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Aaron Sorkin And John Krasinski Team Up For Mini-Series Based On The Chateau Marmont

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With him involved, we are expecting GREATNESS!

Aaron Sorkin has been tapped to write and produce an HBO mini-series about the infamous Chateau Marmont, based on the the book Life at the Marmont by its former co-owners, Raymond R. Sarlot and Fred Basten!

The series will

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Courtney Love Getting Sued Over Twitter AGAIN!

courtney love in twitter lawsuit again

Here we go…

Last month, Courtney Love paid out $430,000 in a settlement for a Twitter-based defamation lawsuit with fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir.

Then, Courtney returned to Twitter and went back to her old, controversial ways, making some nasty digs against Chelsea Handler's beau Andre Balazs.

NOW, Courtney has gotten into Twitter trouble again for speaking out against former lawyer Rhonda Holmes from San Diego-based firm Gordon & Holmes.

The lawyer claims that Love libeled her over Twitter when she said that Holmes sold her out in a battle over money owed to Kurt Cobain's estate.

Here is the tweet that got Courtney into NEW trouble:

"I was f–king devastated when Rhonda J Holmes Esq of San Diego was bought off…"

Holmes is claiming that the remarks "have damaged her credibility and hurt her firm's business" and she's seeking unspecified damages.

Of course, Courtney has since canceled her Twitter account once again.

Let Courtney Love's tale of Twitter woe be a lesson to us all! Once it's out there on the Internet, you can't take it back.

What do U think about this lawsuit? Should Courtney pay up for her words tweet?

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So, Chelsea Handler IS Dating Andre Balazs!

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She goes back and forth so much it's hard to keep track, but as of now, it looks like they are definitely back ON!

On Saturday, Chelsea Handler celebrated the launch of her fourth book, Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me, at the Boom Boom Room in NYC. The joint was flooded with her friends, as well as one very special guest that didn't leave her arm - Andre Balazs.

We assume that his attendance and his close proximity to her person throughout the evening is a sign that the comedienne is back together with the hotelier.

Care to confirm that yourself, Miz Chelsea???

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Courtney Love Has Returned To Twitter!


Oh boy. Buckle your seat belts, folks, she's ba-aack!

After being banned for two months and $430,000 in fines due to some libelous statements about fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir - amongst a whole lot of other crazy - Courtney Love is back on Twitter, and it's as though she never left!

If you check her out under her new moniker, cloverxxxlove, you can see that she claims to be on the social network "until [her] friend is sober," as well as some pretty nasty digs against Chelsea Handler, who is now dating the Hole singer's former rumored beau, Andre Balzas!

She writes:

i think you are a leathery idiot and rude. and beyond stupid.

chelsea your about as sober as the old coke dealer from the 80s that someone brought to my house

And of course, check out some of the other gems she's since posted over the past 24 hours:

@russellcrowe i thought we had a great platonic dudely bro down friendship and i hope we still do, xx Courtney ps hi to yr mom.

i hate someone right now, clearly and it certainly isnt chelsea handler shes just a symptom of a very low bottom coming up that will upsetme

@chelseahandler because u dont go from ME to that, and THAT symbolises only a blackout in yr drinking career, its embarassment

do not list me in #trainwrecks please, i note TVFILMETC, , MUSIC, ok suree clearly, FEMINISM< fuck yes, HIGHPROFILE YEAH? "Train Wrecks"

"TRAIN WRECK" what year is this? its 2011, hardly a train wreck, was a "train wreck,. i was THE train wreck but not even a bit now, OVAH

@piersmorgan @PiersTonight everyone is on me to do a show, i like you am a dual citizen and would CONSIDER it, call rogers and cowan, if.

ok its time to put my pedal to the metal, i mneed to finish this dammed shirt story and submit it to the new yorker and pray worked v hard,

@KanyeWest listen you, did you read " Treatise omn Elegant Living" Honor D Balzac book i gave you that and "outliers? Primal branding, yrset

@piersmorgan dont get pissy havent seen the show id deign to do it if youd deign to do it, i dont do em ever ever,but am sober and a TORY?

@lachapelleland ok uncle bobo corky has some quezzies for you, 1 fred where are my other two gretchen ryan paintings? 2 i want the single

@lachapelleland can i get the tank photos ass missy and muffys gin bottles and walking, sent tom, not huuge but nice n big ?4 i have $ for

@lachapelleland for video we can do samantha dark fuck you trent closer era shes a WHORE int he song, iuts insanely great song harrisa to dp

It's like she didn't even miss a beat! Jumped right back headfirst into…well, whatever the hell all of this is!

But yeah - let's hope she keeps the accusations and rants to a minimum this time - reading through all of this is a headache enough!

That being said - welcome back, gurl! You always know how to keep things…inneresting? LOLz!

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Chelsea Handler Spotted Still On The Arm Of Uma's Ex

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We guess whatever happened the other WENN.]
" target="_blank">night hasn't hurt her love life!

Sources report that Chelsea Handler is still dating Uma Thurman's hotelier ex, Andre Balazs and that the two put on quite a show last night.

The pair were invited to Hollywood bash hosted by Harvey Weinstein and weren't shy about exhibiting some PDA. Sources say they were "inseparable" as they rubbed elbows with the likes of Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway and they got time alone, Chelsea was spotted "giggling" as Andre whispered sweet nothings into her ear. Such a smitten kitten!

At the end of the night, one eyewitness saw them making out in the lobby, before heading out.

Hmm. Do tell, Miz Handler - did the party continue at another locale?

Bom chicka wah waaaaah!

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Chelsea Handler Causes Quite A Scene!


Oh boy! Someone's forgotten how to be a lady.

Sunday night, Hollywood's elite are rumored to have partied the night away at a private home in Beverly Hills. Along with Leo DiCaprio, Zac Efron and Mary J. Blige, Chelsea Handler was spotted living it up with a male friend of hers.

However, sometime over the course of the night, a witness reports Chelsea "looked upset and stormed away from the friend twice. He went chasing after her both times and then they kept arguing. It was like he was sharing information with her that pissed her off."

Yikes! Talk about the wrong place at the wrong time! Is this "male friend" someone Andre Balazs should be worried about???

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New Couple Alert? Chelsea Handler And…


Wow! This one came out of left field!

Chelsea Handler seems to have set her sights on hotelier Andre Balazs, as the pair were spotted getting hot and heavy all over the Sundance Film Festival in Utah this past weekend, first at the Florence + The Machine concert, and later out to dinner!

A source reveals:

"They were making out in the corner of the dance floor upstairs. They were very touchy-feely, both laughing and really happy. They looked totally smitten. They were giggling throughout the entire dinner. They're heading back to L.A. together."


We wonder if this one will translate into something more long-term!

Time will certainly tell, won't it??

But in the meantime - good for you, bb! Sounds like you know how to have a good effing time!



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