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Crazy Atlanta Snowstorm Creates Gridlock On The Highway! Woman Can't Escape And Is FORCED To Give Birth On Side Of The Road!

A friggin' baby was born on the highway during Atlanta\'s crazy snow storm!!

Say hello to baby Grace Elizabeth Anderson!

All babies are special but she’s extra special (with cherries on top - and a side of guac) because she was born on the side of the friggin’ highway!

It all happened during the winter storm fueled gridlock outside of Atlanta on Tuesday afternoon when no cars could escape so there was no other choice, but to give birth ON THE ROAD for Amy Anderson.

She, along with her husband Nick and their two older daughters were stuck on I-285 when police officer Tim Sheffield was responding to a nearby car accident. Luckily, he stopped to check in on the family he randomly spotted on the side of the road and said:

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Bow Wow Doesn't Change A Lot Of Diapers

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Bow Wow was on Anderson Live recently talking about being a dad!

That's right, Bow Wow, the guy who we still feel is a kid himself, is a papa!

He was on the show with fellow celeb parent, Snooki!

They were sharing anecdotes mainly about their babies and diaper changing time, exchanging some HIGHlarious stories.

Being the ahmayzing host he is, Anderson brought Bow Wow some baby changing gear… only to find out, Bow Wow isn't often on diaper duty!

Check out the video (above) to see how Bow Wow reacts to the diaper related gift!

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Anderson Cooper Cuts Short Interview With Human Barbie

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The man ain't playing around!

The Silver Fox literally KICKED the Human Barbie off his show because he felt she was being dishonest.

If you've never heard of HB before, she's the mom who bought her daughter plastic surgery vouchers for the little girl's seven year old birthday.


We applaud him for holding true to his convictions, and not letting someone as awful as her even get her fifteen minutes of fame.

P.S. See the video of Coop explaining why he stopped the interview short (below)!

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Toddlers & Tiaras Moms Forced To Wear Ridiculous Pageant Outfits On Anderson


SMH so hardcore right now.

The moms of Toddlers & Tiaras made a visit to Anderson where they defended their choice to dress up their daughters in skimpy outfits and parade them in old lady makeup for the sake of winning a couple hundred bucks in beauty pageants.

The tots and moms that were featured were EverRose and mom Kayla, Laci and mom Alicia, and Paisley and mom Wendy, and of course, Alana Honey Boo Boo Child and her mother June.

Anderson decided to turn the tables around on the ladies and made THEM dress up in the same ridiculous outfits they make their children wear.

It wasn't a pretty sight, as you can see (above).

To see a clip and a preview of the episode, click AFTER THE JUMP.

It's truly embarrassing. And unfortunately, the makeovers still didn't change any of the mothers' minds.


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Lourdes Is Gonna Scream At Madonna Over This!

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Oh no!

Madonna was chatting to Anderson Cooper about how her children Lourdes, Mercy, and David Banda get irritated by the the cameras — when she put her foot in her mouth!

During the interview (above) the Material Girl says Lourdes had the biggest issue with paparazzi, because:

"My daughter is 15 and cares about how she looks and if she feels like she has a bad hair day or a pimple on her forehead…"

Then the diva tries to cover up the fact that she said her daughter gets pimples on national TV. She nervously blurts:

"I mean she has beautiful skin. I don't know why she ever complains about the way she looks!"

Nice try, but it's too late. She'll get the wrath of Lourdes when she gets home! LOL!!

Clearly, the teen has a lot of power in that penthouse!

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Vintage Katherine Heigl And Anderson Cooper!!

Vintage Katherine Heigl And Anderson Cooper 2

Katherine Heigl And Anderson Cooper Were Child Models

It turns out The Silver Fox and Dr. Gorgeous have always been beautiful people!

Katherine Heigl was confronted with an old image yesterday when appeared on Anderson. The hottie host revealed that he and the lovely actress had something really awkward in common: they both modeled for Macy's when they were kiddies. LOL!

Anderson said "I'm embarrassed to even talk about this," but clearly was not, because he then showed off a cute pic.

The Fox said something about child model poses being totes stupid and Heigl agreed, saying:

"It's brutal. And you understand it, even when you're nine, you're like, 'This is silly and lame,' and they're like, 'No no! It's adorable!'"

AW! Well, we think they're adorable!!

You can see the whole interview and more cute pics of the adorbz duo today (Feb 1) on Anderson.

Wonder why Katherine hasn't signed her super cute "attention loving" daughter up with a child modeling agency yet?

[Image via WENN.]

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Sperm Donor Who Fathered 14 Kids Is Also A 36-Year-Old Virgin


Say what, now?

Trent Aresenault (above) has fathered 14 children through "organic" sperm donations.

The 36-year-old computer security specialist was on Anderson to talk about his sexual history, claiming that he is a "donorsexual" and has committed "100% of my sexual energy for producing sperm for childless couples to have babies."

He also added that he does not have "activity outside of that."

When Anderson asked if he has sex, Trent responded:

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