, basic shapes (and) bright colors," Heijari says. Another Chillingo-published game, Cut the Rope, stars the green, google-eyed Om Nom, who antsily awaits candy you deliver to him. "It's important to create characters users get emotionally attached to," Wee says.

•Be addictive. The best mobile games call to you from your purse, backpack or pocket.

Fair enough advice!

But we'd have to argue that sometimes, things just take off for whatever reason!

What do U think?? Will another game be able to recreate the success of Angry Birds??

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