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Amanda Seyfried Out For A Jog

Amanda seyfried jogging in El Lay

Amanda Seyfried whipped her hair back and forth while out for a jog in sunny El Lay on Wednesday.

She was reportedly running just around the block from her on again, off again boyfriend with benefits Ryan Phillippe, while he walked his dog.

Despite how she may feel about the Ryan's baby dramz with model Alexis Knapp, she kept a smile on her face, but the pair still avoided being seen together while lenses were snapping.

So tell us, Amanda…on again?

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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Exclusive! Ryan Phillippe Knew About Ex-Girlfriend's Pregnancy - Wanted Her To Have Abortion!


Wow. This is truly upsetting to hear.

While Ryan Phillippe has been maintaining that he was completely shocked to discover that his ex-girlfriend, Alexis Knapp, is several months pregnant with his baby, a source close to the situation has exclusively revealed to PerezHilton.com that this be may not be the case AT ALL.

The insider claims that not only did she tell the actor that she was carrying his child, but he was FAR from supportive, and even told her to go and get an abortion!

Our source tells us:

"She's really young and it's actually a sad situation because he knows he is the only person who could be the father and he even told her to abort the baby."

Awful! If this is the case, then we sincerely hope that his tune has significantly changed and he gets his shiz together ASAP!

If he didn't want to risk having another child, he should have taken the proper precautionary measures in the first place! It's scary enough to be a young, expecting mother without having pressure being put on you by your ex to terminate a pregnancy!

Do the right thing, Ryan! Your behavior has already been disappointing enough!

[Image via WENN.]

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Ryan Phillippe Blindsided By Ex's Pregnancy

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Yeah, we'd say it was more than just a little shocking for us too!

As you might've already guessed, the news that Ryan Phillippe might be a dad again came as a bit of a surprise for Ry. In fact, sources report that Ryan was completely blindsided when he was told his ex, Alexis Knapp, was possibly pregnant with his child.

What made it worse is that he had to hear it second-hand from someone who was at the Hollywood bash that Alexis chose as her venue to make the big reveal. But now that the bombshell has been dropped, all that is left to do is pick up the pieces and see what has to be done next. As we've mentioned, Ryan is ready to take a DNA test to confirm if the child is indeed his and should it be, an insider says, "he'll take responsibility."

No doubt. He's a really good dad to the two kids he has with Reese Witherspoon and they make their family dynamic work. In fact, we hear she's been really supportive of Ryan's big shakeup. One source explains:

"Reese has been really supportive. She knows that Ryan is a good dad [to Ava, 11, and Deacon, 7] and she respects that."

Nice that she's in your corner on this, Ry! We're glad to see she is still a good friend to you.

Let's just hope you can have the same repertoire with your next next baby momma!

[Image via WENN.]

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Ryan Phillippe Will Take DNA Test!

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Yesterday, Ryan Phillippe's world was rocked when model Alexis Knapp announced her unborn baby is Ryan's love child. As she has no proof to support this claim at present, sources close to Ryan say he is ready and willing to take a DNA test, but only after the baby is born.

See, its very risky to run a prenatal paternity test. There's a slight risk of a miscarriage and Ryan doesn't want that to happen. So, he's holding off until the tyke is born.

And when that day comes and if it turns out the baby is indeed his, a pal close to Ryan says he has every intention of stepping up and doing right by both baby and mommy.

He's a good man. We imagined nothing less from him.

Too bad he has to wait till June to find out though. The suspense is killing us - imagine what it is doing to him?!

[Image via WENN.]

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Ryan Phillippe To Be A Dad Again?


Whoa! Talk about some major baby momma drama!

Okay, maybe it's not that dramatic, but still, it's pretty big news!

Ryan Phillippe's ex girlfriend, Alexis Knapp, is several months pregnant and she says the baby is Ryan's!

The couple dated for several months on and off last year before he ended things in September.

A source says that "she's in the second trimester" and "she has been telling people he is the father."

"Ryan doesn't know if he is the dad," adds the source, but "if he is, he will take full responsibility for the child. He loves being a dad and takes being a dad really seriously."

We wonder what Amanda Seyfried has to say about this. She isn't exactly having the best week. First, her movie bombs at the box office and now her boyfriend's former flame may be preggers with his baby.

Awww, poor girl!

Don't worry, Amanda. Ryan's a good daddy and will own up to his responsibilities. Just hang in there, kid.

Oh, and congrats to Ryan and Alexis!

[Images via Pacific Coast News Online and WENN.]

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