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America's Got Talent Will Feature a FOURTH Judge Next Season!

simon cowell talks adding fourth judge to agt

Looks like Howard Stern isn't the only one joining the upcoming season of America's Got Talent!

During a recent interview, Simon Cowell opened up about adding a fourth judge to AGT next season.

Here's what he had to say about it:

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Howard Stern Comments On America's Got Talent Drama

We hope the Howard haters are listening!

Last week, we were THRILLED to hear that Howard Stern signed on to be a judge on America's Got Talent!

Then, the Parents Television Council (PTC) spoke out against Howard's new gig (of course!), and Simon Cowell came to his defense, assuring the world the Howard wouldn't pull anything stupid while on the show.

Now, during an interview with Piers Morgan (above), Howard opened up about his new judging position, and he seems to be making it QUITE clear that he'll behave on the show!

What do U think? Will Howard's judging job on AGT go smoothly???

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Simon Cowell Talks Howard Stern/America's Got Talent Drama!

simon cowell talks howard stern drama

Yep. The drama has already begun, and Howard JUST got the gig YESTERDAY!

On Thursday, Howard Stern officially joined America's Got Talent as a judge…and NOW the Parents Television Council (PTC) is already attacking him. Boo!

Sure, Howard's controversial, but even Simon Cowell says that everything will be all right!:

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It's Official! Howard Stern WILL Judge America's Got Talent!!!!!

howard stern named next agt judge

YES! We were hoping this would happen!!!!

Last we heard about Howard Stern and America's Got Talent, he made it clear that he was still VERY interested in judging!

Looks like NBC was listening, because the Howard Stern Show Twitter page posted the following earlier this morning:

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Howard Stern Talks America's Got Talent! He's Still Interested In Judging!

howard stern still wants to judge agt

Come on, NBC! Let's make this happen!

Last week, we heard that Howard Stern was reportedly in talks to replace Piers Morgan as a judge on America's Got Talent.

Then earlier this week, Howard said that he DOESN'T have any kind of deal in place to join the show.

Now, Howard has opened up further about America's Got Talent, and it's QUITE clear that he's still interested in the judging job:

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Nicki Minaj And SuBo To Appear On America's Got Talent!

nicki minaj and subo on agt

Nicki and SuBo better be on their game if they're gonna top Rebecca Black's performance on the show! LOLz.

NBC has announced the rest of the musical guests for this season of America's Got Talent, and we're pumped to hear that Nicki Minaj and Susan Boyle will both be performing THIS WEDNESDAY!!!!

Nicki will perform

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