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Jermaine Jackson Settles Child Support Case, Still Has To Pay Big Buck$


The law finally caught up with Jermaine Jackson.

He's been ordered to pay $80,000 to his baby momma Alejandra Jackson for back child support.

Jermaine claims that paying the huge amount is a financial burden for him. He adds, "I'm not rich like Michael was."

The terms of the settlement orders him to give Alejandra a $5,000 cashiers check by April 4, $15,000 by April 8, $20,000 by April 13 and $40,000 by May 13.

His driver's license has also been revoked until he pays the initial $5,000.

When asked about how he feels about paying this amount to Alejandra, Jermaine said:

"The problem is she's been living in the Havenhurst house for 18 years. She has never once paid a bill.

The $3,000 payment; they judged that off of one show I was on, Big Brother." (He was apparently paid $400,000 for the gig.)

"In 2008 I made no money. [The judge] didn't give me a chance. Justice is not justice. It is so unfair."

Settle down, Jermaine. The bottom line is that there are children involved - YOUR children involved - and it is your responsibility to do your part to take care of them financially.

Just hush up and pay up!

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Alejandra Jackson Granted Permission To Stay At Michael Jackson Estate…For Now

alejandra jackson granted permission to stay at michael jackson estate for now

Looks like it's gonna continue to be pret-ty uncomfortable in the Jackson family compound.

Earlier today, we learned that there was lots o' drama going on over the Michael Jackson estate, mainly because Alejandra and her kids won't leave, even though Katherine Jackson wants them all OUT.

Katherine will NOT be getting what she wants, at least for now, because a judge has ruled that Alejandra can stay in the house for another month, after which time there will be a trial to determine her future at the Jackson estate.

The trial will take place on April 14.

In the meanwhile, although we don't think Alejandra is in the right here, it would be nice if they could make the effort to get along SOLELY for the kids!

Perhaps they could all have dinner one night? Or if dinner would require too much actual communication, maybe they could all watch some TV together? A Lakers game? Sister Wives season 2?

Or maybe they really should leave each other alone…we just want the best for the kids, and we can only imagine how uncomfortable it must be in that split house mansion right now. Poor things.

Do U think Alejandra deserves to stay in the house? Or should she be outta there?

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Tell-All Book At Center Of Jackson Family War!


Jermaine/Randy's baby mama Alejandra Jackson is working on a tell-all book - and Katherine is pissed!

The Michael Jackson Estate filed legal papers trying to evict Alejandra and her kids (Jaafar, Jermajesty, Donte, Randy Jr. and Genevieve) from the Encino compound.

And now the shiz is hitting the fan!

After the stun gun incident with Jafaar, Katherine asked for the family to move out. Alejandra fought back and the Estate offered to give her a condo on the condition that she sign a confidentiality agreement and promise not to write a tell-all book.

Alejandra refused to sign the agreement and is in "active negotiations" for the book.

Rumor has it that Katherine's lawyers called the police last week to forcibly evict Alejandra, but the authorities said they couldn't do anything without an eviction order.

Just a matter of time before they have that!


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Katherine Jackson Remodeling…And Banishing

katherine jackson remodeling and kicking out alejandra and her kids

Earlier this month, we learned that Katherine Jackson wants her "relatives" out of her house.

Looks like she's going to finally get what she wants.

Katherine and her family will be moving to a temporary home in early December for several months while their home compound is remodeled

When the remodeling job is done, Katherine will not allow her former daughter-in-law Alejandra Jackson or her 5 kids to return to the compound. She WILL be very awkwardly allowing Alejandra's 20 year old daughter Genevieve to stay, if she so chooses, but none of the other kids.

Michael Jackson's mother isn't TOTALLY unreasonable though, so she's continuing to offer Alejandra and the kids a condo in the San Fernando Valley.

According to reports, Alejandra has left the U.S. and traveled to Japan with her kids. We're not really sure why, but hopefully they've accepted the condo. We wouldn't want them to be homeless when they return to the U.S.

Do U think Alejandra should accept the condo? Or should she do her own thing?

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Katherine Jackson Wants Relatives To Move Out!

katherine jackson wants relatives out of her house

Looks like time's up for several of Katherine Jackson's relatives at Michael's her mansion.

Five Jackson relatives will be moving out by the end year, but it looks like if she had it her way, Katherine would have them out sooner.

Here's what a source had to say about it:

"Katherine has been trying to get Alejandra Jackson, her former daughter-in-law, and Alejandra's four children to move out."

More from the source:

"Alejandra was supposed to move out this summer, but it's taking longer than expected. However, Alejandra and her children will be moving out of the Encino estate by the end of the year."

And more:

"It doesn't look like Katherine will need to take legal action against Alejandra. With Katherine taking care of Michael's kids full-time, there is just to much chaos for her to handle. Katherine wants to devote her full attention to Michael's children."

"Alejandra won't be living on the streets, she will be taken care of. Katherine is very generous, probably to a fault."

Sounds like it might be PRETTY tense in that house until the new year. We hope it's a smooth transition for everyone involved.

Do U think Katherine Jackson has the right to tell Alejandra and her family to leave her home?

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More Drama At The Jackson House!

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It never ends!

Katherine Jackson has asked Alejandra Jackson, who has been living at the Jackson compound in Encino with her 4 children Jaafar, Jermajesty, Donte and Randy, Jr., to move out of the house and she is NOT happy about it!

Katherine is allowing Alejandra and the kids to move to a nearby condo owned by the Jacksons, but Alejandra has lawyered up to come up with some kind of separation agreement to ensure her family will be financially protected.

Alejandra is also going after Jermaine Jackson for child support again, now that she's being forced to move out. Jermaine is the baby daddy for two of her children while Randy Jackson is the father of the other two.

You can't make this shiz up!

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