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Two And A Half Men Star Fired After Trashing Show?! Believes Jay-Z Is Satanic?!


Oh Angus T. Jones, you strange, silly half-man!

Yesterday, a video filmed for Christian website Forerunner Chronicles appeared featuring the young star of CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men saying some NOT so nice things about the show that made him famous!!

Angus calls the successful comedy "filth," tells people to stop watching, and even expresses that he does NOT want to be on the show any longer.

SO… obviously, the Two and a Half Men execs are totally going to grant his wish and fire him… RIGHT?!


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Two and a Half Men Star Angus T. Jones Bashes Show! Calls It "Filth"!

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What the what what whaaat!

Two and a Half Men star Angus T. Jones recently appeared in a video for Christian website Forerunner Chronicles…

And after talking at length on how much he loves God, the almost fully grown man begins denouncing the CBS show that he's on, imploring those who watch the show to STOP viewing at once!

Cue to 7:30 to watch the bizarre commentary (above)!

Angus goes on to say he doesn't want to even be on the show, calls it "filth" and refers to it in regards to the "the enemy" — we can only assume he's talking about Satan.

Oooo man!

Careful not to sh*t where you eat, Angus T.! Oh, and Angus makes a reported $350,000 per episode… we wonder if he's gonna start giving that away to those less fortunate in the name of the Lord, or perhaps it's God's will that he keep it?

A very convenient philosophy indeed!

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Miley Cyrus Is Coming Back To Two And A Half Men! Check Out NEW Stills!

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Miley Cyrus must have liked hooking up with Angus T. Jones on Two and a Half Men because she already went back for more.

The singer and actress has filmed ANOTHER guest-starring role which airs Thursday, November 8 on CBS.

In an episode called Avoid The Chinese Mustard, Cyrus returns as the chatty southern belle that romanced Jake. They plan to meet up at the beach house while Ashton Kutcher's character hires an actress to be his girlfriend.

We'll do it for free. LOLz!

Check out five stills from the upcoming episode (below)!

[Image via Sonja Flemming/CBS.]

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Miley Cyrus Kisses Half A Man! WATCH HERE!

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RUH ROH Liam Hemsworth! Your lady is kissing other boys, erm, we mean, men… ok we mean half men!!

During last night's HIGHly anticipated Two and a Half Men, Miley Cyrus appeared as the sassy, fast-talking Missy, and it seems the only way to shut her up is by…

Laying a fat, wet SMOOCH on her lips!

Watch as Jake (Angus T. Jones) and Miley get intimate in the face (above)!

AND it seems Miley's guest appearance brought about the show's highest ratings of the season, as last night's episode garnered 13.6 million viewers!

But viewers weren't the only ones charmed by Miley's

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Miley Cyrus Engorges Two and a Half Men Star's … Heart?!?

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Oh Mileybird, you're just making allll the boys drool with your new punky style and ample displays of boobage!

Watch out Liam Hemsworth, it seems that Miley Cyrus has caught the eye of 19-year-old Two and a Half Men star, Angus T. Jones!

Miley plays Angus' character Jake's love interest in a few upcoming episodes of the multi-camera sitcom, but apparently Angus was bewitched by Miley's, um, acting skillz, and fell for her raspy charms in real life!

One show insider reveals:

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Miley Cyrus To Get Busy With Two And A Half Men's Youngest Cast Member!


Pucker up, girl boy!

While Liam Hemsworth gets hot and steamy in scenes with Amber Heard, his fiancée, Miley Cyrus will been starting a on-screen romance with the "half" of Two And A Half Men!

The rumors are true! CBS has just confirmed that Mz Cyrus WILL indeed guest star in two episodes of the hit comedy this fall.

When we first heard that our Mileybird may be flying onto the sitcom, we assumed she would be playing one of Ashton Kutcher's lovely lovers. HOWEVES, according to the a press release:

"[Miley] will play Missi, an old family friend of Walden’s [Ashton's] who comes to visit for a week and develops a relationship with Jake [Angus T. Jones] when he comes home from the Army."

How cute is THAT?

As excited as we are about the former Disney star's network appearances — we can help but wonder how Miley's outspoken admirer Charlie Sheen feels about all this!

[Image via WENN / Twitter.]

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Two And A Half Men Give David Letterman Their Top Ten Reasons To Watch Their New Season!


Watching them is great; they're SO funny!

If for some reason you're not understanding why you should press play on the video above, it's Ashton Kutcher on David Letterman. Need we say more?

It's also Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones. All three of the 2.5 trio give us their top ten reasons to watch the new season of Two and a Half Men.

All right, guys, all right! We'll watch (like we needed any hinting)!

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