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Sarah Palin's Husband Dismisses His Wife's Coke And Affair Accusations

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Todd Sarah Palin

Todd Palin is so over the allegations made about his wife's affairs and other cocaine-filled extracurriculars.

To recap, Joe McGinniss is writing a tell-all book about Sarah Palin's alleged racy past including an interracial affair, an affair with hubby's business partner, and a cocaine habit.

But Todd says it's all shenanigans:

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The Attorney General Launches Criminal Inquiry Into Arnold Schwarzenegger!


Oh boy. This is going to get a whole lot uglier.

After reports circulated that Sacramento Hyatt Regency security officer William Taylor used to witness former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger using CHP officers and vehicles to bring multiple 'scantily-clad' women in and out of his suite at the hotel, the California Attorney General will be conducting a preliminary evaluation, or an "inquiry" into his behavior during that time, so they can determine how much money he was misusing to cover up his affairs!

As Taylor has explained:

“It makes me very angry just to think of what was going on at that time. On three differed occasions after the governor arrived alone at the Hyatt Regency, CHP Dignitary Protection Services arrived in their official vehicles, black Ford Crown Victoria sedans - about one to two hours later with one or two young females. They'd hurriedly escort the women through the service entrance on the second floor parking garage to the elevator that went to the governor's private wing… the women would usually stay for two to four hours and either leave through the hotel's main entrance or be driven away by the CHP in the same official vehicles."

Unbelievable. This guy really has a lot of nerve, given the current deficit in this state!

Actions have consequences, and we think Arnold is going to be learning this lesson the hardest way possible!

Such a deplorable, awful shame.

[Image via WENN.]

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Arnold Had Many Other Affairs…At His Office Building!!



Can you get any lower than that??

While married to Maria Shriver, Arnold Schwarzenegger would allegedly have romantic rendezvous with various women at his ofice building in Santa Monica, CA.

Many of these women, two in particular who were repeatedly seen at the office, would arrive around 1 AM and spend hours at the office. What's worse is that there were several bedrooms located in the office suite where the women would leave carrying manila envelopes!!

WTF?? What were in those envelopes??

Those close to Arnold's working space say that he kept his home staff and business staff separate from each other. Again, the woman he had an affair with and fathered a child with 10 years ago, was a member of his household staff.

So, basically, he kept his work mistresses in one place and his home mistresses in another.

What a piece of work. And soooo shady. We wouldn't be surprised if any more scandalous details come of this whole controversy. Maybe another love child?? Who knows!

[Image via WENN.]

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Swinging Shirley Maclaine!

Shirley Maclaine Got Busy

Sometimes you just gotta get it, and that's exactly what Shirley Maclaine is revealing!

According to the 76 year old actress, she once had her way with three dudes in one day!!

She was on Oprah promoting her 12th book (wow!), and slid the tidbit into conversation like it was nothin'.

Here's what she dropped:

"I wasn't into sexcapades, although I tried it once. I had three people in one day. It was on a political campaign, where everybody was doing the same thing and I just didn't wanna be left out. It was not my style at all, I'm a serial monogamist".

The actress says she wasn't fond of marriage and had a "special agreement" with her husband, saying, "I had affairs and so did he, but we were very good friends. I loved the freedom and so did he. I've had an awful lot of lovers … and a lot of awful lovers".

Dang, gurl! We don't quite know what to say!

You gotta do what you gotta do sometimes! Ha!

Hope everything is well!

[Image via WENN.]

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Pauly D Snubbed!

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Pauly D Oh The Humanity

This is hilarious bullshizz!

The one and only Pauly D from the emmy winning distinguished popular show The Jersey Shore spent the better part of his evening trying to get a table at the Maxim Pre-Super Bowl party!

The source says:

"When they finally let him through, he obligingly worked the red carpet. But inside he had to ask (politely, we're told) for a table. No inspiring ending here, sadly: Maxim refused to seat the spiky-haired guido. He left soon afterward."

If he can't get a table, the world's state of affairs must be in a dangerous balance! LOLz!!

PD can't be blamed for his attempts that night, though, because apparently a lot of important people couldn't get into parties. From football stars having to buy their way in, to a table of Glee stars being bumped for Adrien Grenier.

Pauly D is the first of the Jersey Shore crew to get his own upcoming spin-off show, tentatively named Pauly's World.

The madness! The humanity!

What do U think??

UPDATE: An inside source reveals exclusively to PerezHilton.com, “They were completely disorganized but Pauly graciously waited for them to get their act together before he walked the carpet. Then inside he mingled for a bit but had a busy night ahead of party hopping as he was later due to attend Usher’s DirectTV Party — so he left because he had to go to the DirectTV Usher event not for any other reason.”

[Image via WENN.]

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Oksana Claims Mel Gibson Was Cheating On Her! Trying To Find Potential Mistresses!


And the saga continues!

Oksana Grigorieva and her attorney, Dan Horowitz, are attempting to track down four women that they believe had relations with Mel Gibson while he and his baby mamma were together, so they can find out if he was violent to them!

Apparently, Oksana wants to use this potential information to prove that Mel is too dangerous to be around their daughter.

Um, key word on 'potential' there! This is such a ridiculous stretch!

The more this woman tries to desperately discredit him, the worse off she looks!

We just wish this insanity would STOP!


[Image via WENN.]

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David Still Visits Courteney On The Set Of Cougar Town!

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This whole situation is just so bizarre.

Despite claiming that he has been separated from Courteney Cox for months and admitting to extramarital relations, David Arquette has been visiting the set of his wife(?)'s show, Cougar Town, as recently as last week - even though SHE'S also been romantically linked to co-star Brian Van Holt!

The actor reportedly posted pictures of Cox's dressing room on Twitter on Friday, and according to insiders on the series, everyone there is just as shocked as the public over the couple's split.

A source reveals:

"There was no indication anything was going on. This news today, it's very sad. They were perfectly professional, though not particularly cuddly. [They] just talked to friends on set. None of them knew about the split until just now."

So sad. Extremely strange, but still so sad.

We sincerely hope that these two can work out whatever the hell is going on in their personal lives right now.

Such a shame.

[Image via WENN.]

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