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Spanking Babies Leads To Aggression And Depression!

baby spanking

Researchers in the Journal Of Family And Marriage have found that spanking your baby may do more harm than good!

According to the research, those swats to the behind of an an infant may only make the terrible twos that much worse! Study co-author Andrea Gromoske says:

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Megan Fox Forced To Give Up Her Sex Crazed Pig!

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What's the problem??? A pig can't get his freak on your leg?!

Megan Fox had to give up her pet swine, Piggie Smalls, after the little guy got a bit TOO frisky.

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Trainer Teaches Lion To "Fake" Attack

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This lady is just asking for it…

A trainer has somehow taught a lion to "attack" on command.

But in our opinion, there isn't a difference between a "fake" or real attack.

If there wasn't a fence there, this woman would most likely be dead and on the news…

Srsly…rewarding a lion for attacking you…not very smart.

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A New Study On Dog-Walking Behaviors

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A university in the Czech Republic has done a study on almost 2,000 dogs on how they interact with one another while on walks.

They found that the gender of the owner doing the walking was a very large factor in aggression towards other dogs.

When a male was walking the dog on a leash, the dog was hour times more likely to be aggressive.

Another interesting result is that when the dog was walked without a leash they were only half as likely to be aggressive, compared to dogs that were on a leash.

The researchers believe the on leash dogs were frosted with their inability to circle around the other dogs and sniff them, in the customary canine greeting.

This led the dogs to be unable to tell if the other dog was friendly or not, so they took a more defensive approach to the unknown and would be more likely to act aggressively.

The researchers suggest that the dog is very sensitive to the deposition of the walker.

So keep a calm, assertive energy on your walk and your dog will pick up on it too. Greet other walks to let your dog know there is nothing to worry about.

Then everyone will have an enjoyable walk! So get out there and get some exercise.

[Image via WENN.]

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Laughter Improves Treatment Of Dementia Patients

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Laughing dementia

Patch Adams was onto something!

Research has already found that laughter could lower your blood pressure and increase your tolerance of pain, but a new study has found it has benefits for dementia patients as well.

Australian researchers found humor reduced agitated behavior like wandering, screaming, aggression, and repetitive behavior in dementia patients by 20%!

200 out of 400 nursing home residents that received amusing visits from a "humor therapist" and cared for by staff under the supervision of a "laughter boss" were found to be less agitated then those under straight-laced care.

Lead researcher Dr. Lee-Fay Low says care facilities often forget to maintain patients emotional needs, explaining:

"There's evidence to show that people with dementia still experience humour and to the same amount of enjoyment as people without dementia but they find different things funny. I think in some facilities they are very task focused and think, 'we have to do baths, showers, food and cleaning' and because they are so busy looking after the clinical and physical needs of the residents they sometimes forget to look after the emotional needs so the lightheartedness (in the study) is part of that."

We totally agree and think this is a no brainer. A life without laughter isn't much of a life at all!

[Image via WENN.]

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