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Jordan Gets A Makeover

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Was this why she was trying out all those wigs?

Somewhere between landing in El Lay on Wednesday and taking off to Las Vegas on Saturday, Katie Price Jordan underwent a serious makeover.

The ex-brunette was spotted in Sin City, where she married her current husband Alex Reid, this weekend showing off her new blonde tresses while watching a boxing match at Mandalay Bay.

Sorry Jordan, but we think you should have gotten a make-under instead.

There's just too much fake going on.

[Image via XposurePhotos.com.]

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Jordan Still Wants Closure With Peter!

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And we thought they had finally put their drama to rest!

Although Katie Price and her ex-husband, Peter Andre, have stopped attacking each other in the press and have seemingly moved on, the former glamour model is reaching out to him in her new autobiography, You Only Live Once, because she feels as though they never got any closure after their split!

She writes:

'I still feel I need to see him and talk about why we broke up. It sounds crazy but it's been well over a year since we split up and I've only seen him twice. We've never discussed the argument that led to him walking out and it feels like unfinished business in my head. I'd like to be able to put my side across then close the chapter though I also know that nothing is going to change. Peter was once my best friend as well as my husband.'

We're pleased that she's put the anger and resentment and heartache aside, but we think this is probably something she should have taken care of before she moved on and married someone else!

We can't imagine Alex Reid is too pleased about this confession!

Sometimes you need to stop looking back, bb! Just move forward - before you ruin ANOTHER marriage!


[Image via WENN.]

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Katie Price Reveals Her Struggle To Conceive A Child With Alex Reid

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Despite having three children already from other relationships, Katie Price recently opened up about her struggle to conceive a child with husband Alex Reid in her new book You Only Live Once, and reveals that the couple even went in for fertility treatments!

She writes:

"After marrying Alex I had only one thing on my mind - having another baby. I'd love to have another four, in fact. But by April 2010, after we had been trying for eight months, I became so worried we made an appointment with a fertility doctor.

We were having ICSI (Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) which has a 65% success rate. It would involve me injecting hormones to stimulate egg production.

After two weeks, once the eggs were ready, the doctor would retrieve them. Just before that procedure, Alex would provide a sperm sample. An individual sperm is selected and injected into each egg. Then, when the embryos have started to grow, it's time to put them back into the uterus. I was anxious, but I thought, 'Surely this will work as I've had three children?'

As I left the clinic I felt a surge of excitement. I thought, 'I'm pregnant!' And in a way I was, because now I had the embryos inside me all they had to do was grow.

I convinced myself I was having twins. I didn't care about feeling so bloated, uncomfortable and unattractive. If I was pregnant then none of those things mattered. For the first few days I held on to the feeling of optimism, but then the waiting got to me. Then I started experiencing stomach cramps and bleeding. Alex and I had been so hopeful, so excited, and now all our dreams were dashed. I know I'm lucky to have three beautiful children. While Alex doesn't yet have a biological child, he is still part of a family with kids. I am sure we'll have a baby together one day. If we aren't successful in our attempts then we will adopt."

Our heart certainly goes out to them during what we can imagine to be a very difficult time, but we hope that both Katie and Alex focus on the three children that they already have.

There's not one single right way to have a family!

[Image via WENN.]

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Baby Bump?

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We're not sure, but maybe!

Katie Price AKA Jordan was spotted out in London showing off a slightly protruding midriff, perhaps hinting at a baby with new husband Alex Reid?

Or is she just carrying some extra water weight?

What do U think?

[Image via XposurePhotos.com.]

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Jordan Wows Audience At Club With Her SMASH New Single! Club Boos!

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Ouch! That has got to sting!

Check out this clip of Jordan Katie Price lip synching performing her smash new single, Free To Love Again, at a club over the weekend, which prompted QUITE the reaction from the audience!

And did anyone notice her man Alex Reid in the background? His face is PRICELESS!

Don't let those meanies get you down, bb! We think they just can't handle your GREATNESS!

In fact, you should keep performing as much as you'd like! And maybe even try it LIVE! We think that would be truly something special!

Bwa ha ha!

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Brawl Breaks Out At Jordan Katie Price's Wedding!


This is what happens when you whore out your wedding for publicity!

Even though Jordan Katie Price had said that her second wedding to Alex Reid was going to be much more intimate and low-key than her 2005 wedding to Peter Andre, their wedded bliss turned into a chaotic mess on Saturday when police were called to break up a brawl between paparazzi and security.

Photogs tried to snap pics of Katie and Alex as they arrived at St. Paul's Church in Woldingham, Surrey, but they were denied by security because of Katie's money hungry deal with ITV2 to get exclusive rights to her wedding. Security guards were forced to step in and physically stop the photogs from getting any pics in order to protect her contract.

Kate's spokeswoman said that "she is understandably shaken and upset by the actions of these people but is now looking to enjoy the rest of her day with her close friends and family."

Oh, please! We know you love the DRAMA, Katie!!

[Image via Matrix Photos.]

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Jordan Getting Paid Big $$$$ To Film Wedding!

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How is she getting paid for this?

Katie Price and Alex Reid are getting paid £600,000 to have their wedding televised on ITV2.

The ceremony was already being recorded for a show entitled Kate and Alex: For Better For Worse, but now it will be a 3-part series featuring preparations, the blessing and honeymoon.

It was previously reported that she would spend £1 million on their second wedding!

A source divulged:

"It's set to be star-studded as. The marquee should be filled with English country garden-style flowers including calla lilies, lavender and dahlias. Guests will be welcomed with champagne and canapes and cupcakes. They will be picked up by coach and taken to a top secret location on the day."

Ew. Are the kiddies even invited?!

[Image via WENN.]

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