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Farrah Abraham Passes Her Alcohol Classes! Way To Go!

farrah abraham passes alcohol edcation classes texas

We’d be lying if we said we weren't a little surprised. LOLz!

Just kidding!

Farrah Abraham passed her alcohol education classes in Texas as a part of her DUI plea deal.

The teen mom put her famous booty in those hard plastic chairs, studied about the dangers of booze and walked out with a certificate to commemorate the experience.

Woo hoo!

Hopefully she learned a thing or two about how serious drunk driving is, because he daughter doesn’t need a porn star mom who’s in jail.

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN.]

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Lindsay Goes Outpatient

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You’re free from Rehab! What are you gonna do now, Lindsay?

You actually don’t have to answer that, because we already know the answer.

Lindsay Lohan maybe out of rehab, but she will be required to continue with outpatient treatment several times a week. Here’s what a source had to say about it:

“She doesn’t have a choice but she’s not fighting it.”

That’s nice to hear and all, but Lindsay does not have a history of exemplary attendance at required treatment sessions. Who knows, though? Maybe outpatient treatment will be less boring than court-ordered alcohol education classes.

More from the source:

“Lindsay is going to do what she has to do. She wants this all behind her.”

We’ll believe it when we see it.

Do U think Lindsay’s outpatient treatment will go smoothly?

[Image via WENN.]

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The Osbournes Weigh In On Lindsanity!


Lindsanity should listen up!

Both Sharon and Kelly Osbourne are weighing in on the trainwreck that has become Lindsay Lohan's life, and have some pretty solid advice for the hard-pAArtying, meth-faced actress!

Sharon says:

"I would just tell her, 'The judge has made her decision; take your time, don't waste the time, just learn, sit there and think and learn - and it will fly by…' She needs to be good to herself. Before you know it, she'll be out, she'll have her own reality show, her own TV talk show… I haven't known one person that hasn't gone in jail and come out without having their own show."

Yeah, we're not sure about that one, Sharon, but it's a nice sentiment!

Kelly adds:

"Lindsay Lohan’s been sentenced to 90 days in jail after failing to attend alcohol education classes that were part of a probation order. My heart breaks for her, because we used to be friends and I hate to see her in such a bad place. The reality is, if you break the law you have to pay the price. I’m really hoping this will be the wake-up call she needs to sort her life out and get back to the old Lindsay we all love. She’s a really talented actress and I’d love to see her get her life back on track. I have to say though; writing “Fuck You” on her fingernail for the court hearing was a really silly move."

Yeah! Silly, foul, and effing STOOPID!

We think they give her way too much credit, but that's just because they're nice people!

Hopefully something will click in that little drunk's head and she'll start listening to people who only want the best for her!

But we won't hold our breath!

[Image via WENN.]

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LiLo Celebrates Her Independence

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By going to her alcohol education class (finally) and giving the cops something to do other than escort her out of Voyeur on a drunken binge!

Take a look at how Lindsay Lohan spent her weekend! (above)

Sure was eventful!

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Lunatic Lindsay NOT Preparing For Jail!

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Tomorrow is a big day for our lil lovable Lindsanity.

Tomorrow, a decision will be made on whether or not to throw LiLo into jail for not completing her required alcohol education classes. But is she worried?


Sources explain that while Lindsay continues to tell friends that her probation judge, Judge Marsha Revel, HATES her, she has no doubt that she will walk out of that courtroom tomorrow without any jail time.

Truth is, the judge has every right to lock Lindsay up for not only ditching three of her schedule alcohol ed classes, but also for that time she went to Cannes and blamed everyone and a volcano for missing a court appearance. However, pals close to Lindsanity say that she is so used to her lawyers bailing her out that she simply expects the same thing to happen again.

And if the miraculous powers of Shawn Chapman Holley, her lawyer, fall through and LiLo is forced into the slammer…will she survive? One source says:

"She is one tough bitch. She can hold her own."

We shall see!

Personally, we want to see her get the cell next to Alexis Neiers. They could chat about all the shiz she stole and brainstorm on a new reality show where they would live together in lunacy. It would be a modern version of The Odd Couple. The marketing practically writes itself!

[Image via WENN.]

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Nicole Richie Hits Up Party After Probation Extension!


You show that extended probation what's what, gurl!

Nicole Richie unfortunately had another year added on to her DUI probation due to missed alcohol education classes, but still chose to damn the man and hit up a Bing party at Boa restaurant on the same day as the ruling!

Unlike certain other trainwrecks starlets who would have to be peeled off the floor at 4am while still attempting to lick up stray bits of blow and vodka, Miz Richie only stayed for about 45 minutes before heading home to be with her family!

Nice to see that some people are able to get their lives together!

Now get those courses done, bb!

[Image via WENN.]

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Learn From Your Elders, Lindsanity!

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Yesterday, a judge dismissed the drunken-driving charges against Rip Torn after it was proven he completed the court-ordered alcohol education program.

By completing the program and showing progress, the actor was given the chance to clear his record.

See how simple that was, Lindsay???

The court-mandated classes were ordered after Rip was arrested for drunk driving near his home back in 2008. Though those charges have been dropped, Rip does have another case pending.

Remember when he drunkenly stumbled into a bank with a gun thinking it was his own house? Yeah, he still has to figure that one out. He'll be back in court on Tuesday.

We imagine they won't do too much to him. The man is pushing the hard side of 80. Take away his license and call it a day!

[Image via WENN.]

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