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American Idol Finalist Under Fire For Using A Super Inappropriate Word To Describe His Social Media Haters!

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Damage control, anyone??

American Idol has had its fair share of controversies in the past…

But this one has to take the cake!

Season 13 contestant Caleb Johnson was interviewed on Thursday after AI's Top 5 elimination round—and he had some "choice words" for his Twitter aggressors.

When asked about how his view on social media has changed since becoming a public figure, he said:

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Jennifer Lopez & Ryan Seacrest Caught In Top Secret Meeting To Revive American Idol?!

jennifer lopez ryan seacrest saving american idol

It'll certainly take some heavy duty star power to revive the quickly fading American Idol!

But will Jennifer Lopez be willing to board the sinking ship?

Well, if anyone can convince her it's probably Ryan Seacrest, who is the only one still clinging to the show. And if he wants to keep making big buckos there, he BETTER convince the ultimate diva to bring her sparkle back to the show!

It certainly sounds like he's trying to make it happen as they allegedly met up in a very top secret manner! An insider revealed:

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American Idol Hits Another All-Time Low! Tour Tickets Aren't Selling?!

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american idol ticket sales at a low

Is this the end?

Considering pretty much NOTHING is getting better with American Idol, this NEW news isn't going to help the already struggling show.

We already told you about how American Idol Live canceled some of the dates for their summer tour, but that's the least of the issues. Of the tour dates remaining, the tickets aren't even getting sold!

No money, no show!

Ticket sales allegedly hit a high in 2011 but only dropped by about 10% the next year. However, this year, ticket sales are reportedly already down 347%!

It doesn't take a business mastermind to figure out that those numbers mean business is bad!

The summer tour is still set to start on July 19th, but fans better start buying up tickets if they want to keep the sinking ship above water.

Otherwise, enjoy what just might be the last Idol tour!

Do YOU think a new judging panel will change the show around??

[Image via Nikki Nelson/WENN.]

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American Idol's On Its Way! Watch The New Promo For Season 12 HERE!

While we’ve seen Nicki Minaj prepping for her American Idol judging role on her E! reality special, we are getting closer than ever to the show’s premiere!

In January, Idol’s revamped judges’ panel will be making its debut and the show plans on delivering for its TWELFTH season!

Check out the latest promo for the series (above)!!!

Werk it, Nicki, with that pink cotton candy hair of yours!! LOLz!

Wonder which of the hopefuls in the crowd could be music’s next big thing?! Guess we'll soon find out in just a few months!!!

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Coldplay Brings A Lil' Paradise To American Idol!! Watch HERE!!

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Werk that piano, Chris Martin!! Werk it!!

Ahh… once again, Coldplay made all of our lives a little more meaningful by performing Paradise on American Idol!!!

Meanwhile, the final five were pacing heavily back and forth, waiting for the results to be revealed… LOLz!!

With that music, their lives must have been EXTRA dramatic at that point, ha!! Especially for Skylar Laine who felt like she was snubbed by J.Lo!

But back to happier moments! Watch their performance with us (above)!! And then tell us U don't want to immediately run to the beach!

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Tommy Hilfiger Joins American Idol As An Image Consultant


Isn't American Idol spending enough already??

Seems like producers of the competition show are pulling out all the stops as they have now hired designer Tommy Hilfiger to be the show's "image consultant."

It was revealed to the contestants on Tuesday, where Tommy told sources:

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Jennifer Lopez Parties With Idol Finalists In Randi Rahm

jennifer lopez american idol party randi rahm christian louboutins

To celebrate their thirteen finalists, American Idol threw a huge bash in their honor Thursday night.

The queen of the judges' table Jennifer Lopez came ready to dance in a gorgeous party dress by Randi Rahm, Louboutins and jewelry from H. Stern.

J.Lo shined as the belle of the ball and her three dates weren't so shabby either!

Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler, and Ryan Seacrest were all true to their personal style in the party suits they arrived in!

Make sure to check out the close-ups (below)!

What do U think of their looks??

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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