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Johnny Depp Made A Cameo On Last Night's The Walking Dead! Find Out Where You Can Spot The Actor's Face!

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As evidenced by 21 Jump Street and Tusk, Johnny Depp LOVES making surprise cameos!

And though ALL of the actor wasn't in last night's episode of The Walking Dead, his famous face did appear on screen — in the form of a decapitated head!


In Sunday's episode, Andy, Jesus, and Rick try to trick Negan's Saviors into thinking they've killed Gregory, so they gather the heads of three decapitated walkers to see which looks the most like the Hilltop leader.

Video: TWD's Ross Marquand Impersonates Christian Bale, Kevin Spacey, & More Winning Oscars!

And some fans noticed that one of the heads looks remarkably similar to Captain Jack Sparrow (on the right):

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Watch The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Fight Zombies On Hoverboards In HIGHlarious Jimmy Kimmel Live Sketch!

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The characters of The Walking Dead have been faced with plenty of perils in their day.

But Norman Reedus is about to face his most dangerous enemy yet: Hoverboards!

The actor dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night — but before his interview, he had several close encounters with some walkers! Only they weren't walking exactly…

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This time, Daryl was faced with a fleet of Hoverboard riding zombies — which actually ended up being a lot easier to kill than walkers traveling by foot!

Ch-ch-check out the funny clip (below)!

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Aaron Paul Totally Regrets That Time He Tricked Breaking Bad Fans Into Thinking There Was A Jesse Pinkman Spinoff! See What He Said!

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Aaron Paul is retired from his days as a prankster!

The Triple 9 star stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night, where he recalled the time he tricked fans into believing that there would be another Breaking Bad spinoff!

In the sit down, the 36-year-old remembered trying to troll fans last June by announcing on Periscope that Vince Gilligan was creating a spinoff of the hit AMC drama starring the character Paul famously played, Jesse Pinkman!

Video: Jimmy & His Audience React To Sacha Baron Cohen's NSFW Movie Clip!

But the actor immediately realized he made a huge mistake after seeing thousands of fans' ecstatic comments and noticed that people were signing off before he revealed it was all a joke!

After the apology, fans forgave the actor — mostly because the real spinoff Better Call Saul is so good that we don't need a Jesse Pinkman spinoff! LOLz!

Ch-ch-check out the interview (below) to watch the actor relive the embarrassing moment!

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Sex & Jesus! The Walking Dead Gives Shippers The Hookup They Want AND Introduces A Fan-Favorite Character!

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***WARNING: Contains Major The Walking Dead Spoilers***

It's about time!

We've been waiting practically six years for this to happen, but The Walking Dead finally went there on Sunday by putting its two most fleshed-out characters into their most precarious position yet… SEX!

Photo: Every Walking Dead Character We've Lost So Far

That's right — Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) delighted shippers everywhere as they once and for all capitalized on all the sexual tension that comes with watching those around you perish.

After an indeterminate time jump from last week's episode — long enough for Carl to recover and Rick & Michonne's domestic routine to return — the two finally

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How Many People Have Died On The Walking Dead So Far?? Remember All The Fallen HERE!

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We didn't realize they only kill young, white girls and black men…

The Walking Dead is arguably the most iconic show from modern television, so it makes sense that we're still reeling from all the tragic deaths throughout the first six seasons.

From Emily Kinney's Beth to IronE Singleton's T-Dog, we can't believe just how many fan favorites have been killed off.

Entertainment Weekly brought 11 of the former castmates back together for a tribute last week — without Sarah Wayne Callies, because she's busy starring in Colony — and it got us thinking…

Just how many TWD survivors are no longer among the living??

CLICK HERE to view "The Walking Dead: Everyone We've Lost… So Far!!!"

CLICK HERE to view "The Walking Dead: Everyone We've Lost… So Far!!!"

CLICK HERE to view "The Walking Dead: Everyone We've Lost… So Far!!!"

CLICK HERE to view "The Walking Dead: Everyone We've Lost… So Far!!!"

CLICK HERE to view "The Walking Dead: Everyone We've Lost… So Far!!!"

[Image via Entertainment Weekly.]

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The Walking Dead Producer Says The Rest Of Season 6 Will Leave Viewers Needing 'Psychological Counseling'!

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It's going to get even bloodier after last night?!

The Walking Dead may be the most stressful show to ever air on television, but if you thought things were bad for our Alexandrians now… you don't even know the half of it.

Video: The Walking Dead Season Six Mid-Season Trailer

That's because according to an executive producer on the AMC drama, the back half of Season Six if going to give you legit PTSD.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Gale Anne Hurd teases new villain Jeffrey Dean Morgan's unwanted arrival, saying:

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The Walking Dead Returns & Kills Off A Whole Bunch Of Characters In What's Already Being Called The Valentine's Day Massacre!

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***WARNING: Contains The Walking Dead Spoilers***

Happy Valentine's Day, we guess?

If you consider yourself a fan of must-watch television, then chances are you tuned in for the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead on Sunday night.

While the hit AMC zombie series isn't known for sparing any of its characters from harm, the latest episode was especially harsh — particularly when it came to anyone related to

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