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Miley Cyrus Hospitalized & Her Kansas City Concert Canceled! Sad Deets HERE!

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Oh no, this is HORRIBLE!

After suffering a severe allergic reaction to medicine, Miley Cyrus is in the hospital!

She was in Kansas City earlier this evening, Tuesday night's stop on the Bangerz Tour, and she fell ill after at the Sprint Center. Miley then took antibiotics, it seems, and had a horribly bad reaction!

Doctors have prescribed her bed rest, meaning tonight's show will obviously be canceled. Sad!!!

If you remember, MileyBird also canceled

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Julie Bowen's Son Has Cray Allergic Reaction To Bee Sting!

Oh no!

Julie Bowen's son Oliver recently had an allergic reaction after he was stung by a bee, and the Modern Family actress said she "panicked" like crazy!!

As far as how the sting happened…well, the little squirt was eating peanut butter

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Near Death By Hair Dye!

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bad-hair-dye-allergic-reaction-mariade-kelly-1.jpg bad-hair-dye-allergic-reaction-mariade-kelly-2.jpg

A Scottish woman is lucky to be alive after suffering a terrible reaction to Garnier Nutrisse black hair dye.

Within hours of applying the dye to her hair, 29 year old Mariade Kelly's scalp started to itch, but that was just the beginning. She says:

"There was yellow pus oozing from my scalp and it had the most horrific smell of burning flesh. I knew straightaway that was from the dye but at that point I didn't panic, I just took some anti-histamines and put some Sudocrem on my hairline, where it was starting to blister, before I went to sleep."


The next day Mariade's eyes swelled and earlobes began to itch, so she went to hospital. The reaction was still slight, so they sent her home with some anti-histamines and told to "keep an eye on it".

Later that night she returned to the ER, this time with a swollen face, racing heart rate and shortness of breath:

"My heart rate was at 180 bpm - around the same rate as a heart attack - and I couldn't breathe. My eyelids had swelled completely shut and I couldn't see. I was really panicking by this point and even the nurses seemed shocked. I was admitted to the high dependency unit and pumped full of anti-histamines and steroid injections. It was awful as in the bed next to me there was someone receiving the last rites - I was so scared. By this point my skin was actually starting to bruise because it was so swollen."

Mariade ended up spending the next 3 days in the hospital being pumped with anti-histamines and steroids. So what could have possibly caused such a bad reaction?

According to her doctor it was para-phenylenediamine (PPD), a chemical found in hair dye that has been banned in many European countries. What's worse is people can become allergic to it even if they've been exposed to it in the past.


Let this be a lesson ladies. Always check the label!

[Images via Daily Mail.]

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Joshua Jackson Briefly Hospitalized After Allergic Reaction!

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Oh no! Poor thing!

Our beloved Joshua Jackson was rushed to the hospital Thursday night in Santa Monica after suffering from an "intense allergic reaction!"

His rep explains:

"Josh had an allergic reaction (not asthma attack). [He] is perfectly fine."

Apparently so, because he was spotted leaving the hospital with girlfriend Diane Kruger later on that night (above)!

Phew! We wonder what happened?

Either way, we're just happy he's safe!

Be careful, boy!

[Image via National Photo Group.]

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Gordon Ramsay Explains "Hair Nightmare!"


This guy's had a tough go of it for the past few months!

Gordon Ramsay was recently spotted on vacation in Napa Valley, CA with a noticably puffed up face, which has led many to suspect that he's had more cosmetic surgery or hair treatments!

However, he claims that the reality of the situation was even MORE bizarre, and all started when he was in Costa Rica, shooting a documentary on illegal shark fin hunting!

He explains:

"I had petrol doused, gasoline poured all over my hair and I had a horrific infection. It certainly didn't cause my hair to be falling out. I was in Napa for Christmas literally two weeks after the shoot and went horseback riding with the kids and had a horrendous allergic reaction to the horses, combined with the problems I had with my scalp, so it was just a hair nightmare. That all got sorted out. I can now say that I am almost 60-70 percent recovered."

Holy shiz! It's like one thing after the next with this guy!

However, we are glad to hear that there were no long-term complications!

Let's just leave the face and hair as it is from now on, okay, bb?


[Image via WENN.]

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