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Blythe Danner Admires How Gwyneth Paltrow Handles Her ‘Disgusting’ Haters!

blythe danner talks gwyneth paltrow critics

This has to be such a huge compliment coming from a famous mother!

Gwyneth Paltrow certainly has her share of haters, and her mom totally loves the way that she handles them!

In a recent interview, Blythe Danner was asked about all of the people who aren’t her daughter’s biggest fans, and said:

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Selena Gomez Aspires To Be The "Strongest Person" She Knows: Taylor Swift!

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First, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are together, then they're not together, then he's bringing her a rose (Just one, not a dozen. Let's not freak out!), then he's spitting everywhere, then she's at a Hooters

It seems like their relationship is hella complicated, but thankfully what isn't complicated is Selena's respect for Taylor Swift.

On the subject of Swifty, Selena just gushed:

"Taylor's been one of the strongest people I've ever known and she's been through a lot. Honestly I think if anything I aspire to be her in her personal life and how she handles herself publicly."

We think Selena's lucky to have Taylor in her life as a guiding influence. Over the course of her many splits and what seems to be hundreds of breakup songs, that gurl has definitely gained some wisdom!

As for right now, enjoy being single, Selena! And as long as you're not too caught up on the your ever shirtless ex, maybe you and Biebsy can be friendsy! That's what Tay Tay would say say!

Well, she'd probably sing that Justin and Selena are never, ever, ever getting back together, but you get the idea.

[Image via Andres Otero/Dominic Chan/WENN.]

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Ben Affleck Reveals Who Could Steal Him Away From Jennifer Garner!

Ben Affleck Brad Pitt Man Crush

But they’re so perfect together!

We hate to think of anyone getting between the totes adorbz Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

Unfortunately, now we’re hearing there is one person who could totally give Mrz. Affleck some competition for her man’s affection.

We're ready to take that person out!!

Ben didn’t hold back in revealing his starry-eyed love for the mystery person as he admitted:

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Real Life Military Interrogator Approves Of Robert Pattinson Playing Him In Mission: Blacklist!

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People get so wrapped up with Robert Pattinson being such a seksi, sparkly vampire that they forget one other factor: that he is an effing professional!

The Twilight actor was recently cast as a military interrogator in the upcoming film Mission: Blacklist, and according to Eric Maddox, the author of the novel on which the film is adapted and also the basis of the main character, he had no qualms whatsoever about being played on the silver screen by Edward Cullen…after the pair spent 14 hours together discussing the project!

He explains:

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Quote Of The Day


“I am a Madonna fan. She is a great artist, and whatever has been cooked up about us having issues with one another is just nonsense. We both had big records in the Eighties, and were always compared. But, like I said, she makes great music, looks amazing, has great style and taste, is a fashion icon, sells tons of records and tickets, puts on great shows, and is probably the smartest businesswoman out there; and, while doing all that, raising a family. Not only does she have it all, she does it all and well.”

- Cyndi Lauper on her admiration for Madonna

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Hollywoods Hottest Werewolf Covers Muscle And Fitness

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Joe Manganiello cover

Christmas in July has come early this year!

Muscle and Fitness has given us all a gift by putting a shirtless Joe Manganienllo on the cover of the July issue!

Whether you're looking for some inspiration or just looking at him in admiration, these pics of Hollywood's hottest werewolf from the hit series True Blood should do the trick!

In the issue, he discusses the painful gym routine he went through to get into the True Blood shape he's become famous for, as well as the stigma he faced growing up in Western Pennsylvania training as both an actor and an athlete, explaining:

"Theater and sports are a weird mix, especially in Western Pennsylvania. When I was growing up, if you showed any form of being artistic whatsoever, it was really frowned upon. That was a really difficult transition for me to make at that age."

The classically trained actor also gives us a peak inside his workout routine inside the issue, including how he got those incredible abs, which alone should make his teasing peers regret any unkind words.

Needless to say, we're so happy Joe stuck to his gut (now covered by rock hard muscle) and did not shy away from acting because of other people's opinions. If he had succumb to peer pressure, we wouldn't have his truly artistically sculpted body to stare at right now! Ha!

Make sure you check out Joe's entire interview in the July issue of Muscle and Fitness that is on stands now and take a peek at more pics of the HAWT Hollywood star below!

[Image via Muscle and Fitness.]

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Quote Of The Day

Christina aguilera admires rihanna

"[I really admire] Rihanna. She exudes a confidence and is not afraid to be tough. She gives off a take-charge persona and I find that sexy."

- Christina Aguilera, on who she admires.

[Image via WENN.]

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