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President Barack Obama Says Fiscal Cliff Agreement 'In Sight But Not Finished'

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Barack Obama Addresses Nation Fiscal Cliff TalksPresident Barack Obama is bound and determined to stick to his campaign promise of stopping tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

But for now, he's having to fall back on his strategy from his first campaign- Hope!

Barack says he and congress are making definite headway in reaching a solution to the fiscal cliff crisis, but unfortunately they aren't there yet.

He says thus far the tentative plan looks like it will include tax credits for middle class families, families with children, and families paying for college, as well as credits for companies creating clean energy.

The POTUS says he had hoped to make one major plan with his Republican opposition, a sort of great compromise, but that has not happened. He says:

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President Obama Addresses The Connecticut School Shooting; Watch HERE!

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Friday afternoon, President Obama addressed the nation in light of Connecticut's school shooting.

Only a few sentences in, Obama began to weep as he wasn't only speaking as a President, but as a father…

It was truly a moment that pulled on our already broken hearts.

Watch the speech (above) and then read some highlights from his address …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Hey Chick-Fil-A! Jane Lynch Has A Message For You From The Roast Of Roseanne!

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What can we say?!

This is what happens when you incite the wrath of Sue Sylvester!

It AIN'T gonna be pretty, folks!

During Comedy Central's Roast of Roseanne, the roastmaster herself, Jane Lynch, took a moment away from her duties at hand to quickly address the current scandal surrounding Chick-fil-A, and the fast food company's decision to publicly support movements which oppress the LGBT community!

Ch-ch-check her words of wisdom (above)!

Short, sweet, NSFW, and very much to the point!


Man, oh man, we cannot wait to catch this in full Sunday night! How about U?!

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Jeremy London Is NOT Homeless!


Court documents be damned!

As previously reported, Jeremy London was listed as "transient (aka "homeless") instead of having a permanent address in his domestic abuse case.

Now, Jeremy was spotted outside one of the most expensive restaurants in El Lay, and he DENIES he's homeless.

The Party of Fiver also says

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Nicola Roberts Speak Out Against Bullying!


She is just too lovely!

We couldn't be more thrilled that she's speaking out against such an important issue!

Nicola Roberts is the latest star to take a stand against the ever-growing problem with bullying around the world, and is eager to meet with education officials in the U.K. to address the issue!

She explains

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Tom Sizemore 'Explains' His Latest Arrest!

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Well, isn't all of this convenient?

Although Tom Sizemore was arrested in El Lay late last night when authorities on a drug bust discovered him at the scene, and brought him in for an outstanding battery warrant, the troubled actor is now claiming the whole thing was a big misunderstanding!

His excuse?

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Jon Stewart Sets President Obama Straight After Lackluster Debt Ceiling Address

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He hits the nail right on the head, as always!

The deadline for raising the United States' debt ceiling is August 2nd, and as that date is almost here, President Obama addressed the public on Monday night, and of course, Jon Stewart had a few comments regarding his lackluster approach on yesterday's episode of The Daily Show!

Check him out (above)!

100% spot on! We hear you, guy!

We just seriously hope that Obama did, too! Enough is enough!


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