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American Horror Story's Season Three Is Born!

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american horror story season 3

Praise the dark angels of death!!

The sinister American Horror Story just popped a bouncing baby Season 3 out of Ryan Murphy's brain! Woo!!

The small-screen genius has devised a plan for the next chapter of AHS, and he says of the infant project:

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Next Week, On American Horror Story

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Sister Mary Eunice's demonic possession is finally going APE-SH*T on that crazy-ass Nazi doc! It's about time!!

Can't wait to see how he tries to medically explain this one. Ha!

Tease your terrors with next week's episode preview (above)!

After this week's episode showed us

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American Horror Story: Eric Stonestreet Returning?

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american horror story eric stonestreet

Here, piggy piggy!!

AHH!!! Just remembering Eric Stonestreet's creepy pig scenes in American Horror Story has us spOOked!!

The super talented Modern Family star played a VERY interesting small role in season one.

Now, Ryan Murphy is a mindfreak of tv genius creating a completely different story for season two. So even though the characters from the first season might have been laid to rest, that doesn't mean Murph isn't bringing the actors back from the dead!

Goddess Jessica Lange is back on board, and Eric would give ANYTHING to work with her again. He recently said:

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EXCLUSIVE! Our Paleyfest Report: Ryan Murphy Reveals Who Will Be Returning To American Horror Story For Season Two!

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What a night!

When we heard that the cast and creators of American Horror Story were slated to open this year’s Paleyfest, we couldn’t resist the chance to spend the evening with Ryan Murphy and hear him talk about his horrifying creation.

But since he didn’t seem to want to talk about Quinn Fabray getting smashed by that truck on Glee, we had to settle for hearing about AHS.

We kid, we kid! We were thrilled to hear the gang shoot the breeze about the show, especially when they got around to talking about who will be returning to the cast next season.

This week, it was confirmed that not only will Jessica Lange be a lead in season two, but also the delicious Zachary Quinto will be coming back for more Horror. Fans then began to explode all over the Internet, wondering who else will be returning to show. Will the Harmons haunt another day? Is Moira moving back in? Paging the creepy ginger twins???

Well, sadly, though the door is open for all of those people to return, only three other first season actors were confirmed by Ryan and Brad Falchuck as returning next season. And they are…

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American Spoiler Alert! New Deets On Season Two Of AHS!!!!

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american horror story season two deets

SPOILER ALERT: New details revealed about the show's second season! Read no further if U don't want to know anything!

Yesterday, we were super excited to report that Jessica Lange WILL be returning for season two of Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story!

During a recent interview, Ryan ALSO revealed the following details about the next season of AHS:

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Jessica Lange MAY Return For Season Two Of American Horror Story!

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jessica lange may return for more ahs

SPOILER ALERT: If you somehow still have a few more episodes of the first season of American Horror Story sitting on that DVR of URs, we recommend U stop reading NOW!

Back in December, Ryan Murphy opened up about his plans for future seasons of AHS, and we were THRILLED with everything he had to say!

More than anything else,

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Star Trek Sequel Release Sealed! Comes Out…

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star trek sequel

The HIGHLY anticipated Star Trek sequel will be causing euphoric happiness for trekkies a little sooner than expected.

Thanks to Singularity being pushed back, the new Star Trek film will release in theaters

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