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American Horror Story: Coven FINALLY Unveils It's New Supreme! Get The Wonderifically Witchy Deets On The Biggest Reveal Of The Season HERE!

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Surprise b*tch, Ryan Murphy FINALLY chose a Supreme!

Okay…before that happened, death, destruction and Stevie Nicks singing The Seven Wonders occurred—which was pretty kick ass!

Miss Robichaux's Academy was transformed into an epic testing ground for the four remaining witches—Misty (Lily Rabe), Zoe (Taissa Farmiga), Madison (Emma Roberts) and Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe).

So the games begun, and on a pretty level playing field!

But then, swamp goddess Misty couldn't bring herself back from hell, forcing the girls to move on to the next test—where the remaining three took a stab (literally) at a game of teleportation tag.

This test left Zoe accidentally empaled on a fence post, which we really couldn't feel that bad about considering Myrtle Snow warned her about acting like a child!

Since Zoe didn't technically die while performing one of the Seven Wonders, Cordelia ordered Queenie to bring the fallen witch back using her powers, to which she couldn't!

After demanding Madison prove herself in that same way, she revived a dead fly instead of her sister witch and vowed that she was the new Supreme!



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American Horror Story SHOCKER! Emma Roberts HIRED To Star Alongside Boyfriend Evan Peters!

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evan peters emma roberts american horror story coven

Dayummm, Ryan Murphy!!

You're really trying to stir the pot, aren't ya?? LOLz!!

American Horror Story's veteran villain/hero Evan Peters is always with girlfriend Emma Roberts when he's not filming with ghosts and aliens.

But NOW he gets to spend 24/7 with his baby boo, cuz girlfriend just got CAST for the third installment of the super successful FX series.

Emma will play Madison, a self-involved party girl.

No word on how her character will relate to Evan's, but since the theme is witches, we wouldn't be surprised if the moon shined a lil' drama in the mix!!

Check 'em out (below)! Mmm, sip that East Village iced coffee!

[Image via WENN.]

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American Horror Story: Coven Welcomes New Cast Additions Patti Lupone And Angela Bassett!

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angela bassett patti lupone

Ryan Murphy is evidently casting his spell on Hollywood because the next season of American Horror Story just got EVEN MORE star-studded!

Believe it or not, Gabourey Sidibe and Kathy Bates aren't the only one throwing their acting chops in American Horror Story: Coven's witchy cauldron!!!

Hollywood pros Patti Lupone and Angela Bassett were confirmed for the third season of the spooky hit show by the genius co-creator via Twitter.

Ryan tweeted:

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American Horror Story's Frances Conroy Will Return For A Witchy Third Season!

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american horror story frances conroy

It's true!!!

The woman behind season 1's creepy maid and season 2's angel of death will return for the third season of American Horror Story and this time, Frances Conroy's role will be bigger than ever before!

The actress revealed:

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Emma Roberts Snuggles Close To Evan Peters On Date Night!

emma roberts evan peters movie night date

They do make quite the cute pair, don't they!

On Monday, Emma Roberts looked like one smitten kitten as she was spotted leaving a movie theater in Hollywood on the arm of her new beau, American Horror Story stud Evan Peters.

As the exited the theater, they tried to friendly to the awaiting paparazzi and Emma even signed a few autographs for fans, before taking her lover's hand and scurrying off into the night.

How sweet! Young love in full bloom, just in time for spring! Such a tender moment!

Hmm… wonder what movie they saw! Maybe something with a little terror tinge to it, causing them to huddle close together! Nothing brings love together like fear! LOL!

[Image via GSI Media.]

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American Horror Story's Season 3 Theme: Hold On To Your Pearls!

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american horror story name game season 3 theme


Holy Effing Shiz!

Ryan Murphy just made us so HOT in television lust, we simply can't contain ourselves!

Teasing us with the theme of Season 3 in last night's episode of American Horror Story, we nearly flew off the couch when the polished hint was presented before us.

Wanna know more about it?? Join in on the fun …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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American Horror Story's Season Three Is Born!

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american horror story season 3

Praise the dark angels of death!!

The sinister American Horror Story just popped a bouncing baby Season 3 out of Ryan Murphy's brain! Woo!!

The small-screen genius has devised a plan for the next chapter of AHS, and he says of the infant project:

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