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Two & A Half Men Star Angus T. Jones Talks Returning To Acting After Distancing Himself From Organized Religion

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Wow… we didn't see this one coming!

In a new interview with People Magazine, Two & A Half Men alum Angus T. Jones spoke about his current relationship with religion and where he stands in the acting world today.

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As we previously reported, Angus abruptly and dramatically left the show in 2013 due to his religious beliefs. The actor had joined a very intense Christian group called Seventh-day Adventist Church which frowned upon his involvement in the show.

Now that some years have passed, Jones is switching gears towards a more relaxed view on spirituality. In fact, the former child star is thinking of leaving organized religion entirely.

Angus went on to explain:

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Two And A Half Men RENEWED For 11th Season - WITHOUT The Half Man!

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two half men season 11

Even with one - and now ONE AND A HALF - of the original Two and a Half Men out of the picture, CBS is STILL bringing it back for another year!

That's right, the network has officially renewed the former Charlie Sheen-starring comedy back for season 11, with the actor's replacement Ashton Kutcher and co-star Jon Cryer having signed one-year deals to return…both for around $700,000 per episode!

However, it should come as no surprise that the

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Stephen Baldwin Defends Angus T. Jones' Love Of Jesus, Hatred Of 'Filth'

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stephen baldwin defends angus t jones filth rant two and a half baldwins jesus

We know two things to be true:

1) Never play cards with a guy who has the same first name as a city — thank Coach Finstock from Teen Wolf for that gem.

2) It's "bros before hos TV shows" for Stephen Baldwin, which is music to Angus T. Jones' purdy ears, seeing as being children under the same Lord makes them brothers!!

ABC News interviewed Steven yesterday and he stood by Angus' much ballyhooed bit of religious zealotry!

The third most awesome Baldwin bro claims the Two and a Half Men star spoke from his heart, but admits he could've expressed himself less offensively.

Considering the 39 metaphorical lashes Angus took from colleagues and media since his outburst, we're sure the young actor is grateful for Stevie's wonderful support.

Seriously! We haven't seen someone take a pounding like this since, well, Thanksgiving at Halle Berry's!

[Image via PNP/WENN.]

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Stars That Could Replace Angus T. Jones On Two and a Half Men

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Stars That Could Replace Angus T. Jones On 'Two and a Half Men'

Face it, since Angus T. Jones talked all that cray cray shiz about Two and a Half Men there is NO WAY he's coming back on the show!

The half man isn't quitting this season of the CBS sitcom. BUT his contract is done after the next two episodes film, and we have a hunch the network won't be giving him an offer.

When Charlie Sheen flew his warlock broom to crazy town Two and a Half Men show-runners were quick to replace him with Ashton Kutcher. It could be a matter of time before they do the same for Angus!

Who should CBS hire??

To check out our top picks….

CLICK HERE to view gallery…. "Stars That Could Replace Angus T. Jones On 'Two and a Half Men'!!"

CLICK HERE to view gallery…. "Stars That Could Replace Angus T. Jones On 'Two and a Half Men'!!"

CLICK HERE to view gallery…. "Stars That Could Replace Angus T. Jones On 'Two and a Half Men'!!"

CLICK HERE to view gallery…. "Stars That Could Replace Angus T. Jones On 'Two and a Half Men'!!"

CLICK HERE to view gallery…. "Stars That Could Replace Angus T. Jones On 'Two and a Half Men'!!"

CLICK HERE to view gallery…. "Stars That Could Replace Angus T. Jones On 'Two and a Half Men'!!"

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Angus T. Jones Not Quitting 'Filthy' Two and a Half Men

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Is working for Satan's entrainment a sin? Apparently NOT!

The Two and a Half Men star Angus T. Jones can be seen on YouTube asking everyone to "please stop watching" his sitcom because it's "filth" and the work of the Devil, AND he does not even want to be on it.

But despite all that, Angus has no plans of quitting the cash cow show — at least not

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Charlie Sheen Swears Chuck Lorre Is Responsible For Angus T. Jones' Verbal Diarrhea


Because it ain't a party ’til Charlie Sheen unsheathes his weiner and whizzes in the punch bowl!

After comparing Angus T. Jones' off-kilter religious rant to a mass suicide that killed 39 people, his former Two and a Half Men co-star is back with more prudent entertaining observations!!

Surprisingly, Charlie doesn't blame

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Charlie Sheen: Angus Is Crazy And Two and a Half Men 'Is Cursed'

Charlie Sheen Angus T. Jones Two and a Half Men cursed

Even crazy Charlie Sheen thinks Angus T. Jones has lost his damn mind!

The warlock has seen the now infamous online video that features his ex-Two and a Half Men co-star begging viewers to "stop watching" the "filth" that is the CBS sitcom, and has come to the reasonable conclusion that the show has been cursed.

That's right! Angus' religion + his getting fired = curse!

The Sheenster told sources:

"With Angus's Hale-Bopp-like meltdown, it is radically clear to me that the show is cursed."


Charlie's Hale-Bopp comment was referencing the super scary Heaven's Gate religious cult, who all wore matching Nike shoes and committed suicide in 1997 because they believed death was the only way to gain access to an alien ship that was following the Hale-Bopp comet.

Hopefully Charlie's comparison wasn't meant to be taken literally.

There are already a LOT of people worried about the 19-year-old actor — including his own momma!

[Image via WENN.]

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