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Aimee Copeland Doing 200 Crunches In 7 Minutes!

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We don't know anyone, really, who could do 200 crunches in 7 minutes… let alone someone who had a quadruple amputation because of a flesh eating bacteria!

Holy shizz!!

According to Aimee Copeland's dad, she had been doing amazing things in rehab — things that even normal people can't do!

Apparently she completes 400 leg lifts in seven minutes, 200 crunches in seven minutes (with every set of 10 she's required to say a complete sentence), pushups, and planks.

Her goal is complete independence, highlighted by the fact that she was NOT happy when her dad said he wanted to get a van with a lift in it.

Here's what he said:

"She is learning to work around these inconveniences and she is determined that she will prevail. Who am I to tell her any different? Needless to say, the van ain't happening."


He continued:

"Aimee's focus remains on one thing and one thing only: not being 'handicapped.' If hard work is any indication, I think we can all surmise that she is well on her way toward achieving that goal."

We know she can do it.

She's the most dedicated and determined person we've ever seen — she's got this.

Simply incredible!

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Woman Fights Same Flesh Eater As Aimee Copeland

Filed under: HealthScary!

A detroit woman is now fighting for her life against the same flesh eating bacteria that Aimee Copeland had to battle.

Her name is Crystal Spencer, and she's just 33 years old.

She's been hospitalized since June 30, and has already had a part of her midsection removed.

Her husband likened it to the size of a small watermelon.

Here's what he said:

"They only give her a 20 to 30 percent chance to pull out of this, not even to make this. The surgeon keeps going in and cleaning it and cleaning it. But they're saying it could go either way."

One of the scariest parts of this story is that her husband things she contracted the bacteria at a different Detroit hospital, where she had an abscess removed from her leg.

Her husband continued:

"They're saying it's a long road but I'm trying to think for the better that hopefully she does make it. She's alert but she's not to the point where she can talk or really do much. It's just hard at night to do this. I'm keeping my hopes up I'm praying and have family do what they can."

So. Scary.

We hate the idea of stuff like this creeping around hospitals!

It CAN be done, Crystal! It can be beaten!

We believe in you!

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Aimee Copeland Leaves Hospital!!

Filed under: InspirationHealth

This is FAB news!

Aimee Copeland, the flesh eating bacteria victim, has just been released from the hospital!

She has been discharged into the care of a rehabilitation center, where she'll be spending the next six weeks learning how to live her new life as a quadruple amputee.

Here's what her dad said:

"We all deal with the emotional aspect everyday, she's going to continue to need our support. She's told us she wants to see us everyday — she continues to recover and well make sure we're there for her. Whatever she needs, whether it's to go to the bathroom, to fix something to eat, she just has to relearn to have some mobility in her life again that process has already started."

If anyone can handle it, it's Aimee.

She's been through so much already, and she's been taking it like a champ!

So incredible, so inspiring!

Good luck, Aimee!!

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Aimee Copeland To Leave Hospital

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Aimee Rehab

Aimee Copeland, who has beaten all odds against a flesh-eating bacteria, is said to be getting ready to leave the hospital — where they originally said she most likely wouldn't survive.

According to her father, Aimee is soon to be moved to an inpatient clinic where she will begin rehab!

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First Look At Aimee Copeland Post-Flesh Eating Surgeries!

Filed under: Health

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That smile!

We were SO thrilled to hear that Aimee Copeland, who has had to endure amputations from contracting flesh eating bacteria, was able to go outside and get some fresh air for the first time in weeks.

We're also thrilled to see that they took a picture of the moment!

Check out the video (above) to see how well she's doing, given the circumstances!

You can do this, Aimee! We have no doubt!

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Flesh Eating Bacteria Victim Aimee Copeland Leaves Hospital Room

Filed under: InspirationHealth

For the first time in 49 days, Aimee Copeland has been able to leave her hospital room… and go outside.


Her progression is nothing short of amazing.

Here's what her dad wrote:

"In your mind's eye, you probably are picturing Aimee grabbing a wheelchair and scooting into it by herself and then rolling herself through doorways and down hallways like some superhuman quad amputee. Dispel such notions. All three of us talked while we rolled along and eventually we came to rest near a grove of pine trees. The smile on Aimee's face said that this was the best therapy that she has had in weeks."

A physical therapist had to help Aimee smoothly get into the wheelchair and sit upright. Her mother followed along with water jug to keep her hydrated, as her dad was the one who pushed her outside.

This makes us smile!

We're so happy that things are going the way they are for her! Such courage!

You can do this, Aimee!

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Flesh Eating Bacteria Victim, Aimee Copeland, Now Taking Pain Meds

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Aimee Copeland 2

Aimee Copeland, who has been struggling to handle the result of being contaminated with a flesh-eating bacteria after a zip lining accident, has exhausted her 'meditation as medication' ways and is resorting to pain meds now.

It sucks, too, because her convictions were telling her to avoid pain meds at all costs, but she can't.

Here's what her dad said:

"Aimee is now taking pain medication in as liberal a dose as can be prescribed. If she even dared to refuse taking it, which she wouldn't, then the doctors would most certainly administer it in an IV drip. The allowable doses of Morphine, Fentanyl and Lyrica are often inadequate to deal with the pain that Aimee is now experiencing. Please believe me when I say that Aimee's refusal to use pain medication has ceased following her most recent surgery. She is now requesting it ahead of schedule."

Who wouldn't need pain meds after this:

"During the most recent skin graft, her surgeons were forced to take muscle from Aimee's abdomen to create a flap over the iliac artery in her groin. She says that she feels like a patchwork quilt, because her body is a collection of skin grafts and bandages."

Regardless of all of this, though, she still found the strength to wish her dad a happy Father's Day, he recounted on his blog.

We don't know if we could handle what she's going through — and we're impressed by her no matter if she decides to take the meds or not!

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