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More Disturbing Details Emerge From The MJ Murder Hearing


This certainly isn't going to help his case.

As the preliminary hearing against Dr. Conrad Murray for the murder of Michael Jackson continued yesterday, yet more shady details about the day the pop star passed are coming out, thanks to a testimony from a Paramedic and security guard who were both at the scene.

El Lay County Paramedic Richard Senneff took the stand to reveal that when the ambulance arrived at the Jackson home on June 25, 2009, at 12:26pm, the singer appeared already to be quite dead, despite Dr. Murray's claims.

Senneff explains:

"When I picked him up, his legs were quite cool. His eyes were quite dry."

He went on to testify that no pulse was detected, and a heart monitor showed that Jackson had flatlined.

He also asserted that Murray claimed that Jackson had only been given a dose of lorazepam to help him sleep, and had only just collapsed, which Shereff thought "didn't add up."

Even more disturbing, however, is the account from Jackon's former security chief, Faheem Muhammed, that Murray didn't know how to administer CPR properly!

He explained that when he and bodyguard Alberto Alvarez entered the room, they found the doctor crouched down "in a panicked state asking, 'Does anyone know CPR?' I looked at Alberto because we knew Dr. Murray was a heart surgeon, so we were shocked. The way that he asked it is as if he didn't know CPR." and that during the entire ordeal, his boss appeared dead, with his "eyes open and his mouth open, just laying there."


The more about this day that comes out, the more horrific and preventable this entire tragedy seems.

Our heart goes out to the Jackson family, whom we're sure must be struggling to endure this entire mess all over again.

This NEEDS to go to trial, and this man needs to be held accountable for his negligence!


[Image via AP Images.]

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Bodyguard Presents Disturbing Evidence In MJ Murder Hearing

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As the preliminary hearing against Dr. Conrad Murray for the murder of Michael Jackson gets underway, terrible and telling details about the day Michael died are coming to light.

This afternoon, Alberto Alvarez, one of MJ's bodyguards, took the stand and recalled what he saw the day Michael was pronounced dead. Alberto told the court that he was the first security guard to enter Michael's room and recounted his fear when finding Michael frozen, with his eyes and mouth opened.

He then reveals that upon entering the room, Dr. Murray handed him a plastic bag filled with vials and pills and instructed him to put it in a canvas bag. He was then handed a intravenous bag from Dr. Murray, which he was told to put into another sack.

At this point in his tearful testimony, he was asked by the prosecution if 911 had been called. Alberto answered, "no." He then recounted the moment Michael's children came into the room to find their father in this state. Alberto explained:

"Paris screamed, 'Daddy!' and she started to cry. Dr. Murray said, 'Get them out. Don't let them see him like this.'"

After Alberto calmed the children and escorted them out of the room, he returned to see Dr. Murray handling both the canvas bags and asking him to finally call an ambulance. After reviewing the 911 call. Alberto explained how he attempted to give Michael CPR, handling the chest compressions as Dr. Murray gave mouth-to-mouth. When Deputy District Attorney David Walgren asked Alberto if Michael seemed dead or alive at this point, the bodyguard replied, "Dead, sir."

Ugh! Such a horrible thing to have to live through! And those kids, Michael's poor children. How horrifying that must have been for them.

So far, the prosecution has given outstanding evidence to suggest Dr. Murray's guilt. The whole thing with the bags sounds suspicious to us, as we're sure it did with the judge.

No doubt this is going to trial, as well it should.

[Image via AP Images.]

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Kenny Ortega Speaks Up Against Dr. Conrad Murray

kenny ortega speaks up against dr conrad murray

As we mentioned yesterday, a preliminary hearing is scheduled for today, where Dr. Conrad Murray will face his involuntary manslaughter charge for Michael Jackson's death.

As the trial begins, it looks like we've already got two of MJ's crew who are NOT on Dr. Murray's side: Michael's bodyguard Alberto Alvarez and This Is It director Kenny Ortega.

Here's what Ortega had to say about Murray's behavior when MJ got sick during a rehearsal day for the London comeback concerts:

"[Murray] was upset that I had sent Michael home the night before and didn't allow him to rehearse."

And more from Ortega:

“Dr. Murray told me that this was not my responsibility and asked me to not act like a doctor or psychologist … and leave Michael’s health to him."

“It was scary. I didn’t know what was wrong, but I knew there was something going on."

And here's what Ortega had to say about MJ's vastly improved condition during two rehearsals before his death:

“It was like the Michael we all knew and loved."

Sounds strange, and pretty sketchy.

Guess we'll see what happens as Dr. Murray's preliminary hearing gets underway today.

[Image via WENN.]

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