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Move Over Gandhi, Gwyneth Paltrow Is Here!

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Gwyneth Paltrow Cheating Adultery Affairs

Someone has become quite the wisdom-filled willow tree, haven't they!?!

Gwyneth Paltrow recently spoke on her ideas of adultery and her answers may shock some of you.

According to Coldplay's first lady, life is looong and if someone cheats, it's not the worst thing in the world.

She elaborates:

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The One Who Gays Love The Most Is…


Ryan Reynolds!

Hmm! So tempting!

According to Out Magazine's first Sex and Love Survey, RyRy is the #1 male celebrity readers would love to cheat on with.

Also making the list were Zefron (AGREED!), Jake Gyllenhaal, Ricky Martin, James Franco, and just about every other male celebrity with a pulse.

Hey, if it's all for fun, you might as well enjoy the fantasy!

You can check out the rest of the list HERE.

Who'd be on UR list?

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David Beckham Insists He Never Had Sex With Prostitute

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David Beckham Insists He Never Had Sex With A Prostitute

Irma Nici, a Bosnian-born prostitute has made some pretty scandalous accusations about David Beckham, specifically, that he paid her for sex.

David has refuted all of her claims in a document filed with a Los Angeles court.

It reads:

"All of the allegations about me made in the article, including those attributed to Irma Nici, are completely false. Irma Nici's statements have caused me and my family great anguish and emotional distress and have adversly affected both my personal life and my professional life. Nici has fabricated at least the following facts about me: (i) that in August 2007, I committed adultery with Nici and another prostitute by paying for sex with the two of them at Manhattan's Le Parker Meridian Hotel; (ii) that about a month later, I again committed adultery with Nici at the Claridges Hotel in London; (iii) that in October 2007, I contacted Nici while I was in New York seeking to again commit adultery, but Nici was in London; and (iv) that Nici has had sex with me five times in total. Each of these statements is unequivocally false."

David is suing Nici for $25 million for the distress she has caused him. Nici is counter-suing for $1 million for the same reason.

Although we severely doubt that David had sex with this prostitute, we don't know for sure.

It wouldn't be the craziest thing we've heard.

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Six Months In Prison For David Letterman's Extortionist


Hope you like orange jumpsuits!

Robert Halderman, David Letterman's extortionist is headed to the big house this afternoon after he received his sentencing for trying to force $2 million out of the pockets of the Late Show host.

He will now serve six months in prison, along with serving 1000 hours of community service and get five years probation.

Whomp whomp!

Have fun, loser!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Hold Onto Your Junk, Jesse! Kim Z Wants To Castrate You!

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Though she has never met Sandra Bullock, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak is 100% on Team Sandra and has a recommendation to punish her cheating husband, Jesse James.

Kim expresses her high regard for Sandra, calling her an "angel" and undeserving of this kind of treatment. She then explains the unholy things Sandra should do to her ex, saying:

"She should cut his whole package off. Light it like a fire cracker and blow it off."

Castration?! Really?!

Can we get an AMEN to that?!

Aren't you glad you switch to ladies, Kim?

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