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American Airlines May Pull 30 Rock Over Alec Baldwin Feud

american airlines alec baldwin

This is one serious cat fight!

Okay, so you may remember last week there was all types of drama over Alec Baldwin getting kicked off of an American Airlines flight because he straight up refused to stop playing Words with Friends on his phone during the flight take off.

THEN Alec and the guys at SNL thought it would be super funny to spoof the whole thing on Weekend Update (and it totes was).

The problem: it turns out American Airlines doesn't seem to have a sense of humor.

The airlines confirmed that

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LOL! Alec Baldwin Pokes Fun At His American Airlines Mishap On SNL!

Ha! He would!

Alec Baldwin made a surprise appearance on last night's SNL and it was HIGHlarious, of course.

Dressing up as an American Airlines pilot who wanted to apologize to "American treasure" Alec, the actor poked fun at the recent mishap where he was kicked off the plane for refusing to turn off his phone while he was playing Words with Friends

Only Alec could get away with this kind of behavior! Watch above!

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Flight Attendants Do NOT Want To Let Alec Baldwin Off The Hook!

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flight attendants vs alec baldwin

Words with Friends must be loving this! They are getting SO MUCH free press!!!!!

To recap….over the week, there's been all types of drama over Alec Baldwin getting kicked off of an American Airlines flight for playing Words with Friends on a plane after being asked to turn off his cell phone.

Now, American Airlines flight attendants are striking back HARD against Alec - they want him to be fined for his actions AND they want him on AA's no-fly list….AND they want their airline to stop showing 30 Rock on their planes!

Here's what AA flight attendant Lonny Glover had to say about it:

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Alec Baldwin Apologizes To American Airlines The Other Passengers

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alec baldwin airplane drama continues

The Alec Baldwin airplane saga continues!

To recap…..yesterday, we learned that Alec was kicked off of an American Airlines flight for playing Words with Friends on the plane after being asked to turn off his cell phone.

Then, in honor of Alec's WWF fiasco, tech company Zynga (who created Words with Friends), posted a clever message to Mr. Baldwin, which creatively says "Let Alec Play!" Ha!

THEN, Alec

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American Airlines Calls Alec Baldwin Rude & Offensive!

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american airlines alec baldwin

Alec Baldwin has tweeted his peace on the plane fiasco, and now so has American Airlines!

After kicking him off the flight for playing Words with Friends, AA issued this statement to let everyone know their side of the story:

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Alec Baldwin Changes Twitter Name; Wants You To Unfollow Him!!!

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alec baldwin american airlines

We guess the plane fiasco was just too much for Alec Baldwin. He wants a fresh start… even on Twitter!

His Twitter name now says Deactived001, but it's not really deactivated quite yet — all of his old posts are still up as well as his 600,000 followers.

His last tweets?

Let's play a game called Mass Unfollowing. I want to crash this acct and start again. But, tonight at 10 PM, NY time, unfollow me.

At 10 PM…UNFOLLOW!! Let's crash this acct. #massunfollowing

I leave you with this…. The great Bernard Haitink and the Concertgebouw, performing the Mahler 9th, fourth movement.

It's a sad day in the Twitterverse, but we'll bet he'll come back… as UnitedAlecBaldwin.

[Image via Mr. Blue/WENN.]

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A Special Message To American Airlines Regarding Alec Baldwin

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alec baldwin words with friends

If you've been keeping up, you know all about the debacle Alec Baldwin faced when he tried to play Words with Friends on an American Airlines flight.

After being asked to turn his cell phone off, the poor man got into some shenanigans and ended up being kicked off the plane!

But Zynga has something they want to tell American Airlines, and you can read it riiight ^up there!^

Ha!! Clever, clever!!!

[Image courtesy of Zynga.]

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