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How Many Calories Does Boxing Knock Out Of You?

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Ever wonder why boxing is one of the best ways to stay fit?

It's because it burns a shizz-load of calories during training!

Just how many, though, is what this Fitperezcious Reader wants to know:

As a new boxer - How many calories do I burn in a class 30 minute class?

Of course we're handing this off to our completely badass boxing expert, Alex Brenes!

He responds:

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Getting Your Boxing Wraps Right!

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If you're a boxer, you know how important it is to wrap your hands right!

This FitPerezcious Reader needs to know if there's an easier or more appropriate method to doing just that:

Okay so - I am taking a boxing class at the moment, and my wraps are digging in between my fingers! Its killing me and i feel like its causing pain. Can you recommend any great wraps?

Here's what our resident badass and boxing expert, Alex Brenes, has to say:

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The Health Benefits Of Boxing

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We all know boxing is a GREAT workout for anybody looking to burn calories, but what else is it good for? That's exactly what FitPerez reader Tom wants to know and wrote Alex Brenes to ask:

Hey Alex,

Other than fitness, what other effects will taking boxing classes have on my health?

According to Alex:

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Is Boxing Good For Toning?

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Have you ever wondered what fun, fitness-y things out there are actually good at keeping you nice and toned??

You're not alone!

Here's what one FitPerezcious Reader that wanted to know just that about boxing:

I am 5,6 142 pounds and really need to tone up. Is boxing a good sport to do this? How quickly will I see results?

It's pretty awesome that we have a resident boxing expert here!

Alex Brenes was kind enough to answer this reader's question!

He says:

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What ARE Boxing Classes?

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Maybe you or some you know wants to learn how to box, but you're apprehensive.

Maybe it's because you're afraid of trying something new, or maybe you just don't know what to expect!

A FitPerezcious reader wants to know just that:

I want to come to a boxing class but I am unsure of what a typical Boxing class includes? Are you able to give me some insight?

Here's what to expect from Alex Brenes!

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