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Did Former Porn Star Mia Khalifa Really Expose FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai Of Sliding Into Her DMs?

ex porn star exposes fcc chairman twitter dms

OMG. We WISH this was true.

It has recently come to our attention that a story is making the rounds online, where it's said former adult actress Mia Khalifa EXPOSED FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai for slipping into her Twitter DMs. Yup, according to a bunch of viral reports, the guy who masterminded the net neutrality repeal acted like a thirsty frat bro and tried to ask out a web cam model (oh the irony).

Video: Ex Today Staffer Spills More Tea About Matt Lauer Affair

Sadly, the original source for the scandal comes from the popular satire site, Huzlers.com. Meaning, it's HIGHLY UNLIKELY that this occurred, especially since there's no trace of the convo on Mia's Instagram account.

Check out a screenshot of the now viral "conversation" for yourself…

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Late Night Blasts The FCC For Killing The Internet By Voting To Repeal Net Neutrality — WATCH (While You Still Can)!

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Well, this whole Internet thing was fun while it lasted!

As you probably heard by now, the FCC voted to put an end to net neutrality, effectively allowing Internet Service Providers like Verizon and AT&T to slow down, block, or charge more for certain websites.

Needless to say, people of the interwebs were both outraged and terrified that this ruling went through — particularly since 83% of Americans were completely against it — and the voices of late night were just as furious.

Video: Kimmel & Son Make Plea To Save Children's Health Care!

Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers, and Stephen Colbert all sounded off on the FCC's tragic ruling Thursday night, blasting Donald Trump-appointed chairman Ajit Pai for giving big corporations full control of the internet.

Pai has said the FCC's action "is not going to end the Internet as we know it" and "it's not going to stifle free expression online." But as the late nighters point out, this deregulation could easily turn the Internet into the government's most lucrative toll road.

Hear the comedians discuss Net Neutrality (below) before you have to pay for it!

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FCC Votes To Kill #NetNeutrality! See How Twitter Is Responding!

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Well, they really did it.

After you and everyone you know commented, called, and emailed telling the FCC you wanted to keep the Internet free (a poll found that 83% of people were against this repeal), they… completely ignored you.

In a vote led by Donald Trump's hand-picked corporate puppet chairman Ajit Pai, the Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 to repeal Net Neutrality, giving corporations the ability to dictate Internet traffic and charge you accordingly.

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Naturally, just about everyone on Twitter was either angry, despondent, or somewhere in between. See some of the strongest reactions — while you can (below):

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Trump's FCC Chairman Went After Alyssa Milano Over Her Net Neutrality Comments — And She Totally SCHOOLED Him!

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So, it turns out Alyssa Milano is the boss…

The Charmed star has been a crusader for Net Neutrality, an extremely important issue the FCC is voting on in just a matter of days.

At its simplest, net neutrality keeps the Internet as it is, with all websites given equal speed, allowing people to access what they want, when they want.

Video: John Oliver Explains So Much Better Than We Can!

Ajit Pai, whom Donald Trump made the chairman of the FCC, has been Net Neutrality's most vocal opponent. Essentially, he wants Internet Service Providers (and the corporations that own them) to have the power to create different speed channels — meaning some websites will go faster, others will start to CRAWL like it's 1994 dial-up.

Trump obviously loves this because it's good for corporations AND he gets to undo something Barack Obama did.

Because Pai apparently doesn't want to answer direct arguments for keeping Net Neutrality, he's instead making attacks on his opponents because they're celebs — instead of convincing the American people.

Well, when he tried it on Alyssa, it did NOT go well for him! She tweeted in response to his insult:

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