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Justin Bieber RIPPED By Anthony Bourdain For Peeing In A Restaurant Kitchen!

anthony bourdain goes on twitter rant against justin bieber

Anthony Bourdain has never really had a problem speaking his mind!

So when he heard Justin Bieber went to the bathroom in a restaurant kitchen, he had a few choice words for him!

The celebrity chef wasn't exactly amused with the young singer pulling out his little Bieber and tinkling in a mop bucket, and he took to Twitter to share his disgust with the world!

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Nigella Lawson Said Heck No To Photoshopping!!

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This is different!

The Taste is getting ready to premiere tomorrow, but to make sure the show as realistic as possible, Nigella Lawson FORBADE photoshopping on her imperfections for the show's promos.

ABC's new reality cooking series stars Brian Malarkey, Anthony Bourdain, Ludo Lefebvre and Nigella, and while the guys may or may not have been photoshopped, she definitely wasn't.

Miz Lawson took to her blog to write:

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CNN Hopes To Boost Ratings With Prime-Time Reality Shows And New Personalities!

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CNN reality show and new tv personalities

This will be a first for a 24-hour news channel.

CNN is suffering from the worst ratings in 20 years and is apparently pursuing the reality route to make up for it.

We hear the network is taking calls with Hollywood's top talent agencies and reality producers for various pitches which include a

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Anthony Bourdain's Wife Is A Badass Foodie

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Anthony Bourdain is a man who loves food, so of course he would marry a woman who loves food just as much, and possibly eats more than he does!

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Anthony Bourdain Gets Another Cooking Show!

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Anthony Bourdain The Taste ABC

Everyone's favorite travel-chef is back in the news — and this time it's NOT for taking shots at Paula Deen!

World-class chef, author, host, and eccentric personality Anthony Bourdain is returning to TV with another new show!

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Anthony Bourdain & CNN Team For New Show

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Bourdain CNN

Really? CNN?

Are you sure about this, Anthony Bourdain??

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Anthony Bourdain Got Horrible Hate Mail After Paula Deen Comments!

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Bourdain Hate

Throwin' shade goes both ways, Anthony Bourdain, but the hate mail you got was TOTALLY uncalled for!

Here's what Anthony had to say about it:

"A year ago, before she announced that she has diabetes, I dared to suggest that the food she was advocating was dangerous for you, and I received a lot of scary mail and Facebook posts. It was the first time I've ever been frightened."

Yeah right! You're telling us you weren't scared shizzless over ghosts or bears or the dark when you were a kid?? Ha!

He admits, however, that it was probably his own words that got him into trouble with the Deen Diehards:

"I don't know what my problem is, honestly. Why can't I just live and let live? It's a personal failing."

It was probably the way he said it that we disagree with most, because honestly, the message was correct: we do not condone what Paula Deen did as far as hiding her diabetes from her viewers while continuing to push the food that gave it to her in the first place. AND THEN to only come out to back a diabetes drug to make money off of it. It's greedy and unconscionable.

That being said, Anthony didn't have to be so ruthless in getting his point across!

[Image via WENN.]

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