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Erykah Badu Responds To Critics Blasting Her For Those Hitler Comments: 'I Was Just Using My Own Brain'

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Erykah Badu doesn't care if you're mad at her… just don't call her "problematic."

The singer was gassed by Twitter this week over an interview with Vulture where she said she sees the good in everyone — including Bill Cosby and Hitler.

Badu's point was that people shouldn't rush to anger as society so masterfully does these days, and instead should think with a more empathetic mind and draw our own conclusions. But she still said she "saw something good in Hitler."

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Many blasted the Appletree songstress for her comments, seeing empathy for Hitler as "problematic" in a society where racism and anti-Semitism are so prevalent. But when Badu responded the next day, she emphasized that only those who read the ENTIRE article understood her "message of compassion."

In response to the backlash, the 46-year-old admitted she used "one of the worst examples possible" to illustrate extreme compassion to others. Still, she encouraged fans to say what they feel — unless it involves the word "problematic." (It's a word for dummies, she says!)

See what Badu had to say to the Twitics (below)!

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Erykah Badu Says She 'Saw Something Good In Hitler' & Twitter Loses Its SHIT!

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If Erykah Badu has a struggle, it's her undying empathy for all of humanity: the good, the bad, and the leader of the Nazi party.

In a wide ranging interview with Vulture, the eccentric musician admitted she had an unpopular opinion when it came to society's rush to crucify artists like Bill Cosby or Louis C.K..

Noting that she doesn't want to be scared out of thinking for herself, Badu said she would have to weigh all the facts of a situation before reaching a judgement — but maintained that anger would never be the outcome. She explained:

"If [Bill Cosby is] sick, why would I be angry with him? The people who got hurt, I feel so bad for them. I want them to feel better, too. But sick people do evil things; hurt people hurt people."

Badu's "humanist" philosophy applies to ALL evil people. Like, even the ones who were largely responsible for the deaths of over 11 million innocent people.

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Speaking on her commitment to "see all sides simultaneously," as opposed to instinctually choosing sides like most of us do, the Appletree singer said she sees "good in everybody," adding:

"I saw something good in Hitler."

*Record Scratch* Um… wut?

Here's how the exchange — with Jewish interviewer David Marchese — went down after that:

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Anne Frank Center Goes After Donald Trump With Alarming Hitler Comparison

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The use of Adolf Hitler as a go-to comparison for anyone you disagree with is an ignorant trope that trivializes the horrors committed before and during World War II.

The Internet abounds with the overused comparison; everyone from Barack Obama to Taylor Swift has been compared to the German dictator.

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Unfortunately, in the case of Donald Trump, there's actually a case to be made. We don't say that lightly, and neither does the Anne Frank Center For Mutual Respect.

The non-profit, which was founded in 1959 by the father of the doomed diarist, tweeted on Tuesday:

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North Carolina Lawmaker Actually Compares Abraham Lincoln To Hitler! The Fuck?

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You might be wondering why North Carolina insists on devolving with its legislation while the rest of the country is focusing on other catastrophes looming ahead.

Well, here's a glimpse at the types of lawmakers running the state that's STILL trying to ban same-sex marriage!

A North Carolina legislator has landed in hot water after comparing Abraham Lincoln to — we shit you not — Adolf Hitler in a Facebook comment.

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Larry Pittman, a representative in the North Carolina General Assembly, said Honest Abe was the "same sort of tyrant as" the Nazi leader, who enslaved and killed millions of Jews and — yes, Sean Spicer, even used chemical weapons.

Pittman's ridiculous claims came in response to Facebook comments criticizing him for introducing a bill that would render the Supreme Court's decision in legalizing same-sex marriage inapplicable in his state.

One user pointed out that those who "don't respect the Supreme Court and the Constitution" shouldn't be in public office, to which Pittman replied:

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Sean Spicer's False Claim That Hitler Never Used 'Chemical Weapons' Is Just ONE Of The White House Press Secretary's Most Ridiculous Moments!

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Every court has its clown.

But since our President is already a clown, that makes Sean Spicer a talking balloon animal.

The White House Press Secretary tried to justify Donald Trump's decision to airstrike Syria last week — and, in doing so, essentially told the entire press corps that he flunked World History in high school. (Sad!)

On Tuesday, Spicer painted Syrian president Bashar al-Assad as a villain more sinister than Adolf Hitler by proclaiming the Nazi leader "didn't even sink to chemical weapons" on his people like al-Assad has been accused of.

We guess he forget about the millions of Jews who were killed in gas chambers during WWII — but thankfully, White House reporters (and the Internet) were quick to remind him.

Sadly, this isn't Spicer's first perplexing moment at the podium. Relive the press secretary's most profound snafus (below)!

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CLICK HERE to view "6 RIDICULOUS Sean Spicer Moments!"

CLICK HERE to view "6 RIDICULOUS Sean Spicer Moments!"

CLICK HERE to view "6 RIDICULOUS Sean Spicer Moments!"

CLICK HERE to view "6 RIDICULOUS Sean Spicer Moments!"

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WTF, Why Was There A Coloring Book With Hitler In It???

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This is absolutely shocking to us hearing about it secondhand — so imagine how poor parents must have felt!

Ray Vervloed was shocked when he saw what his daughter was coloring over the weekend, so much so that he shared the offending pic on Facebook.

Yep. It's Adolf Hitler.

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Vervloed, and presumably other unsuspecting parents, bought a seemingly benign historical figure coloring book from Kruidvat, the largest drugstore chain in The Netherlands, only to discover the goofy Hitler cartoon.

Photos of the pages quickly went viral, and the store pulled the book from shelves and offered refunds, saying they "deeply regretted the incident."

A spokesman for Belgian publisher Trifora explained that the book, titled Kleuren op Code (Colors on Code), was

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Here's How The Director Of Urban Myths Defends Casting Joseph Fiennes As Michael Jackson!

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And the Hollywood whitewashing conversation continues…

As we reported, the new Urban Myths series has been getting heat from Michael Jackson's family after unveiling the first look at Joseph Fiennes portraying the black music icon.

On Wednesday, MJ's 18-year-old daughter Paris Jackson blasted the trailer as a "shameful portrayal" and slammed the creators for intentionally "insulting" her iconic father.

But it looks like the creators are telling critics to beat it — as Sky Arts defended its decision to cast Fiennes in the comedic short.

Photo: Paris Documents 'Badass' Mother's Last Chemo Treatment!

The film in question tells the story of the probably-fictional road trip MJ, Elizabeth Taylor (played by Stockard Channing), and Marlon Brando (Brian Cox) were said to have made from New York to Ohio after the 9/11 attacks.

According to director Ben Palmer, casting Jackson in 2001 (post-Black or White, if you catch our drift) proved to be "a challenge in terms of the physical resemblance" — but the white Fiennes brought something special.

Speaking to The Guardian, he explained:

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