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An Open Letter To Lindsay Lohan…This Time From Pat O'Brien

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We feel like we basically took care of the "Open Letter" thing with our video Life Coaching With Perez: An Open Letter To Lindsay Lohan, but for those of you out there who'd like to see more, here's an open letter from entertainment anchor/radio host Pat O'Brien:

Dear Lindsay:

Do us all a favor and take a snapshot of your life on this Friday, Sept. 3, 2010. By all accounts, you are reasonably healthy right now.

You are out of jail.

You've completed another rehab. Right now, people are buying tickets to your movie, "Machete," with a formidable Hollywood cast. And you grace the cover of the new Vanity Fair magazine, looking ever the movie star with all the accompanying door prizes and presents: beauty, happiness, confidence, youth and that "have it all" look that the woman you are channeling, Grace Kelly, possessed. This is all good.

But hopefully, you'll also take a look at the negative of that photo you just snapped … and ponder what life has been and what life can be. Indeed, it was Grace Kelly who said of Hollywood: "It's a town without pity. I know of no other place in the world where so many people suffer from nervous breakdowns, where there are so many alcoholics, neurotics and so much unhappiness."

From where we all sit, this is also a big part of your snapshot … and despite all the crazy and mostly embellished media coverage of your life's journey, there remain a great number of people who are worried about you. I am one of them. I am also one of those alcoholics that Grace Kelly spoke of.

I've been through it, Lindsay. For me, there has been no jail, no courtroom antics, no ankle bracelet and, thankfully, I don't have the paparazzi snapping my every move. But I, too, have the same demons you have, and it's no fun. But there is good news and bad news about these demons. The bad news is that they never go away: We're wired differently. The good news is that with a certain amount of willingness, structure and personal inventory, those demons can be arrested. And the ones who survive, like myself so far, are the ones who accept that these are the cards that were handed us and we don't have to always gamble our lives away.

The important thing to remember is that this is your life and nobody else's. And there's no blame; it's not the media's fault or the paparazzo's fault or even your father's fault. He's got enough problems of his own. It has nothing to do with growing up too fast or being too young or even the jungle Grace Kelly hated called Hollywood. It's a seemingly simple, yet incredibly complicated disorder that millions of Americans share. It's a brain disease that brings terrible and embarrassing consequences. There's no cure, but with the right focus it can be tamed. [It's] not my place to tell you how to do this because, by now, you know where to seek help.

The great late talk-show host Tom Snyder once asked me on his show, "What killed Elvis?" My answer was, "Not what, but who?" I went on to explain that nobody ever said no to the King of Rock and Roll and eventually that killed him. Nobody said much to Marilyn Monroe, either. The brilliant and talented Dennis Hopper had his demons and conquered them and died with years of sobriety, yet the 10th, 11th and 12th words in his obituary were "drugs and alcohol."

It really isn't any of our business, but we are all spectators in what has become a sad three-ring circus. We buy Vanity Fair. We buy movie tickets. We give up precious moments of our busy lives to watch some of those television shows looking for a rating by ambushing you. (Yeah, "The Insider" really wanted to do a story on your closet!) So we are invested in the Lindsay Lohan business, and I have to be honest that most of us are rooting for you.

On this Friday, your press is great. Your castmates are loving and holding out their hands in a snapshot you should frame. Take a deep breath and look at yourself right now and think how it would be if every day was like this: full of smiles and promises. I hope you've learned that this is possible. Many have discovered a new journey, and it's a much more satisfying road with a better destination. You have to realize that the consequences of denial start to get much more serious than Perez Hilton making fun of you. Sadly, it's well-documented that the consequence waiting for you could be death. To me, it seems an easy choice.

In the meantime, good luck with the movie, hand out the new Vanity Fair to your real friends and take life one day at a time.

Hopefully, I'll see you soon. I suggest the nearest Starbucks.

Your friend,

Pat O'Brien

What do U think of Pat O'Brien's advice to Lindsay?

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JetBlue Diva's Ex-Wife Continues To Support Him, Despite Authorities' Belief That He Was Drinking On The Job!

She's standing by her man! Ha!

Check out (above) this very enlightening interview with JetBlue diva Steven Slater's ex-wife Cynthia Susanne, who is shoots down many passengers' claims that the flight attendant instigated the meltdown!

Unfortunately, it seems, the authorities don't seem to buy it, and even suggest that the former alcoholic was drinking BEFORE the incident!

An official claims:

"He got on with issues. When they were boarding he was very obnoxious."

Hmmm - this is a difficult one to call! Cynthia, however, seems very well-spoken and truly believes that it must have been an obnoxious passenger, so we're going to side with she and Steven on this one!

What do U think?? Who do U believe??

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Gwyneth Goes Country!


We wouldn't have even known it was her!

Gwyneth Paltrow recorded the title track for the soundtrack to the upcoming Country Strong, where Gwynnie plays an alcoholic country singer making a comeback.

She doesn't sound half bad!

What do U think?

Listen below!

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LiLo's Lawyer Claims She Won't Be Going To Jail

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For her sake and yours, we hope that is true.

Responding to reports from this morning that Lindsay Lohan isn't in compliance with her probation, Shawn Chapman Holley, LiLo's lawyer, insisted that her client hasn't violated any of her court ordered requirements, including attending alcohol education classes.

LiLo's attorney told sources:

"Though there have been occasional weeks when Lindsay has missed her alcohol treatment class, she has always managed to make up the class the following week by attending two classes.

For this reason, we contend that Ms. Lohan is in substantial compliance with the conditions of her probation."

Only one way to settle this one - ROLL CALL!

Let's take a gander at the attendance book. Then, we'll have the truth!

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The She-Hoff Goes Behind Bars!

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And here she goes!

The Hoff's former She-Hoff, Pamela Bach, has begun her jail sentence for multiple DUIs!

She'll be behind bars for three months, and not be allowed to drive for two years.

Good! Hopefully she will be getting the treatment she needs.

Now if only her ex-husband would follow suit!

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The Hoff Would Rather Move To Germany Than Deal With Drinking Problem

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Psh. It's not called a relapse anymore when you're doing it every day!

David Hasselhoff is speaking out about his alcoholism, and seems to have forgotten all the times we've seen him drunk when he claims to have been sober!

He says:

"Unfortunately, I did have a brief relapse, but part of recovery is relapse. I am a recovering alcoholic. I knew as soon as I went into rehab, my reputation would be ruined. Things used to be different back then. If you asked for help you lost your good standing. Back then all the celebrities smoked and drank. Just think of Richard Burton or Humphrey Bogart. No one questioned them. Consumption used to be acceptable."

Sorry, Hoff, Humphrey Bogart and Richard Burton are the last people that come to mind when we think of you! And we doubt being an incomprehensible drunk was EVER acceptable, it may just have been more hush-hush!

In other, more interesting has-been news, the former Baywatch-er apparrently plans to move to an area of Germany that should be more prone to welcoming him than we would - an agricultural farm close to Kassel that's named HASSELHOF!

That's right, The Hoff is trying to learn about his ancestry, and had the brilliant notion that it may have started there!

A local man, Hermann-Josef Kaiser, says:

"If he wants to do some research here, he's absolutely welcome. I can provide him with a flat so he can do his research in peace and quiet. We would let him a hectare of land."


How crazy and AMAZEBALLS would it be if the Hoff left all of the glitz and booze glam of Hollywood behind to become a full-time farmer in Germany??

LOLZ! Do it!!

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Lara Stone Admits To Hard pAArtying Past

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Supermodel Lara Stone learned real fast that she didn't want to turn into the hot mess that is Cokate Moss!

Lara recently confessed to Interview magazine that she nipped her nasty habits in the bum before letting herself spiral too far out of control.

Says the newly engaged model:

"The drinking was getting way out of control. I just didn't recognise myself any more. I didn't know what I was doing or where I was. I always had to have some drinks with me in my bag. Just waking up shaking and then having Bloody Marys on your own, first thing in the morning - I started to feel really pathetic about it. So I was like, 'I can't live like this.' It was just this really awful feeling of becoming a totally different person and not being able to control it at all. Then I tried to not drink, but that didn't work. So I figured I should just go to rehab."

And she did!

Even though Lara can proudly say she's been sober for 10 months, she recalls how violent she got while pAArtying it up:

"I used to love slapping people in the face when I was drunk. I thought it was really funny, so I did pick fights with doormen and bouncers. Ex boyfriends. But nobody ever punched me back."

Lets leave the punching and fighting to Naomi Campbell, 'k?

[Image via Getty Images.]

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