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Anne Rice Has Some HAWT Actors In Mind For A Vampire Chronicles Reboot!


Inspired choices! We completely agree!

There's been a lot of talk about the possibility of film reboot of Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles series, and the author recently addressed the issue herself, and even suggested that SEKSI actor Matt Boner Bomer take on the role of Louis, originally played by Brad Pitt in Interview With The Vampire!

She says:

"Louis, right now, he could be portrayed easily by Richard Armitage or Matt Bomer. Matt Bomer is a beautiful, beautiful guy. He could play Louis."

And despite his age, she also seems to have her heart set on Robert Downey, Jr. for the part of Lestat!

She continues:

"That would be wonderful. He is a great actor. He would bring the gravitas and the wit and humor and all of that to the part, and I don't think he's too old. I think if he had a blond wig and makeup, he would be a wonderful Lestat."

Oh, man! Inspired choices! We'd LOVE to see these two take on the roles!

Make it happen, bb! We need some REAL vampires back on the silver screen, and ASAP!

What do U think?? Do U agree with Rice's casting selections??

[Images via WENN.]

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Anne Rice VS. Twilight

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In Anne Rice's world of vampires, vamps have some nasty violent bite, but in Twilight, vamps sparkle and resist the urge to eat tasty morsels like Kristen Stewart.

Though Anne appreciates the success that Stephenie Meyer has had with her franchise, in a recent interview, she also can't help but call it out for what it is. When asked about the Twilight franchise, Anne responded:

"['Twilight']’s based on a really silly premise: that immortals would go to high school. It's a failure of imagination, but at the same time, that silly premise has provided Stephenie Meyer with huge success. The idea that if you are immortal you would go to high school instead of Katmandu or Paris or Venice, it’s the vampire dumbed down for kids. But it's worked. It's successful. It makes kids really happy."

Oh, not just kids! Clearly, someone hasn't heard of Twi-Moms!

We're sure Anne feels her literature is superior to all this sparkly nonsense on page and screen. It probably is all a little too commercial and franchisey for her. Lord knows what she thinks of R-Patz and Tay Tay.

Then again, Interview With The Vampire did have Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in it so maybe she's cool with vamp movies having a hunk factor or two.

[Image via AP Images.]

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Anne Rice Quits Christianity!

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We didn't think this would stick!

The original baddest bitch behind seksi, HOMOlicious vampire fiction (suck it, Stephenie Meyer!), Anne Rice, quit writing the The Vampire Chronicles - and pretty much everything not related to God - years ago to focus on her new found Christianity, much to the dismay of readers and crazy vampire people everywhere!

However, the author announced yesterday via Facebook that she was over that shiz because she refuses to agree with some of the Church's doctrine!

She reveals:

"For those who care, and I understand if you don't: Today I quit being a Christian. I'm out. I remain committed to Christ as always but not to being "Christian" or to being part of Christianity. It's simply impossible for me to 'belong' to this quarrelsome, hostile, disputatious, and deservedly infamous group. For ten …years, I've tried. I've failed. I'm an outsider. My conscience will allow nothing else.

As I said below, I quit being a Christian. I'm out. In the name of Christ, I refuse to be anti-gay. I refuse to be anti-feminist. I refuse to be anti-artificial birth control. I refuse to be anti-Democrat. I refuse to be anti-secular humanism. I refuse to be anti-science. I refuse to be anti-life. In the name of …Christ, I quit Christianity and being Christian. Amen."

Wow! Pretty strong words!

We understand that trying to reconcile between personal beliefs and the restrictions imposed by organized religion is a difficult one, so good for you for refusing to compromise what you believe to be right!

And we have to ask - does this mean that we'll get more Lestat?!

We hope so!

What do U think?? Do U understand where Anne Rice is coming from??

[Image via AP Images.]

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Sandra Bullock and her adopted son, Louis Bardo Bullock, spending some quality time together in New Orleans' French Quarter!

The actress is apparently setting up shop in a home previously owned by novelist Anne Rice, and intends to raise Louis where he was born!

A source claims:

"New Orleans will give her a fresh start with her little boy… Sandra will be a hands-on mom and Louis will be her focus every day. Though it's been a tough time, Sandra still feels blessed and loved."

Unbelievable that she can keep her chin up through everything she's had to endure!

We hope you had a Happy Mother's day, Sandra! You deserve it!

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