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She's Just Doing This To Piss Off Peter Andre!

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And it's cruel!

Katie Price AKA Jordan
is spouting off BS about how her children with Peter Andre, refer to new husband Alex Reid as "Daddy Alex." She says:

"Harvey likes to know there’s a man about the house. They all actually call him Daddy Alex now. And they call his parents Grandma Carol and Grandpa Bob. Alex is Daddy Alex, and it’s all good because when me and Alex have one, it will be less confusing for them.

"They don’t just call him Daddy. He’s Daddy Alex. The kids get on with him really well and I’m pleased about that. I wouldn’t have married Alex otherwise. They have someone they can look up to in Alex."

Shame on her! Even though they are divorced, Pete is still the kids' father! He even raised Harvey as his own even though his biological father is deadbeat dad Dwight Yorke!

But Katie has all the confidence in her new marriage saying:

"Alex is my life. And he's for life. And I think he feels the same. It's real this time."

Well good luck, but we wouldn't hold our breath with your track record, Katie!

[Image via Alex Broadway / WENN.]

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Is She Or Isn't She???

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Oh no! This could either be a shameless publicity stunt, or our worst fears might be becoming a reality!!

Is Jordan pregnant?!

The famewhore more formally known as Katie Price has pulled out of the 26 mile London marathon for unspecified medical reasons, but with all the of the pregnancy talk as of late from she and her husband, transexual cage fighter/reality star Alex Reid, many believe that she is SPERMINATED!

Price said in a statement:

'It is with great regret that I'm going to have to pull out of this years Virgin London Marathon. Training has been going really well, and I was really looking forward to running again this year to raise as much money as possible for Vision, but I have been advised by doctors I should not compete this year. Fortunately I was part of a team who are still running for Vision so it would be great if you could still support them at www.justgiving.co.uk/danny-price. I wish everyone the best of luck. I know how hard this is so I have nothing but admiration for each and every runner…hope to see you in 2011.'

We honestly don't know what to think, but we wouldn't put anything past this one!

What U do think?? Is Jordan having more spawn??

[Image via WENN.]

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Peter Andre Gets His Own Chat Show!

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Upon hearing this news, Wendy Williams ate a Slim-Jim and did a happy dance! She is no longer the most ludicrous person to have their own show!

Peter Andre is getting his own late-night show on Channel 4 this summer, which will air on Fridays @ 10 P.M. Obviously, their demographic will be lonely, pathetic people who don't have anything to do on a Friday evening, which is perfect because Peter can relate to them.

We already forsee where this show is going after reading who the first guest will be - Kerry Katona!

But of course! You scratch her fame-seeking back, she will scratch yours!

And do you know who else they wanted to have on? Alex Reid! As in, his Katie Price's new husband! Could you imagine???

Of course, Peter said no (rude), but expect those kind of shenanigans throughout his year run.

Wonder if he'll let his ex stop by when she has a new book to hock? That will bring in HUGE ratings!

[Image via WENN.]

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No! Katie Price Is Being Fertilized!

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This woman does not need anymore babies and the world certainly can't handle another mother of a gross number of children!

Enough is enough!

Jordan Katie Price is reportedly having fertility treatments so that she might conceive a child with her new hubby, Alex Reid. Sources say that Katie is "so desperate" to have another child that she has been running around, going to all kinds of specialists to find anyway to get a fourth baby.

While sources claim she has not yet been receiving in-vitro fertilization treatment, if she wants the attention baby bad enough, that option can't be too far behind.

Wonder how Peter Andre feels about this? He usually doesn't wait this long before letting us know his opinions!

[Image via WENN.]

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Jordan Is A Good Neighbour

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She's a hit down under!

Jordan AKA Katie Price is all set for a cameo in popular Australian soap Neighbours.

She'll be flying down with new husband Alex Reid this summer to film the second series of her reality show What Katie Did Next.

The orange one is also launching her horse riding range in Australia around the same time!

Busy, busy!

[Image via Mark Douglas / WENN.]

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Jordan Is Afraid Of The Ghosts 'Hauntin' Her!


We're SURE this is some desperate ploy to land a spot on Celebrity Ghost Stories!!

We LOVE it!!

Katie Price and her new husband, Alex Reid, are attempting to sell their home because they believe they're being haunted by their terrible decision to get married a pair of ghosts!!

A source claims:

"Katie wants out of there quickly as she's convinced it's haunted by a pair of ghosts. She feels like she's being driven out of her own home by spirits - she's had enough. Katie has a sunbed room near the bottom of the house and she believes it's haunted by a ghost. She's seen shadows on a regular basis. A few weeks ago she thought the ghoul had tampered with the sunbed and she can't get that out of her head. Even Alex has told her he's seen the ghost. They're convinced there's an old lady upstairs. You can't tell them otherwise."

Even the dead don't want to deal with her desperate famewhoring!! HA.


What do U think?? Is Katie Price being haunted while she tans??

[Image via WENN.]

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Jordan And Alex Reid Look For A Starter House!

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What a truly special and beautiful love they must share!

Katie Price and her latest husband, the cage fighter/drag queen Alex Reid are buying their first home together!!

Reid says:

"Katie and I have been looking at new houses. I can't tell you where yet, but it's exciting. We want a new place that is just about the two of us - it'll be a fresh start. I like modern styles, but as long as it's got a good energy and feels right, I'm open to lots of options."

Yes, we realize you're open to quite a bit, Alex! Now do you two crazy kids share a closet for your various lingerie items, or do you keep them separated??

Bwah ha ha.

[Image via WENN.]

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